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VIDEO: Shoplifting Dog Caught on Tape!

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Cato, a South Carolina canine, may look sweet and innocent, but this Husky’s got a growing rap sheet.

Known to escape his leash from time to time, Cato’s owner Holley Darden told CBS he’s visited several stores in the past including Ingles, Bi-Lo, Pizza Hut, and a local Yo Cup store. This time, however, Cato’s spree included shoplifting – and it was all caught on tape!

Last Wednesday, when Cato slipped out of his collar, he had a mission. He headed straight for a nearby Dollar General store, waited for customers to open the automatic door, and slipped in and out unnoticed, with stolen pig ears and beef bones.

A few minutes later he returned and left with dog food and bags of treats.

The sneaky Husky was taking the goods behind the car wash next door and burying them!

Clinton, SC police filed an incident report (for fun!) and said this was their most fun arrest yet!

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