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VIDEO: Skydiver Takes His Dog Along for the Ride, Says He Loves It

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San Francisco skydiving photographer and videographer, Nathan Batiste has been bringing his dog Riley, a Dachshund-mix, to the air field for years. When Riley kept trying to follow him onto the plane during his dives, it occurred to him that maybe his 4-legged daredevil friend would like to jump, too.

So, he had a friend design a tandem harness for the 4-year old pooch.

The following video, courtesy of ABC 7 News, was taken during Riley’s first jump.

Batiste says Riley really seemed to love skydiving, especially after the chute was opened and they began floating gently toward the ground because he could just relax and look around.

Watch Riley’s first jump here – do you think he looks happy?

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  1. I have a dog that has panic attacks so I know what panic looks like on a dog. This guy seemed extremely chilled. He wasn’t struggling, he wasn’t panting or drooling. His eyes looked calm and focused. All kinds of animals enjoy things we wouldn’t think of. I think it’s wrong to judge by what we wouldn’t like or expect an animal to not like. He seemed like a cool little guy. Good for him.

  2. Avatar Of Sherry Eaton Sherry Eaton says:

    First there isn’t enough information to judge if they dog had a good time. Had they shown the dog after being released from the harness, it would have give more information.

    Secondly, this isn’t the first dog to skydive, surf, ski, skateboard, or do any number of unnatural behaviors that domesticated dogs do. The important thing is that they stay engaged and challenged as well as BALANCED. The owner appears to have the trust of the dog, and that would imply that he is acting as a good pack leader. The dog did not struggle or panic in any way, from what I could see, prior to the jump.

    Don’t be so quick to judge. Are you as outspoken about the dog left isolated in a backyard dying a slow death of loneliness?

  3. Avatar Of Shawn



    People need to lighten up. I can Guarantee you, that dog was having a blast. If there is one thing dogs have taught me, it’s that they would go to the ends of the world for their humans. I think its great that his human shares his life so completely with Riley. Was he scared? Probably! Who wouldn’t be?

    But Riley would rather die with his human than live his live without him.

    • Avatar Of Betty Graham

      Betty Graham


      Just because the dog loves the owner doesnt mean he needs to suffer like that for him.. cruel, cruel, cruel

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  5. Avatar Of Iggy Iggy says:

    The first few seconds of the vid when just in the harness & during the free fall he seems stiffened with fear. But after getting used to hanging in front of his master he starts looking around and relax. And when floating on the chute, with the goggles off he seemed to enjoy the flight.

  6. I a have a 12 year old minaure dachshund. Even though he is getting old he still loves to go places. He is the adventurous type. He loves to go out to the mountains. He follow My husband and brother up the side of a mountain. of course he got a ride down. I see nothing wrong in doing things that dogs love. They aren’t mean to be in the house and lay around. Every breed has a purpose.

  7. Avatar Of Amy



    I don’t think this dog looks like it’s having a good time. It’s legs are tucked up the whole time, as it would trying to hide. At no point does it have that ‘smile’ dogs have when they are excited. I don’t think this practice is kind to the dog.

  8. Avatar Of Becky



    The idiot who posted this video should be arrested for animal cruelty. That poor dog looked paralyzed with fear.

  9. Avatar Of Mel



    NO HE DOESN’T LOOK HAPPY. This is terrible, irresponsible pet ownership. What if something went wrong during the jump? How did he know that the dog wasn’t going to have a medical emergency due the stress? The animal is helpless during the jump, much like a newborn baby. Would this idiot jump with a baby, too?

    • Avatar Of Mitci



      Agreed! My poor dog would probably have heart failure! Unbelievably irresponsible. The poor dog looks petrified. Why do you promote idiots like this?

      • Avatar Of Merry



        I don’t think Dogington Post was promoting this idea. They asked if the dog looked happy. I think it’s abusive and agree with the poster who asked, “Would he do it with a baby?”

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