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VIDEO: Yikes! Did He Really Take His Dog Wingsuit BASE Jumping?!

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Thrill-seeker, Dean Potter is at the center of controversy after leaping off the the Eiger mountain in Switzerland in a wingsuit with his dog, Whisper.

While some viewers of the video think it’s all in good fun, others believe the dangerous jump to be an act of animal cruelty.

Watch Potter and Whisper’s jump below – what’s your opinion?

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  1. Avatar Of Dakotabear



    Whisper loved it. No more dangerous than having your dog in your car with you going 65+ on a highway. That dog is just as much as a thrill seeker as its dad. There are more concerning issues involving animals in the world. Keep your negative opinions to yourself on this one people!!

    • Avatar Of Christine Weeks

      Christine Weeks


      Whisper look just as excited as his owner did.when they landed he looked very andhappy. He looked like he would go again. It looked like he had some training on what to expect from the free fall wingsuit. I loved it and could watch the video fir days. I already watch it 5 times. No animal cruelty here folks so go on about your business.

  2. Avatar Of Janet Kelly

    Janet Kelly



  3. Avatar Of Beverly



    Animal cruelty, maybe not. Stupid, most definitely.

  4. Avatar Of Joanna



    Can you people NOT SEE that this dog had fun? If he was terrified, he would not be so excited and happy at the end. He’d still be trembling with fear. Smh, some people have to find fault in everything.

  5. Avatar Of Benda



    How can this really be cruel? Is everyone forgetting the Armed Forces parachuted dogs into enemy territory??? Those dogs are veterans; heros.
    There is a risk to the dog flying with the man, but we take risks everyday with our pets. We put our pets at risk when we take them for a car ride; leave them at boarding; taking a walk; taking them out on a boat ride; ect… If this were animal cruelty wouldn’t we all be committing the deed???????

  6. Avatar Of Lysette Schweitzer

    Lysette Schweitzer


    I don’t believe this was animal cruelty. Watching the video, it is evident Whisper did not endure any suffering, including fright. The dog appeared to be calm and content and happy to be with his owner the entire time. I admit, I don’t think this is for every dog and their owner, but in these circumstances, it was completely fine. There is a risk involved, but there’s risk with so many things we do with our 4 legged companions. A simple walk or hike can cause various trauma to our furfriends. If people want to get involved in animal cruelty, them they need to take a look into puppy mills! Now that’s something to complain about and fight against.

  7. Avatar Of Jdkinok



    I think this shows VERY POOR judgement on the part of the jumper. What if his dog became injured during a landing? If the guy slams into an obstacle and kills himself, it is due to his own stupidity. If he injures the dog, that is animal cruelty.

  8. Avatar Of Dirk R Dirk R says:

    It is cruel.Dogs and cats hate to jump out of planes.Measure vital signs and stress hormones and you will see the evidence.Feed him sh-t-dogs sometimes like it!!

  9. Avatar Of Laura Laura says:

    This guy Is just so eager of fame, He doesn’t. Care about his dog at all, dogs don’t like heights, this poor pup is terrified.
    He is abusing his dog. And risking his dog life.
    This poor dog should be taken away from him immediately!!!

  10. Avatar Of Denise



    The bottom line is that the dog doesnt have a choice and therefore shouldnt be subjected to what is probably a terrifying experience. I cant imagine someone making me do that! We are all free to risk our own lives but not that of someone else-be they human or canine. This asshole needs to be stopped.

  11. Avatar Of Karine



    I takes an egomaniac jerk to do this to his dog ! I don'[t care if he would crash – but leave the dog where its belong – at home or in any secure place.. I’m sick and tired of a-holes going theough any lenght to get media exposure !

  12. Avatar Of Carrie



    well it looks like the doggy was happy 2 go with it’s master everywhere n the doggy was happy when doggy landed save with master

    cruelty i dont see it cos master was careful with his doggy every step of the way

    for me i dont like hight’s so i dont take my doggy but everywhere else i go i wld n wl bring her with me by car ship n walking which we had done together oredi by car ship n lots of walking

  13. Avatar Of Mathew



    That guy is a selfish pathetic attention whore.
    That poor dog could have sufficated from to much air and also suffer a heart attack from fear both when he jumped and opened the chute, the sound and action startled that poor animal.

    i say fine him to the point where he’ll have to work over-time for months.

  14. Avatar Of Sherry Green

    sherry green


    I think this was a selfish move on the owner’s part. This was NOT a shared sport. The dog was forced to do it. I think it was cruel. It parallels the idiots I see jogging with their dogs in Phoenix in three digit heat. Abuse, also.

  15. Avatar Of Hils



    Absolutely insane. If a human wants to jump off a mountain and risk killing themselves then that is up to them but they have no right to force their insaneness on other creatures who, other than their love for their human, have no idea of the danger. What would have happened if the dog had struggled to get out or had even escaped the backpack? Beyond madness!

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