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“Life Of An Overlooked Shelter Dog”: Video Shows The Heartbreaking Reaction Of A Dog Watching People Walking Past Him

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A video of a Siberian Husky that was posted on Reddit on September 5, Tuesday, is breaking the hearts of many users online.

In the video, you can see three people in a shelter passing by the kennel of a 6-year-old Siberian Husky, named Elias.

You can see the pooch sitting down patiently behind the metal bars of his kennel where he looks at the people walking past him, hoping they’ll notice him.

The caption of the original post on Reddit read, “This is the life of an overlooked shelter dog. Many people pass kennels, taking a glance & moving onto the next. Unnoticed, forgotten.”

Elias is a shelter dog from the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care Center in California. And the person who posted his video on Reddit provided information about the shelter Elias is from, in hopes that the sweet pooch will be adopted soon.

Elias The Siberian Husky
Stickysmithers / Reddit.com

Animal lovers on Reddit are heartbroken for Elias after watching the 23-second clip of him. And many users wished Elias would soon find a forever home to love him.

One user wrote, “How sad to see this from their perspective. Damn, that really hit me. ‘Choose me, choose me, I’ll be a good boy!'”

Another user said, “It’s heartbreaking to watch, he or she is just as deserving as the rest.” While another wrote, “We don’t deserve dogs and dogs don’t deserve this!”

According to the original poster, Reddit user Stickysmithers, Elias is still up for adoption.

If you’re interested in giving Elias his long-awaited forever home, you can contact the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care Center at 909-466-7387.

Or you can visit the shelter at 11780 Arrow Route Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. They are open from Wednesday to Saturday from 2 PM until 5 PM.

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