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Vote in the Dogington Post Awards: Best Dog Rescue in 2012

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As part of a larger initiative to educate dog owners on proper nutrition, effective training, and other ways to raise a happy and healthy dog, the Dogington Post is reviewing products, toys, foods, treats, and rescue organizations in our first annual Dogington Post Awards Program!

Each week, we’ll present the nominees in a particular category. And, YOU, our readers, will have an opportunity to weigh-in on your favorites, to help us choose a winner!

Nominees from each category for the Dogington Post Award have been selected based on strict criteria including dedication to animal welfare, educating the public on responsible pet ownership, and nationwide initiatives to end the homelessness of animals.

This week, we’re presenting the nominees for Best Dog Rescue in 2012!

It was virtually impossible to narrow this list down to a precious few nominees. Each and every single rescue organization from every corner of the world deserves recognition for the desperately needed work that they do, for every life that they have saved, for every dog that, because of them, has a loving family to snuggle up to, and for every minute of time spent tirelessly devoted to animal welfare. If it was possible to give an award to every rescue organization on the planet, we would. You are all SO deserving.

Our nominees have shown widespread reach, developed national education programs, and have saved the lives of thousands of dogs around the globe.

Dogington Post’s Best Dog Rescue nominees are:

1. Best Friends Animal Society

Founded in 1984, Best Friends Animal Society works nationwide with shelters, rescue organizations, and their members to promote pet adoption, spay and neuter programs, and to educate pet owners on humane treatment, in addition to operating a sanctuary and adoption center.

The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southwest Utah is the largest no-kill shelter in the United States, recently recognized for taking in many of the dogs that were saved from Michael Vick’s infamous pitbull fighting ring. Many of the former Vick dogs are legally unable to be adopted out, and will spend the remainder of their lives living at the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is home to nearly 1,700 animals receiving special care, medical procedures, or simply taking time to heal emotionally before finding their forever homes.

Best Friends’ mission is to end the senseless euthanization of nearly 4 million healthy (or treatable) and adoptable homeless pets across the country each year. When they began their no-kill initiative, the number of homeless pets killed in shelters around the country was peaking at 17 million per year. Their hope is to get to get that figure down to zero.

To learn more about Best Friends Animal Society or to make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

2. National Mill Dog Rescue

Established in 2007, the National Mill Dog Rescue is dedicated to rescuing puppy mill dogs and putting an end to the puppy mill industry. Theresa Strader, NMDR’s Founder and Executive Director, rescued Lily from a dog auction in Missouri. Prior to that day, Lily had spent the first seven years of her life as a commercial breeding dog, a puppy mill mom. Determined that her years of living in misery would not be in vain, Strader started NMDR, giving a voice to mill dogs across the country.

Through nationwide efforts, the National Mill Dog Rescue is educating Americans on the cruelty of puppy mills, encouraging them to adopt animals only from shelters and rescue groups or reputable breeders, and rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing former mill dogs.

Located in Peyton, Colorado, the National Mill Dog Rescue is run almost entirely by a devoted team of over 1,300 volunteers nationwide. The organization has rescued nearly 7,000 puppy mill dogs since their launch, with over 200 in their care, looking for new homes, at any given time. Through rescue and education, NMDR continues their life-saving work while educating the public about the truth of pet store puppies.

For more information about the National Mill Dog Rescue or to make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

3. Beagle Freedom Project

The Beagle Freedom Project began in December 2010 when Shannon Keith received information that Beagles who were used for animal experiments in a research lab were to be given a chance at freedom.

Testing done on beagles in universities and other research facilities includes medical/pharmaceutical, household products and cosmetics. When they are no longer wanted for research purposes, some labs attempt to find homes for adoptable, healthy beagles. Working directly with these laboratories, Beagle Freedom Project is able to remove and transport Beagles and place them in loving homes. All rescues are done legally with the cooperation of the facility. With time, patience, play, companionship, love – and most of all, freedom – these dogs learn how to just be dogs, and their transformations are amazing.

While former research Beagles can pose challenges, understandably, as they have never had the chance to just be a dog, they have proven to quickly adjust to life outside of a cage to be exceptional companions.

To learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project or to make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

4. North Shore Animal League

North Shore Animal League America, headquartered in Port Washington, New York, is the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. Since 1944, The League’s mission has been saving the lives of pets through adoption, rescue, spay/neuter and advocacy initiatives.

Every year, the League reaches across the country to rescue, nurture and adopt nearly 20,000 homeless pets. To date, the League has placed close to one million puppies, kittens, cats and dogs into carefully screened homes. One of the first animal rescue agencies on the ground in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Sandy, the League rescued thousands of pets abandoned and displaced by the storms.

The North Shore Animal League is also dedicated to elevating the acceptance of mixed breed dogs. Through education and advocacy, they’ve virtually eliminated the former stigma attached to non-purebred dogs.

To learn more about the North Shore Animal League or to make a tax-deductible donation, click here.

Yes, these amazing organizations are all deserving of the title of Best Dog Rescue. However, there can only be one winner! Please leave a comment below, letting us know which one YOU think best deserves our award!

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  1. NMDR is a no kill rescue. We find homes for every dog, no matter what. Please vote for them.

  2. Avatar Of Lp



    National Mill Rescue gets my vote. Stop the over breeding and there won’t be so many unwanted animals.

    • Avatar Of Bud And Eunice

      bud and eunice


      We know the NMDR facility and most of the staff; they are the most caring people one could hope for! Their record of rescued dogs is most impressive and they deserve every honor they can receive! They certainly have our vote.

  3. Avatar Of Debra Young

    debra young


    Beagle Freedom Project

  4. Avatar Of Michele Burkitt

    Michele Burkitt


    Although I think they all do a great job, my vote is going to North Shore Animal League

  5. Avatar Of Linda Arrowwood




  6. Avatar Of Debbie Ames

    Debbie Ames


    National Mill Dog Rescue is the most deserving organization this year of your award. Not only do they save the lives of puppy mill dogs, but also promote awareness to the public of the deplorable situations in puppy mills. In a relatively few years, they have done a phenomenal feat.

  7. these are the most amazing and dedicated people and are truly dedicated to the dog rescues

  8. Avatar Of Dmr



    I don’t know how people are saying this is “so easy” and “obvious”. This is a gut wrenching decision! ALL of these organizations do simply amazing things. They are filled with incredible animals and equally incredible volunteers and staff. I really don’t know how to choose…..

    It hurts me to choose one because they are all EQUALLY worthy.

    But, since I can only select one I will go for National Mill Dog Rescue. They are the smallest and, as such, could most likely use the attention and award money.

  9. Avatar Of Judy Moffitt

    Judy Moffitt


    National Mill Dog Resuce is a terrific organization. They rescue all types of dogs in need. Even more importantly they have a trainer who will help you and your dog adjust to life outside the puppy mill and she even helps those of us who adopted puppy mill dogs from other places. Just go their Facebook page and see the photos of the dogs on the day they are rescued and you will now they are teh best.

  10. Avatar Of Danielle Heffner

    danielle heffner


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue… they are an amazing organization that works based on volunteers and a “shoe string budget”.

  11. Avatar Of Jackie Padgett

    Jackie Padgett


    National Mill Dog Rescue!! Both of my dogs were adopted through them 2.5 years apart. Not only does their rigorous adoption process match families and dogs apppropriately, they have great follow up support. All of these organizations do great work, but my loyalty goes with NMDR. Well worth the trip halfway across the state.

  12. Avatar Of Bobbe Howard

    Bobbe Howard


    I vote for the National Mill Dog Rescue, (10 times if I could). As a recipient of one of their rescued dogs, I can’t tell you the depth of feeling that goes into each one of their rescues. I met Abigail (Abby) over the internet and knew immediately that we had connected. I just felt a place opening in my heart for this little lady and have never once regretted my decision. The people at NMDR even helped me to go on vacation knowing that Abby was in their care once again. They are definitely a group of people that love dogs and want to make their remaining years the best possible. We need many more organizations such as this group.

  13. Avatar Of Kathy Kathy says:

    National Mill Dog Rescue has saved so many young and older dogs from the horrible puppy mills that are not concerned over the life of their animals. I have a loving Yorkie that I adopted 3 years ago (she was 5 years old) from this CO rescue that has blossomed into a playful and loyal friend. Her feet were a painful reminder of her years in a cage, but once healed, nothing can keep her from running around.

  14. Avatar Of Slc SLC says:

    National Mill Dog Rescue is the best! Awesome, amazing, hard-working, dedicated, determined and focused on helping these poor creatures who’ve never had a chance to be a real dog.

  15. Avatar Of Barb Aylward barb aylward says:

    I am a huge fan of the National Mill Dog Rescue. I have personally visited their location and witnessed the love and support that the animals recieve.
    During my mothers illness I went there several times just to remind myself that while I was suffering others were working diligently to rescue dogs from suffering. I can not imagine the time, effort, and energy it takes to care for all the dogs they do! I believe they deserve the support of all.

    THANK YOU NMDR!!! You’ve got my vote.

  16. Avatar Of Laura



    National Mill Dog Rescue is amazing!! They are saving lives and spreading the word about the horror of puppy mills every day. They get my vote!!

  17. Avatar Of Michelle Monzingo

    Michelle Monzingo


    I’m sure they are ALL great but I KNOW that the National Mill Dog Rescue group is fantastic! They so deserve the recognition! Great work they do!

  18. Avatar Of Sally Servedio

    sally servedio


    National Mill Dog Rescue is the reason my three wonderful Bichons are alive today. Scooby Doo and Benny Magoo were rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri and we just adopted ten year old Emma who was rescued in Tennesee. National Mill Dog Rescue works tirelessly to save these poor animals and to educate the public on the truth about puppy mills. The dedication of the workers at NMDR and all the amazing volunteers are an example of “Love in Action”!

  19. Avatar Of Barb



    National Mill Dog Rescue, they do amazing job in trying to put an end to puppy mills. To have saved over 7000 dogs from a life of pain and misery is no small feat. They have given their rescues a life of hope and happiness. Their compassion for these animals is endless. They have my vote.

  20. Avatar Of Marti Thew

    Marti Thew


    National Mill Dog Rescue.

  21. Avatar Of Suzi Cafran

    Suzi Cafran


    National Mill Dog Rescue I’d the BEST, hands down! The people that volunteer there are doing Gods work!

  22. Avatar Of Rebecca



    One need only to spend a few minutes at National Mill Dog Rescue to see just how vital their mission is. When you see the dogs looking so afraid it is heartbreaking enough, but then you learn of the horrors of what is happening inside their bodies and you KNOW if it weren’t for National Mill Dog Rescue, these poor things would either to continue to live in pain and misery or die painful deaths. Infected uteruses, horrible dental conditions, heart worm, untreated wounds, and matted, filthy fur-that how puppy mill owners care for their dogs. National Mill Dog Rescue brings these dogs to Lily’s Haven where they receive top-quality veterinary care, good food, grooming and most of all, love. Every dog is given a name-most of them for the first time, as usually they are identified by a number. It’s personal to the volunteers at NMDR, and each and every dog is personally loved and cared for-this is why NMDR gets my vote!

  23. Avatar Of Sheryl



    National Milldog Rescue gets my vote. They rescue dogs all over the country from these horrible puppy mills. They do a wonderful job.

  24. Avatar Of Amanda



    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote. The caring and compassion these angels show these dogs that have been so horribly treated. If it was not for NMDR, I would not have my little princess, Noel. She spent 5 years in a tiny cage, producing puppies after puppies. Noel is a dream dog. NMDR not only rescues these dogs, they want to educate the public of the evils of puppy mills. NMDR will always hold a special place in my heart.

  25. Avatar Of Maryanne Maryanne says:

    Nat’l MILL DOG RESCUE gives pups that 2nd chance at being a Dog, PRICELESS!

  26. Avatar Of Patti Ransdell

    Patti Ransdell


    National Mill Dog Rescue not only saves the lives of so many pups from the awful puppy mills but has done so much to raise awareness of this awful practice. Education and knowledge is the key to ridding the country/world of these awful places. I agree that all rescues are worthwhile and so very happy that they’re out there and working for this common goal but NMDR is my choice.

  27. Avatar Of Kimberly Kohloff

    Kimberly Kohloff


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote.

  28. Avatar Of Ashley



    National Mill Dog Rescue! They do amazing things for dogs that live most of their lives in a small cramped filthy cage with no human contact used to breed over and over again. I wish there were more organizations like them.

  29. Avatar Of Melissa Pieffer

    Melissa Pieffer


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue because though all rescues do amazing work, there are very few, if any, that do the work they do. They save the poor dogs that have no chance beside them, they pull them from these concentration camp type situations. There’s are digs that have never head a home, no chance. They give these beautiful souls their first chance ever at having a home. You guys do amazing work, glad we are able to help when we can 🙂

  30. Avatar Of Nancy Elliott

    Nancy Elliott


    i vote for national mill dog rescue

  31. Avatar Of Renee Truitt

    Renee Truitt


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my primary vote – though they’re all wonderful!

  32. Avatar Of Carla Acosta

    Carla Acosta


    The National Mill Dog Rescue is an amazing organization. It started in someone’s backyard and grew by tremendous leaps and bounds. They have saved over 7,000 dogs from unmentionable fates in the few short years they have been operating. Volunteers are always ready to step in and help, from cleaning to transporting to fostering. The rescuers save each and every dog they can possibly take from breeders and auctions and occasionally a dog left on the side of the road. Each dog rescued is treated with love and dignity. All medical problems are dealt with immediately and thoroughly by our wonderful vets. No cost to take care of these animals is too big. When the organization needs help taking care of the bills they humbly call on the thousands of facebook followers to lend a hand … and they do.Their compassion is so reflected in the eyes of all the dogs that pass through their loving arms.

  33. Avatar Of Cindy Smith

    Cindy Smith


    My vote is for the National Mill Dog Rescue. The work they do day in and day out is just too Awesome for words. The are very dedicated to the work they do for these animals that don’t have a voice……………

  34. Avatar Of Danette Wicks

    Danette Wicks


    National Mill Dog Rescue!!
    They Are Ama

  35. Avatar Of Denise Ballentine

    Denise Ballentine


    National Mill Dog Rescue! Sure do appreciate the others,though, who are working so hard for the dogs! 🙂

  36. Avatar Of Kim



    National Mill dog Rescue!

  37. Avatar Of Kim



    National Mill Dog Rescue!!!!

  38. Avatar Of Heather



    National Mill Dog Rescue! Amazing!

  39. Avatar Of Avatar K-9 Avatar K-9 says:

    National Mill Dog id such a wonderful group. I hope they win!!

  40. Avatar Of Jessica Hoffer

    Jessica Hoffer


    NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE!!! These rescuers are constantly on the road travelling short and long distances to rescue from the mills. Reading their posts on Facebook is a daily source of hope and joy for me.

  41. Avatar Of Emily Nichols

    Emily Nichols


    National Mill Dog Rescue
    They both rescue dogs from the horrors of a puppy mill and educate people on mills. Every week teams are on the road taking in as many dogs as they can so the dogs can go into homes where they are loved for being them, and not just used for breeding.
    Of course, all nominees are worthy of this reward, but my vote goes to NMDR

  42. Avatar Of Katie



    National Mill Dog Rescue!!! Xoxoxo

  43. Avatar Of Doris Hamilton

    doris hamilton


    National mill dog rescue has my vote. They do so much work for the dogs that have never had a life. What a great bunch of people

  44. Avatar Of Jan



    NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE. I’ve been following them with great interest on Facebook and their work is so commendable. To see the dogs they’ve rescued, given needed care to and adopted out makes me smile every single day. It’s so uplifting to see these dogs transformed from frightened, timid creatures into family pets who are loved and treasured for their forgiving spirits. We should all take a lesson from these dogs who are trusting enough to give us second chances at making it right for them. These rescuers go above and beyond what it takes to be heroes to our four-legged friends who for so long had no voice. Through NMDR they are heard. Best of luck to you all.

  45. Avatar Of Laurel Purdy

    Laurel Purdy


    THE NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE! Sobbing, again, as I write this. Remembering Lily!! <3

  46. Avatar Of Joyce Pretzer

    Joyce Pretzer


    This is so hard,as they all are so worthy. I am voting for The National Mill Dog Rescue. We need to really put an end to puppy mills and they are striving to do just that!

  47. Avatar Of Shonda Huber

    Shonda Huber


    National Mill Dog Rescue- they are a class act operation who cleans up after puppy mills and finding new loving homes for those dogs who never “belonged” to anyone. Thank you NMDR for all you do!

  48. Avatar Of Maryann Fitzpatrick

    Maryann Fitzpatrick


    While all rescues perform valuable services, National Mill Dog Rescue has really touched my heart. My vote is for them.

  49. Avatar Of Nicole



    I know first-hand how wonderful the people are at National Mill Dog Rescue. They take in the most psychologically, and oftentimes physically abused dogs and ensure that they are able to “go home” for the first time. I adopted a senior Italian greyhound from NMDR last December and I have never in my life been so connected to a dog. He was my baby and my whole world and I adopted him just in time to show him what life is suppose to be like. He lived for only four months before succumbing to his 10+ years of neglect from his life in a mill. When he passed away the NMDR community was there for me, full of support. I was devestated, yet I had another Italian greyhound at home and she was not doing as well as an only dog. One of NMDR’s most dedicated volunteers offered to pay my adoption fee when I was ready to adopt again. I now have my second NMDR baby and he is doing wonderfully, as he continues to heal from his life as a mill dog. I don’t know how those people do it time and time again. They witness the most horrible conditions a creature could bare and still they give more time, more money, more love. They truly deserve all the praise the world has to give.

  50. Avatar Of Stephanie Gore

    Stephanie Gore


    NMDR saves dogs from the horrors of life in puppy mills. While ALL of these groups deserve this award, my vote is for NMDR for never turning away from the terrible sights they have to contend with to accomplish their wonderful mission.

  51. Avatar Of Susie Turk

    Susie Turk


    They all are so deserving but I must pick National Puppy Mill Rescue

  52. National Mill Dog Rescue is a wonderful organization. When you see these precious dogs who have been treated so badly taken in by NMDR you truly see a transformation. These dogs are treated so well. They get bathed, vet care and, most importantly, love from Theresa and her volunteers. I have never seen people so dedicated to these little angels who don’t have a voice. I got my Shih Tzu, Goldie, from NMDR as she is such a treasure in all of our lives.

  53. While we all agree that ANY rescue effort deserves reward, National Puppy Mill rescue stands out as it goes directly to a major source of a terrible over population of dogs. In addition, they not only rescue hurt, scared and emotionally starved dogs, they are proactive in their efforts to force dog mills to become responsible for their actions.

  54. Avatar Of Sally Lewis

    Sally Lewis


    National Mill Dog Rescue by far does the best job at “saving” poor dogs of any breed that are living horrible lives in puppy mills. No animal should have to live that kind of life and my heart hurts for each and everyone of them. National Mill Dog Rescue, they do what they do for the love of dogs, no other reason. They’re the best!

  55. Avatar Of Valarie Mazur

    Valarie Mazur


    NATION MILL DOG RESCUE!! Theresa is one of the most passionate and compassionate rescuers out there! It’s a shame, tho, that there can be only 1 winner….ALL rescues save lives and help animals

  56. Avatar Of Gina Perry

    Gina Perry


    NMDR without a doubt!
    The people/volunteers and organization are committed, driven and relentless when it comes to saving and rehabilitating these poor animals coming from extreme conditions that I cant even imagine seeing. Their motto is “Its about the dogs” and through wind, sleet, snow, and all hours of the day and night, they mean it! Every time I get on their FB page, they are off yet again to save more dogs from puppy mills. They truly have their hearts and souls into saving these animals and finding then forever (furever) homes!

  57. National Mill Dog Rescue for their tireless work to save so many who have never know loving kindness.

  58. Avatar Of Melissa Magerfleisch

    Melissa Magerfleisch


    National Mill Dog Rescue has rescued over 7,000 dogs. I am proud to volunteer for them and have seen where these dogs come from when we go to the puppy mills. Please vote for National Mill Dog Rescue.

  59. Avatar Of Niamh



    National Mill Dog Rescue, the do amazing work!

  60. Avatar Of Candy



    National Mill Dog Rescue they are the best giving these dogs a second chance for a good life outside of a cage.

  61. Avatar Of Billie Patterson

    Billie Patterson


    National Dog Mill Rescue, one of my dogs came from a puppy mill breeder

  62. Avatar Of Gloria Houlne

    Gloria Houlne


    I love all the organizations nominated, but I feel that educating the general population and ending senseless in humane breeding will indeed help all other organizations in the end! National Mill Dog Rescue is an amazing organization that deserves and needs this recognition in order to slow down the influx into shelters, as well as to inform the public that how we treat dogs is an indicator of how our culture will treat all living things!

  63. Avatar Of Andrea



    National Mill Dog Rescue. My wire fox terrier was rescued from the prison of a puppymill when she was 5 years old (by a different org). She is now 10 years old and has finally become a “real” dog. After 5 years of being a pampered pet, she is still terrified of storms and loud noises, but has finally agreed to trust and cozy up to my husband and me. Adopt, don’t buy! PUT AN END TO PUPPYMILLS!!

  64. Avatar Of Spencer K.

    Spencer K.


    National Mill Dog Rescue!!!!

  65. Avatar Of Karen S Shaw

    Karen s Shaw


    My husband and I volunteer at the Mill Dog Rescue facility. We are older and live 70 miles away, but try to do it a least once a month. Without exception, the people we meet are dedicated and the facility is maintained and run with a degree of exceptional excellence for a volunteer group. After a few hours of labor, we are tired but are rewarded with a warm feeling of accomplishment. The dogs are fantastic and so deserving of what is done for them. We love doing this. Mike & Karen Shaw

  66. Avatar Of Michele Geiselhart

    Michele Geiselhart


    This rescue has such a commitment to save the puppy mill dogs & give them a new beginning in their little lives. I have seen the before & after pictures & what difference a bit, or in their case, a lot of TLC makes. I would love to adopt from this rescue…NMDR Rocks!!!

  67. Avatar Of Christine Shannon

    Christine Shannon


    Congratulations to ALL the wonderful rescue shelter nominees as well as those not nominated! They are ALL so deserving for their selfless efforts. But my vote is for NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE for never losing sight of their mission to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home these abused puppy mill dogs. I have seen this organization grow from Theresa and Rich Strader’s back yard to the incredible organization it is today run primarily out of love, compassion, the continued dedicated efforts of many wonderful volunteers and those loyal supporters who agree that “it’s about the dogs”. I’ve always had faith in the goodness of dogs, but National Mill Dog Rescue restored my faith in people.

  68. Avatar Of Bernadette Gonzales

    Bernadette Gonzales


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. They have saved over 7000 puppy mill dogs. I truly believe in their mission and if were closer I’d be volunteering for them.

  69. Avatar Of Punk Rock Patti

    punk rock patti


    They rescue dogs regardless of breed or location.
    They said dogs from the most consistently horrifying situation.
    They are also focused on ending the exsistence of an industry that is one of the biggest contributors to animal misery and over population.

  70. Avatar Of Sandra Rouse

    Sandra Rouse


    National mill dog rescue… their motto says it all, “it’s all about the dogs !” This is an organization that is genuine thing. Rescuing those little dogs from puppy mills . wonderful organization

  71. Avatar Of Harriet Lee Harriet Lee says:

    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. I have worked with them for almost two years and the amount of love , compassion and effort put toward bringing puppy mill parents and pups out of really bad conditions is astonishing. It is a no kill organization so every dog is given whatever health care, grooming, training and help he/she needs to become a happy well adjusted member of a family.

  72. Avatar Of Jean Yeackley

    Jean Yeackley


    It’s been almost two years since my husband and I adopted our sweet “Holly” from NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE. We have experienced such delight from her. Holly was in a NMDR foster home prior to joining us and I couldn’t be more grateful to all the volunteers, foster families, and staff of this great rescue organization. Every person that I have encountered has a heart of compassion and care. They also do an excellent job of educating the public about the deplorable lives that mill dogs lead and go well beyond that to rescue, groom, doctor, love-upon and find forever homes for these deserving dogs. National Mill Dog Rescue has earned my vote!

  73. Avatar Of Louella Stoever

    Louella Stoever


    I have volunteered for National Mill Dog Rescue since its beginning. The dedication to rescuing these dogs, rehabilitating them and finding homes for them is just unbelievable. The goal of educating the public about puppy mills is a tough one but one that they are carrying out beautifully. Although all rescues deserve much credit, NMDR deserves the most!

  74. Avatar Of Cathlin Parker

    Cathlin Parker


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. I have volunteered with this organization for just over a year and am incredibly impressed with how dedicated everyone is to rescuing these dogs and finding homes for them, as well as educating the public about where pet store puppies come from. My own little mill dog, Richie the Love Bug (that’s the name of his Facebook page) will celebrate his one-year adoption anniversary on New Year’s Day. For NMDR, “It’s all about the dogs!”

    • Avatar Of Susan



      At NMDR it really is all about the dogs. Dogs are rescued because they are in need, not because they are easy to place. I have volunteered with the organization for a few years and have been involved in almost all aspects of the organization. It is an awesome thing NMDR is doing! Nothing is more gratifying than seeing a scared matted mistreated animal become a beautiful, happy, confident dog. Not that the other organizations aren’t deserving, but my vote is for NMDR.

  75. Avatar Of Barb Barb says:

    I cast my vote for the National Mill Dog Rescue!!

  76. Avatar Of Joy Wright

    Joy Wright


    National Mill Dog Rescue are absolute heroes. Welfare Warriors, Theresa Strader is a legend, even here in the UK we know about NMDR and Teresa 🙂

  77. Avatar Of Kari



    National Dog Mill Rescue!!

  78. I feel very blessed to be a volunteer with National Milldog Rescue. I’ve been on several rescues and we drive for hours and hours without a lot of sleep but it is SO worth it to get the dirty and sometimes severely matted little souls out of the puppy mill cages and into our rescue vehicles and on their way to a life of Well deserved love and happiness. We all work as a team in taking care of the facility and fostering until they find their forever homes. We work on a shoestring budget but we still manage to get it done. The kindness we are shown by our wonderful supporters is SO very appreciated! Needless to say, I cast my vote for National Milldog Rescue. The other rescues nominated are also wonderful but we sure could use the money.

  79. Avatar Of Donna



    I would like to thank all of the organizations for their hard work and effort. If I have to choose one organization – I choose NMDR. Every dog entering their care receives the chance for better health and a home. They also work hard on educating the public about puppy mills. I adopted a little schnauzer from them three years ago this February. After a week I almost gave him back because I had never seen a dog so scared and unresponsive to humans – and I just didn’t know what to do. The NMDR staff were incredibly patient and supportive, and they helped me with understanding the specific needs and rehabilitation process of mill dogs. Now my little bundle of scampering joy bounces all over the house -just being the dog he was meant to be.

  80. Avatar Of Nancy Beaudrot

    Nancy Beaudrot


    This is an organization of the most caring dog lovers I have ever met. I adopted a wonderful Keeshond named Jacob from them in Nov of 2011. He is a valued member of our three dog family. I am so pleased that heh will be able to live the rest of his life in a loving family, thanks to the work of NMDR.

  81. They do not discriminate . . . they take the worst of the worst and make it their very best until the end. They give hope when it seems hopeless. They do it on a shoestring and they do it with all their heart. Class act!

  82. Avatar Of Nancy



    My sister in law got two italian grayhounds from NMDR and I have heard only good about them. Please honor this organization for its efforts.

  83. Avatar Of Rebecca Slazyk

    Rebecca Slazyk


    NMDR rises from the ashes in times of need for these precious babies. Never wealthy, this organization has run on fumes and still travel the miles to not only rescue these angels for a little bit of heaven that they have never known.. They also, mutual aide with other rescue shelters that can not accommodate them. Gia (my yorkie) came from a mill farm in Missouri. I am in Arizona. NMDR is in Colorado. Enough said. I can’t think of a better way to thank this wonderful organization than to honor their efforts by recognition. I dub them “Dogtown” The Father Flannigans of second chances and love.

  84. Avatar Of Terese Black

    Terese Black


    NMDR is one AMAZING place!!!! They have saved over 7000 dogs! And all with volunteers!!! They employ a few medical personal and everything else is done by volunteers!!! So, ANY money they get goes straight to the dogs!!! They LOVE those dogs and give them the best. EVERY bowl is cleaned EVERY day for EVERY dog!! EVERY kennel is cleaned numerous times a day. EVERY home is checked before a dog can be adopted. EVERY dog receives ANY medical care needed! And most importantly EVERY dog is loved EVERY day!!!! AMAZING place!!!

  85. Avatar Of Mrs. J. Long Mrs. J. Long says:

    National Mill Dog Rescue! What a wonderful job they do for sooo many animals!

  86. Avatar Of Tamara Shaffer

    Tamara Shaffer


    I beleive that Theresa and NMDR should win this award because of their education to the public about the plight of Mill Dogs. I was introduced to the about 1 year ago and with out their education, I would not have ever been aware of the horrible, awful lifes these dogs must live. The NMDR organization are angel to these babies and I support them 1000%.

  87. While I am a huge fan of Best Friends, I adopted my rescue from National Mill Dog Rescue and have been volunteering with them ever since (three and a half years ago.) I think NMDR should win because of all they do for these horrific survivors of puppy mills. They rescue, nurture, and love each one – they provide medical and dental for each dog — they do a “makeover” for every dog – nice bath, grooming, and a fabulous photo — and I know that every dog is so well cared for whether at the shelter in Peyton or in a foster home. We do homechecks before any dog is adopted to ensure its not only a great home but also a good match for both the propective parents and the precious dog. Please vote for NMDR to help their mission!

  88. Avatar Of Michelle Hill

    Michelle Hill


    Three years ago a friend of mine introduced me to NATIONALL MILL DOG RESUCE. Ive always been involved with animal resuce organizations and try to help as much as I can. But then I met Theresa Strader and her team and learned about the mission of NMDR. I was so moved by Lilys story and the stories of all the precious dogs rescued from a life of horror I knew I had to do more. Well my husband and I now have adopted 4 dogs, three of them are mill dog rescues 🙂 A border collie mix, a cocker spaniel, a mini american eskimo, and the most recent addition to the family is our precious little pearl, a shitzu. It is such a wonderful experience to watch them expoerience for the first time; love, kindness, compassion, warm comfy beds, regular good food,and playtime, among many other events. I can’t imagine our lives without our “chicklets”:) Theresa Strader and the NMDR team are TRUE HEROES…and TRUE ANGELS to the thousands of dogs she has and will continue to save through much loving sacrifice. Please choose National Mill Dog Rescue in Peyton, CO. They deserve to win this award!

  89. Avatar Of Simonne



    NMDR! of course!

    There hard working Angels who are doing anything for that poor animals!

  90. Avatar Of Libby Meske

    Libby Meske


    NMDR has my vote. Theresa and her voluteers are Angels who walk among us. The team heads out at a moments notice to rescue these gentle souls from there dreadful plight. NMDR takes all breeds and brings them to safety. NMDR gives them the medical attention they need, but more importantly “LOVE” and kindness that these babies have never experienced. Thank you NMDR for EVERYTHING you do and have done to give these babies to give them a chance at a real life.

  91. Avatar Of Lynn Scott

    Lynn Scott


    National Mill Dog Rescue has my vote. I’ve adopted two dogs from them and plan to adopt a third in a couple of weeks. They start off so timid and scared but within a short time with lots of love and patience they become socialized and loving. The first dogs was a male Shih Tsu and the second is a female Havanese. They are beyond sweet and wonderful. Thank you NMDR for saving them and giving them a chance at a real life!

  92. Avatar Of Maggie Straub

    Maggie Straub


    National Mill Dog Rescue! Removing dogs from horrible lives in puppy mills and finding them forever, loving homes.

  93. Avatar Of Loyce Jones

    Loyce Jones


    NMDR has outstanding response and care for used and abused dogs. Through them I have two little guys (Havanese and Bishon Frise)who are adjusting to
    lives as beloved pets in my home. I recently was able to direct another person to NMDR and an adorable miniature Australian Sheepdog after her companion of many years died. She is grateful to NMDR for their help.
    The dedication of the owners and volunteers at NMDR to rescuing, caring for and loving so many retched little creatures is impressive.

  94. Avatar Of Mary Ann Snow

    Mary Ann Snow


    I adopted two very precious dogs from NMDR. Faith is a white mini poodle who is deafe because of untreated ear infections and has had her teeth ground down. Pookie is a 4 lb yorkie who was terrified of everything when I first brought her home. They’ve been with me a little over 2 years and They still flinch at times when I reach for them. It’s heartbreaking. The people at NMDR take dogs that have never been treated kindly or been given any kind of life outside breeding. They’ve never experienced affection or kindness and never got to experience being someone’s loved pet. What they do is priceless.

  95. Avatar Of Pamela King pamela king says:

    National Mill Dog Rescue isn’t picky when they go on a rescue, they take all that they can, even though they know the road to recovery for a dog may require expensive medical care and possibly surgery. They don’t let age stand in their way either. All of the volunteers are dedicated and filled with compassion. They spread the word about the puppy mills they visit and come home with wonderful dogs that have loving homes waiting for them. I have been with them weekly for over 3 years and I would not choose to be anywhere else.

  96. Avatar Of Deb Bukala

    Deb Bukala


    National Mill Dog Rescue!! We currently have three puppy mill mamas from NMDR & had a Great Dane who sadly passed in November, 2011. She was 120 pounds of mental damage, lived in total fear with scars of breeding shackles on her body & in her mind. Our latest mill dog rescue was in the mill for EIGHT years & her mind is almost as bad as Bella the Dane’s, but in a smaller & more manageable Dachshund package. Our other “mill mama” is on my lap sleeping as I write this, she is my Doxie heartbeat. I cannot say enough about the tireless efforts of the folks at NMDR. I have known them personally since the organization began with Lily. They would like NOT to be needed, to eradicate the “puppy mills” (two words that shouldn’t even be put together!)& are doing everything humanly possible to save mill dog rescues AND educate the public as to the horrors God’s creatures are “legally” enduring. Please help them continue their incredible mission. Thank you.

  97. To have the dedication to be at these horrific locations and remain calm while “getting these dogs out” is in itself reason enough for the Natl mill dog rescue to receive this Award. Once home at the rescue center the total dedication to each and every one of these dogs future makes one wonder if Theresa and her crew are Angels in disguise.

  98. Avatar Of Marjorie L Steinbarger

    Marjorie L Steinbarger


    NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE must be the final choice. I am 83 years young, and have been blind since I was 22. I had the good fortune of having access to professionally trained guide dogs from The Seeing Eye. My children grew up knowing the joys and responsibilities of dogs who serve a greater purpose than passive existence. We had labs, collies, german shepherds, goldens, border collies, belgian shepherds, and once even a standard poodle. When these god-sent creatures were in harness, they were my life-line to a productive academic and working career. Out of harness, they were the family dog, teaching us as much as we taught them. When I became aware of NMDR (from my daughter, who trains pet therapy dogs), I couldn’t imagine the level of torturous pain inflicted on these pure beings. It was unfathomable to me that any person could be so dedicated to inhumane greed. There are many honorable rescue and animal advocacy organizations out there (whether canine, feline, equine, bovine, porcine or other), but NMDR has captured my heart. Please honor their mission, and honor the inspiration that Lily gives to all of god’s creatures.

    • Avatar Of Dee Ruppert Dee Ruppert says:

      Your comment has brought me to tears along with many other stories about our organization. The wonderful updates we recieve after they find loving homes bring us much needed “Happy” tears. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Our mission continues for those still waiting.

  99. Avatar Of Cathe cathe says:

    They rescue puppy mill dogs that have never had a chance to be anyone’s pets and rehome them to extraordinary results

  100. Avatar Of Colleen Nelson

    Colleen Nelson


    NMDR not only rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes puppy mill survivors. They take great care in working with volunteers and the community so that all involved feel appreciated. They have educated and inspired children and adults to do what they can to end the misery of these dogs who have lived and are still living in a mill environment.

  101. Avatar Of Jan Songer

    jan songer


    Going out everywhere to rescue dogs even during holdays is outstanding. They do everyhting they can with limited resources to help every dog they can.

  102. Avatar Of Donna



    NMDR. The work they do is outstanding. Every rescued dog is treated by a vet regardless of the severity of the issue(s), is immediately bathed and groomed, is socialized and exposed to people and held to get an idea that not every person in the world is cruel, and is helped regardless of age, breed, gender, etc. I have fostered and adopted from NMDR (I am a proud “foster failure”) and there is no way to describe the joy I feel watching a dog who was once a terrified mass of matted fur now try to sit on my lap before I’m sitting all the way down and whose tail wags uncontrollably at the sight of sliced cheese.

  103. Avatar Of Gayla Tregre

    Gayla Tregre


    I vote for NMDR. Such a wonderful organization to rescue and find homes for these poor puppy mill dogs. I hope one day the puppy mills are completely shut down, but until then, this rescue group do an amazing job of saving these dogs and getting them adopted. Please vote for National Mill Dog Rescue!

  104. Avatar Of Linda Kirkland

    Linda Kirkland


    National Mill Dog Rescue is my choice. I adopted a little Maltese dog from them. She was so scared at first after living 9 years in a mill that she would not even make eye contact with you. Her milk was just drying up after her last litter. Yes,at 9 years old she was still making babies. She is now the most wonderfully spoiled little girl. She loves to be held and to snuggle beside you when watching tv. Without NMDR, I wouldn’t have this beautiful little girl. They paid all of her vet bills and all I had to do was pay an adoption fee, that I know did not cover it all. I also use to foster for NMDR when I lived in Colorado. They are a wonderful organization. Nothing else like them out there!

  105. Avatar Of Chris Maez

    Chris Maez


    National Mill Dog Rescue has saved over 7000 puppy mill dogs. I am owned by a puppy mill rescue chi named Annabelle who is the center of my universe and was saved by National Mill Dog Rescue. I also used to foster for National Mill Dog Rescue when I lived in Colorado and Theresa Strader and all the volunteers are such incredible peeps! NMDR is the best rescue in the universe!!

  106. Avatar Of Michonne Hults

    Michonne Hults


    National Mill Dog Rescue – because Lily’s story touched my heart. 🙂

  107. Avatar Of Matt Hornbeck

    Matt Hornbeck


    After volunteering for 2 years at National Mill Dog Rescue, I can say I’ve never met an entire group of people so singularly devoted to their motto, “It’s about the dogs.” Helping the innocent victims of an abhorrent industry, NMDR is worthy of any and all aid that comes their way. Good people, even better dogs. Who need help.

  108. Avatar Of Nicole Alarid

    Nicole Alarid


    I support and love this organization because it is more than obvious how deeply they care about these precious innocent helpless fur babies. The time care and compassion they pour into every animal is truly heart touching and admirable. God bless them all!!! What would these dogs do without them?

  109. Avatar Of Denise Baker

    Denise Baker


    National Mill Dog Rescue! They are educating people of the horror of puppy mills and saving dogs from these horrors!

  110. Avatar Of Susan Newton

    Susan Newton


    My vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue. I adopted one of my babies from them almost a year and a half ago. NMDR put faces and stories to the reality of puppy mills. Through the awareness they brought to me, I have been able to help spread that awareness to others. It’s a snowball effect that Theresa Strader started. She is my personal Hero. Everywhere I go with Oliver, children want to pet him. And I take every opportunity to tell them his story. I share practically every NMDR Facebook post on my page. This rescue group is amazing.

  111. Avatar Of Kristen Campbell

    kristen campbell


    national mill dog rescue! they take unwanted dogs and treat them with love and kindness and never give up on any dog. their “biter” rehab team works miracles and the amazing turnarounds these dogs have is truly incredible to watch. thousands of sick and neglected and mistreated dogs get love for the first time from NMDR volunteers

  112. Avatar Of Karen Skari

    Karen Skari


    National Mill Dog Rescue! I know all of these organizations are worthy, but NMDR has captured my heart. Their mission- educating people about the horrors of puppy mills and saving discarded breeding dogs from death, can really change things. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were no such thing as puppy mills one day. They rescue each and every discarded breeding dog that they can, bathe and groom them, get them any needed vet care as well as spaying or neutering all of the dogs. Many of these dogs are shown what human love and care is all about, for the first time in their lives.

  113. Avatar Of Val



    **National Mill Dog Rescue** what they do for these poor babies who have been locked up for years upon years is such a beautiful thing. What all these organizations is a blessing!

  114. Avatar Of Rusty Dameron

    Rusty Dameron


    I’ve been volunteering with National Mill Dog since before they were NMDR, when it was just Theresa spending every spare penny she could find to save mill dogs. As of today, over 7,000 cast off canines have been saved from the disgrace of puppy mills. She’s doing something very right and with additional support and public education and awareness she may put herself out of a cause, when humanity rises up and stops allowing puppy mills to exist. I intend to be on this train when it reaches the final stop! Hope you join us!

  115. Avatar Of Noor K.

    Noor K.


    All are worthy.All are deserving.But I’m impressed with the National Mill Dog Rescue.So that’s who I will vote for. All are my heros .

  116. Avatar Of Maryann Gray

    Maryann Gray


    National Mill Dog Rescue has my vote. I love dogs & all animals. This wonderful group of people has opened my eyes to the cruelty of these mills. Thank you all so much for all the kind & loving ways you bring the dogs home. Thank you !!!!!

  117. Avatar Of Joanne Jaimedes

    joanne jaimedes


    National Mill Dog Rescue. great rescue work, and bringing exposure to a horrible industry that needs to be stopped. Thanks NMDR for all your hard work, and tireless efforts

  118. Avatar Of Teresa Benedett-Farmer

    teresa benedett-farmer


    National Mill Dog Rescue is committed to the least, the lost, and the lonely creatures that, for too long, wehave forgotten and ignored. This is an organization greatly deserving of your award.

  119. Avatar Of Jimilyn Butt

    Jimilyn Butt


    National Dog Mill Rescue works tirelessly to rescue dogs from puppy mills, educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills, and giving the rescues love, health care, tenderness, and the chance for a forever home who will love and cherish them instead of abuse them, neglect them, and then toss them aside like an old candy wrapper. NMDR is truly an extraordinary organization among many other wonderful organizations. I’m so thankful that there is an organization who is helping to make the plight of these sweet souls known.

  120. I’m so astounded by the terror and tortue mill dogs suffer for multiple years, in cages, not basically cared for with medications when sick, with any affection shown them, used until they’re used up for the financial gain of the monsters who run the mills. National Mill Dog Rescue has rescued hundreds of mill dogs each year and given them the care they desperately need, the pouring out of love they have longed for, healed their horrible anxiety and fear, and found homes that will be theirs the rest of their lives. My vote is for the National Mill Dog Rescue.

  121. Avatar Of Kat Goodwin Kat Goodwin says:

    My vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue. Although all rescues deserve to be recognized for all the selfless work they do, i believe that National Mill Dog Rescue is not only rescuing puppies bred in mills that are neglected and abused but also educating the public about puppy mills. Hopefully by doing this one day there won’t be any more mills. Education informs people and helps them make better decisions when they think about getting a dog. Adopt don’t shop!

  122. Avatar Of Linda Lord

    Linda Lord


    National Mill Dog Rescue. Puppy mills should not exist and NMDH is doing whatever they can to save these little souls.

  123. Avatar Of Deborah Ehlers

    Deborah Ehlers


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. A wonderful organisation, among many fantastic nominated, all are truly great and do fabulous work. BUT, helping those poor dogs from the institutionalized hell that is a puppy mill gets my vote.

  124. Avatar Of Chris Ksoll

    Chris Ksoll


    NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE is my choice. My breeder girl was in a cage for 9 years. NINE. She was missing her teeth. She had worms. She had tract infections. She was in so much pain. ALL of her female organs were hanging on the floor. She had no fur on her tail. Her ears had been chewed by mites and were split. Her paw pads were split. Her fur was bad. And after all that, after her puppies had been ripped from her after every litter, the thank you was going to be that she was electrocuted, starved or shot. That’s how breeder girls end their careers. Please help National Mill Dog help more mill dogs!!! PLEASE.

  125. Avatar Of Sarah Harrison

    Sarah Harrison


    National Mill Dog Rescue!
    They rescue and find loving homes for dogs discarded from the cruel commercial dog breeding business. This work is difficult and requires hard work, strategy, finesse with difficult people, and great heart. I know my donations go to the dogs and that eventually this group will close down cruel puppy mills.

  126. Avatar Of Rose




  127. Avatar Of Teri Nascimento

    Teri Nascimento


    National Mill Dog Rescue has my vote. What these people do everyday and the horror they see nobody can phathom. They take these poor suffering creatures and get them treated and groomed, feed them well and find them homes. They work countless hours in any weather condition and have a very deep love and respect for every animal they save.

  128. Avatar Of Trish



    National Mill Dog Rescue!!! Not only are they rescuing some of the most abused dogs in our country, they are also helping to bring attention to the cruelties of commercial breeders who perpetuate the cruelty. The world needs to be educated to what in many states, is a legal and acceptable way to breed dogs. It’s criminal. Let’s help National Bill Dog Rescue in every way we can.

  129. Avatar Of Jamie Lewallen

    Jamie Lewallen


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote because they are making it a NATIONAL issue and raising awareness of the horrid puppy mill practices. They have rescued THOUSANDS of dogs across our country and continue to every day. They are truly man’s best friend 🙂

  130. Avatar Of Linda Olinik

    Linda Olinik


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote. They are tirelessly working to ensure that every dog in the world knows freedom and love. Bravo!

  131. I just love what this organization is doing to stop puppy mills and rescue these abused dogs who live miserable lives. Theresa and volunteers are truly angels on earth. They need the publicity and funds to keep this wonderful place going. Without them, these dogs will continue to live in pain.

  132. Avatar Of Sonja Earnest

    Sonja Earnest


    National Mill Dog Rescue! They are a wonderful organization in both rescue and education! The dogs they save have never seen life outside a wire cage until these angels of mercy come and save them!

  133. National Mill Dog Rescue deserves this award because of the excellence of information and educating the public to be aware of the plight of these dogs and of the daily neglect and abuse that goes on in these puppy mills. Theresa and her devoted volunteers are truly amazing and are always posting their rescues and continued service to find a forever home for each animal rescued. Keeping us the public informed on every successful rescue and adoption along with that animals story. God Bless them and their service.

  134. Avatar Of Crystal Bialkowski

    Crystal Bialkowski


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote.

  135. Avatar Of Celia Canaan

    Celia Canaan


    National Mill Dog Rescue has my vote! Theresa Strader and NMDR volunteers, God speed in your efforts to stop puppy mills across the nation! Thank you for the 7,000 dogs rescued and not forgetting those still waiting.

  136. Avatar Of Quinta Avance

    Quinta Avance



    These are great people doing awesome work!! Help them!! Vote for them!!!

  137. Avatar Of Val Val says:

    Love them all, but I vote for Best Friends Animal Society!

  138. Avatar Of Renee Devine

    Renee Devine


    I can’t say one rescue is more worthy than another. They are all amazing and go above and beyond to rescue and save animals. But I to say I am so moved by Theresa and National Mill Dog Rescue. I have watched the video of Lilly and have followed their works. They go to auctions and save these animals with money out of their own pockets (and donated), but Theresa is just the type of person I think would sell a kidney if she had to, to do whatever it took to get these animals out of their filthy cages and miserable lives. You can see her dedication in her face and her emotions. It boggles my mind to know these animals have lived most of their lives in one cage, in filth, with no medical care, some missing an eye, a foot, etc. I have to say this hurts my heart so much. I’m so glad there is an organization like this that are determined to put an end to puppy mills and have the guts and determination to free these poor souls and give them a quality of life they have never known. Even if it’s just a year or two or less for some. They will go to the rainbow bridge in someone’s loving arms with a name and not a tag number.

  139. Avatar Of Sheri



    All the rescues are awesome, but my loyalties lie with National Mill Dog Rescue 🙂 ♥

  140. Avatar Of Sue



    National Milldog rescue is my choice for best dog rescue although all dog rescues are needed!! And all need support! NMR will save any breed/mix of dog in any circumstance any time of the day or night. NMR is trying to influence government legislation as well as individual puppymill breeders one at a time.

  141. Avatar Of Shelley



    National Mill Dog Rescue!!!

  142. Avatar Of Mimi Ernst

    Mimi Ernst


    National Mill Dog Rescue is such a wonderful organization. They get my vote every time!

  143. Avatar Of Judy Fair-Spaulding

    Judy Fair-Spaulding


    Teresa will go to the ends of the earth to rescue dogs not just from puppy mills but wherever there’s a need. No dog is too big or too small or too sick! The dedication of the entire staff and volunteer group is just amazing! My dog Mischief came from there; she was dropped off with very little explanation and they took her in with no questions asked. All the organizations in the contest are more than worthy of the award, but this group is so far beyond worthy!

  144. Avatar Of Nova



    National Mill Dog Rescue.
    Bless all of you who help our Animals 🙂

  145. Avatar Of Kristen



    It is very hard to choose between the Beagle Freedom Project and National Mill Dog Rescue but my vote goes to Beagle Freedom Project!

  146. Avatar Of Cheryl Martin

    Cheryl Martin


    NMDR gets my vote-they are rescues angels

  147. Avatar Of Debra Lang

    Debra Lang


    All of these groups do wonderful work but I have to vote for National Mill Dog Rescue! They rescue all breeds of dogs from horrible conditions in mills, care for them and find loving homes for them.

  148. Avatar Of Ed Lorenz

    Ed Lorenz


    As many worthy organizations as there are to help abate, stifle and end the miscarriage of humanity against animals, I believe that in this moment in time, National Mill Dog Rescue deserves the highest accolades for its efforts against longstanding (cruel) opposition.

  149. Avatar Of Cristi



    These are all wonderful organizations, but I would like to vote for the National Mill Dog Rescue; what they do is simply amazing!

  150. Avatar Of Leigh Warren

    Leigh Warren


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue for their tireless work they do for mill dogs!

  151. Avatar Of Meghan Gallo

    Meghan Gallo


    National Mill Dog Rescue is a great organization. It began 5 years ago and has rescued over 7,000 dogs since then. I would definitely vote for them.

  152. Avatar Of Christen Mcginnes

    Christen McGinnes


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote!

  153. Avatar Of Stacey Houck

    Stacey Houck


    National Mill Dog Rescue deserves to win. They have rescued and placed in homes, thousands of dogs from puppy mills. Its an amazing organization.

  154. National Mill Dog Recue gets my vote. They truly are Angels.

  155. Avatar Of Susan Corrieri

    susan corrieri


    National Mill Dog Rescue deserves this award because they have brought to light the ugliness of puppy mills. Before them, these animals had no voice. Their work is astounding and I’m grateful for how they have educated the public to this horrific business!

  156. Avatar Of Tammy Tammy says:

    NMDR! Their public relations and education to those adding a dog to their family is incredible. The marketing of the dogs available for adoption is excellent!

  157. Avatar Of Katherine



    All of these organizations are truly making a difference in the lives of so many helpless animals. May God bless the people who work so hard and give so much. My vote goes to National Mill Dog Rescue. Not only do they do a fantastic job of rescuing so many dogs, they also do a wonderful job of educating the public about the horrors of puppy mills. I bought my baby from a pet shop. He came with papers and the name of the breeders. I tried to locate the breeders in Iowa, shortly after I bought him, to no avail. I am guessing he may have come from a puppy mill. That was eight years ago. He is a precious little guy, so I am not sorry I “rescued him from the puppy shop,” but I will not purchase from a pet shop again. NMDR has opened my eyes to the suffering of helpless, innocent, brave, and forgiving dogs. I pray they continue their tireless work and put an end to the suffering of countless animals.

  158. Avatar Of Frank Mcgovern

    Frank McGovern


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets MY vote!

  159. Avatar Of Chris



    I can’t choose one – they all do excellent work!

  160. Avatar Of Sandy Lintz

    Sandy Lintz


    The National Mill Dog Rescue educates people about the life and fates of mill dogs. Their work touches and heals the hearts of dogs, most of which have never felt a loving hand. They find these new loving homes for these dogs and let them live life rather than a mere existence. They break the cycle of breeding litter after litter of puppies. Their work is difficult but they do it with dedication which rises above difficult circumstances. This rescue deserves appreciation and recognition.

    • Avatar Of John Shorey john shorey says:

      puppy mill dog rescue are fabulous .not only do they rescue dog s but more importantly they fetch the dogs plight out in the open for every one to see.good luck to them one and all xx

  161. Avatar Of Patty



    National Mill Dog Rescue does the most of any rescue organization I have ever seen! They rescue dogs of ALL ages and breeds from puppy mills and give them a new life for however long they live, some only months, others become beloved family members for years. I would love to adopt from NMDR and hope to in the coming year.

  162. Avatar Of Luisa Wayson Luisa Wayson says:

    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue!! They are amazing people who selflessly travel all over, rescuing dogs that are going to be disposed of at auctions or worse, after being used up at puppy mills. They also rescue dogs from animal shelters. After the rescue, each dog gets a NAME – sometimes for the first time in their lives! They become a PET, just waiting for a forever home. They are vetted, and socialized, and pampered! They love the dogs unconditionally!

  163. Avatar Of Marilyn Zyber

    Marilyn Zyber


    On behalf of our wonderful NMDR Tony we are voting for National Mill Dog Rescue. Tony spent 7 years in a cage for breeding. He was about to be disposed of when he was rescued and then had to go through treatment for moderate to severe heart worms. NMDR did what was needed to get him healthy. We thank all the volunteers for their time and dedication.

  164. Avatar Of Julie Weekly

    Julie Weekly


    National Mill Dog Rescue deserves all the kudos! To travel cross country to offer caged puppy mill breeding dogs a new lease on life is priceless.

  165. I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. This organization helps save all kinds of dogs and makes certain they are adopted out to responsible pet owners. They are very serious about ensuring the safety and longevity of the dogs they rescue from puppy mills and sometimes even other animal shelters who face certain death.

  166. Avatar Of Jeanie Baratono

    Jeanie Baratono


    My vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue. What an amazing rescue facility this is! Over 7,000 dogs have been saved by these amazing volunteers.

  167. Avatar Of Molly Noland

    Molly Noland


    I love Best Friends! But I live in Colorado and have been fostering two Italian Greyhounds for National Mill Dog Rescue. I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue!!! Where do think all those beagles come from that need rescuing??? Puppy Mills!! Any of these organizations will be a good choice, but National Mill Dog Rescue, which its MANY volunteers will make the money go farther for more unfortunate dogs. Many thanks!

  168. Avatar Of Denise Lauther

    Denise Lauther


    National Mill Dog Rescue!!!! Awesome Lady and Rescue.

  169. Avatar Of Adriana Botero

    adriana botero


    National mill dog rescue
    Best rescue ever,they love and take care of all kinds of dogs and give them a normal life not the cage one.

  170. Avatar Of Dina Dina says:

    I think this day and time there are very few people who would give these puppy mill dogs a second glance. Just in the volume of rescues these folks at the National Mill Dog Rescue are taking every day speaks for itself. I look forward to seeing the transformation from puppy mill to adoption that the rescue posts on my Facebook page daily. One look in the faces of these animals and you can see the torment they have been through. Seeing the helpers at the rescue with animals wrapped up in their arms and you know they are going to be safe, secure, and adopted to a wonderful forever home! Great job and a thumbs up to the National Mill Dog Rescue!

  171. Avatar Of Amber Sathre

    Amber Sathre


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote. All of these rescues are heroes, yet NMDR will always have a special place in my heart. NMDR will use every financial and human resource to treat and rehabilitate dogs so severly mentally traumatized or physically unhealthy that most other rescues would simply put them “down”. To then see these “unadoptable” dogs become cherished family members is simply amazing.

  172. Avatar Of Karon Killday

    Karon Killday


    National Mill Dog Rescue is outstanding in every way! Thank you for everything you do every day for dogs!

  173. Avatar Of Pam Gamer

    Pam Gamer


    My vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue, which has saved over 7,000 dogs from puppy mills in just a few years. They do everything, and I mean everything, for the dogs they save and make sure to get them good homes. They even give continued support to those who adopt by making sure the dogs are able to adjust to their new homes. The organization is run mostly by volunteers, and everyone there absolutely loves dogs.

  174. Avatar Of Annis Hodgkins

    Annis Hodgkins


    National Mill Dog Rescue not only saves the lives of dogs, who would otherwise be tossed aside after their usefulness as breeders has come to an end, but they also educate the public on puppy mills and the conditions that these poor puppies suffer under every day. They do an amazing job of rehabilitating these beautiful “puppies” and ensuring that they live the remainder of their lives in loving, caring and healthy environments. They also provide continued support for those of us lucky enough to love these special “puppies” as we struggle with the “issues” that result from the deplorable conditions that these “puppies” have started their lives in.

  175. Avatar Of Jill Haffley Jill Haffley says:

    While my admiration and respect goes to all of the nominees (and quite frankly, every honorable rescue), my vote goes to the National Mill Dog Rescue. Not only does NMDR go out and rescue puppy mill dogs, but it evaluates them, rehabilitates them, grooms them, finds homes for them, and supports the people in their homes who may be having some adjustment issues. NMDR doesn’t just adopt out a dog and then the relationship with the new owner is ended. No, NMDR sees each dog through and I find that to be a refreshing distinction between them and other rescues.

  176. These people are true Angels, rescuing and being a voice for Gods beautiful creatures that can’t defend themselves. These beautiful animals have nothing to give the world but love. And these cruel, greedy, sorry excuse for a human being breeders continually get away with intense acts of horrific animal abuse to continue to overbreed and mass produce babies in an environment of filth and hate. I cant even talk about the disgust I feel in my heart for these breeders, because I dont feel like a good christian. But i am so grateful for National Mill Dog for bringing awareness and opening the publics eyes to this horrendous senseless Industry. So grateful for their countless rescues and happy endings. So grateful for their passion for this work, their love and high standards. I hope someday Dogs and animals rule in Heaven, and National Mill Dog Rescue will get a beautiful reward. I will never purchase a pet again, it will always be a beautiful rescue to join my family. I love National Mill Dog Rescue, and cannot say enough Wonderful things about these people who are truly God sent. Thank~you for opening my eyes.

  177. Avatar Of Mary Ellen Drean

    Mary Ellen Drean


    National Mill Dog Rescue

  178. Avatar Of Linda Damrau

    Linda Damrau


    National Mill Dog rescue….They have rescued over 10,000 dogs, rehabbed these frail creatures, who are longing for a loving FUREVER HOMES.

  179. Avatar Of Nancy Sampson

    Nancy Sampson


    National Mill rescue has brought so much love and comfort to so many dogs. The awareness and understanding that they spread is outstanding. The more we know, the more we can try to help!!!

  180. National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote!!

  181. Avatar Of Glynda Blankenship (Cindy)

    Glynda Blankenship (Cindy)


    Natation dog mill rescue

  182. Avatar Of Deborah Felton And David Gonzales

    Deborah Felton and David Gonzales


    While all of these organizations deserve recognition for their work, it is our opinion that The National Mill Dog Rescue clearly stands out as a pinnacle above all others. The work of Theresa Strader and her volunteers in rescuing, caring for the medical needs of, rehabilitating and finding forever homes for “puppy mill survivors” is unmatched and is sending a clear message to the world that all dogs deserve to be loved and cared for and that when they are, miracles happen for the dogs and those lucky enough to be a part of their lives.

  183. Avatar Of Glynda Blank

    Glynda Blank


    National mill rescue

  184. Avatar Of Loretta Greene

    Loretta Greene


    National Mill Dog Rescue. People with a heart for ALL dogs. They would go to the ends of the earth to rescue. I just wish I lived closer so I could help rescue.

  185. National Mill Dog Rescue has rescued almost 7000 breeding dogs and puppies from puppy mills. The dogs are given their first taste of freedom, vet care, love and forever homes. They are brought to the kennel, evaluated, given vet care, rehabilitated and fostered and/or adopted. The level of commitment of the volunteers is exceptional. I have volunteered for NMDR for three years, and it really is all about the dogs. NMDR is only able to continue its mission because of donations. It is truly an exceptional organization.

  186. Avatar Of William W. Chaffin

    William W. Chaffin



  187. Avatar Of Diana Stettnisch

    Diana Stettnisch


    I recently learned about National Mill Dog Rescue through facebook. I liked the page and started looking through the pictures and then I clicked on Lily’s picture. I couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong with her mouth. She didn’t even really look like a dog. Then I read her story. I’ve hardly stopped crying since. I’ve always known that puppy mills were horrible but I had NO idea and I don’t really think that most people do. We see these beautiful puppies and can only imagine that the parents of those puppies are also beautiful. But that’s so far from the truth. Learning that some of the worst mills are in the mid-west, makes me sad to be a Kansan. Although anyone that rescues an animal and gives them shelter and love deserves an award, NMDR has touched my heart in a way I never knew was possible. God bless Theresa, her family and all the volunteers that make this mission possible.

  188. Avatar Of Karen Smith Karen Smith says:

    This group goes out in every kind of weather, to puppy mill breeders and auctions saving adults and puppies. It doesn’t matter what the breed is, they bring them to an enclosed shelter, handle them, feed them, groom them and find them forever homes. Most of them are fostered to homes where they learn to walk on a leash, be house-broken and to accept human contact. The dedication over many years has never wavered.

  189. Avatar Of Cathe Cathe says:

    This lady and her organization are beyond dedicated. They don’t only save lives, they offer hope, love and compassion to those who cannot speak for themselves. If they could speak I am sure that they would tell you that their lives began the day she looked into their eyes. THANK YOU.

  190. Avatar Of Vicki



    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote.

  191. Avatar Of Kathy Kellogg

    Kathy Kellogg


    I have been involved with National Mill Dog Rescue for about a month and in my almost 60 years of dog ownership have never met such caring, optimistic, and dedicated individuals who have one goal in mind: To get puppy mill survivors and otherwise homeless animals in decent forever homes. On a recent weekend, they rescued a dog slated for euthanasia at our local humane society, rescued a stray running near a busy highway in frigid temps, and located another pup who escaped the kennel 4 months ago, all are safe and warm and cared for. These people live for their motto: It’s all about the dogs. I am proud to be associated with this group and look forward to many years of helping them love and place homeless dogs.

  192. Avatar Of Lisa



    All Winners, but my vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue. They continue to save lives of those who have been tossed away like garbage. Please keep up the good work – NMDR !!!

  193. Avatar Of Ronda Alvarado

    Ronda Alvarado


    The people at National Mill Dog Rescue are angels! I follow what they do & support their efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, & find forever homes for these precious fur babies.

  194. Avatar Of Pamela Howard

    Pamela howard


    Any organization in the business of rescuing animals and saving them from suffering is deserving of recognition. My heart is especially tied to National Mill Dog Rescue. Through their efforts, I became educated as to the horrors of the puppy mill industry. Then I was honored to adopt my Little Guy, who has brought me endless joy as he discovers the world of love and belonging. It’s an amazing organization. Incredibly thoughtful and tender volunteers see to the dogs’ constant care in every respect. They really get to know the dogs so that the organization’s efforts to place the dogs in forever homes are successful. In these crazy times, NMDR is a haven of sanity and devotion because when they roll out on a rescue mission, love really is on the way.

  195. Avatar Of Stephanie Spencer

    Stephanie Spencer


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. They offer a much needed service!

  196. Avatar Of Chanpheng Chanpheng says:

    National Mill Dog Rescue! This organization is the epitome of “one person making a difference” – Theresa Strader is an amazing person that saw the unbelievable need to provide a voice for these dogs. The work that she has done in a short 6 years is truly inspirational. I am proud to be a volunteer for this wonderful organization (we also adopted from them a few years back).

  197. Avatar Of Mariella



    Best Friends Animal Society! 🙂

  198. Avatar Of Michael



    I vote for North Shore Animal League.

  199. Avatar Of Angelika



    I vote for Beagle Freedom Project 🙂

  200. Avatar Of Rhonda Apodaca

    Rhonda Apodaca


    My vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue. What this non-profit organization does is truly amazing. This organization is saving poor dogs from severe abuse and giving them so much love and care, all on their own time. What a wonderful group led by a wonderful person, Theresa! They also take so much time in the adoption process to make sure that any of their dogs are going to a safe, secure, loving home. Besides ALL this work, they are working on educating the public on the puppy mill business. What a wonderful organization! GO NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE!

  201. National Mill Dog Rescue is a team of dedicated volunteers that have spent countles hours rescuing, nuturing, cleaning, feeding, rehabilitating, loving, doing home checks, being fosters and finding loving homes for now more than 7,000 dogs since 2007. I’ve been there since the beginning when we bathed dogs in kiddy pools and even had a volunteer vet standing in the snow to check on dogs and I couldn’t be more proud of the good work this group has accomplished. Please vote for NMDR!

  202. Avatar Of Kristen



    National Mill Dog Rescue – they save countless beautiful dogs that have spent their lives being treated as “things” and give them a name, soft bed, room to run and help them find their forever home with someone who loves them.

  203. Avatar Of Natalie Baillie

    Natalie Baillie


    The National Mill Dog Rescue gets my VOTE. The organization has so many wonderful volunteers who have the same feelings about these fur babies, they can be saved and placed into a loving home. These Mill Dogs need a voice after being neglected and medical care after years of over breeding and most of all a warm, safe and loving enviroment. The National Mill Dog Rescue and all it’s volunteers provide that and more.

  204. Avatar Of Gayle Pullen

    Gayle Pullen


    National Mill Dog rescue. Admirable organization.

  205. Avatar Of Kenneth Fairbanks

    Kenneth Fairbanks


    I am one of the lucky persons who lives in the Colorado Springs area who has the opportunity to volunteer at National Mill Dog Rescue and to know Theresa Strader, the founder and guiding light of NMDR. I spend Thursdays at the NMDR kennel near Payton; what a rewarding experience working for such a well organized and operated non-profit. NMDR needs your vote and support.

  206. Avatar Of Stacy Maynor Stacy Maynor says:

    I think National Mill Dog Rescue deserves to win this award. Not only do they rescue these sweet angels, but they take the time and effort to hunt down these awful places. Please give them the award!!!

  207. Avatar Of Cary H.

    Cary H.


    DMDR gets my vote. Thank you for saving these wonderful creatures from all over the United State!!!!

  208. Avatar Of Paula Wehde

    Paula Wehde


    My vote goes to National Mill Dog rescue. These folks are tirelessly out there, pulling dogs from horrible living conditions that no dog should ever endure. They rehabilitate them, foster and adopt our their dogs. They educate the public on the often unknown horrors of the puppy mill business. They are a wonderful group.

  209. Avatar Of Becky Morton

    Becky Morton


    National Mill Dog Rescue. This wonderful group rescues dogs from their life of misery in puppy mills. What’s not to love about these people and their life-saving efforts?? 🙂

  210. My vote goes to the National Mill Dog Rescue. My reason: they bring FREEDOM to those dogs suffering a torturous, miserable existence. They bring hope, love, and life to dogs that would ordinarily never experience this. They educate the public on the horrors of puppy mills and how these poor dogs are mistreated leading to disfigurement, defects, barbaric treatment, and inhumane filthy conditions. They are MY hero!

    • Avatar Of Amy Miller

      Amy Miller


      Every organization listed here deserves a reward! Since I can only choose one, my vote goes to the NMDR. The story behind this rescue organization touches my heart. It’s amazing how the love for one little dog can grow in such an amazing way. The people at NMDR are my heroes!

  211. Avatar Of London Piarrot

    London Piarrot


    National Mill Dog Rescue is the clear winner!! I have been volunteering for them since their inception. We have rescued over 6,000 dogs from a live of misery, horror and death. In addition to rescuing dogs, our mission is to educate the public about the horrors of puppy mills and to enact legislation to make backyard breeders who run puppy mills illegal. Two of my babies now are from the rescue group and the joy of watching them learn to love, trust, play and be a “dog” is so rewarding. I put “dog” in paraentheses because they think they may be humam, shhh, don’t tell them the truth.

    Make National Mill Dog the winner!


    London Piarrot

  212. Avatar Of Julie H Julie H says:

    Watching Lily’s video on youtube & owning a victim of private over-breeding (my little dog was bred from until useless to the previous “owner”) I am passionate about the work this team does & the legacy of Lily. This rescue saves thousands of lives & they are all angels <3

  213. Avatar Of Sondra Metzger

    Sondra Metzger


    National Mill Dog Rescue!

  214. Avatar Of Donna Larson

    Donna Larson


    I like that National Mill Dog Rescue saves every dog that they can, even the badly deformed and very old. They handle the dogs with love and are treating each as an individual, not just a number.

  215. Avatar Of Natalie Kizeev

    Natalie Kizeev


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. This is a bunch of dedicated people who do miracles saving puppy mills dogs. It is a small organization and they in need of funding to care for more dogs and update their facilities. They started just 5 years ago and already saved more that 7000 dogs. It’s amazing!

  216. Avatar Of Karen



    NMDR – National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote, but it’s a hard choice to make! It would be great if Beagle Freedom Project could some how collaborate with NMDR, as many, if not all, beagles bred for labs are most certainly from puppy mill situations.

    Remember to research the products you buy to see if they are tested on animals; include subsidiary and parent companies in your search. As much as PETA has made a farce of themselves, they have good starter information on companies which do/don’t test on animals. I am in NO way associated w/PETA; just recommending these two lists they publish. Shaklee is a great line which doesn’t test on animals. Not associated with them, either.

    • Avatar Of Benita



      I vote for National Mill Dog Rescure, but it’s a hard choice to make because all of these organizations help poor animals and I’m very sad about that I only can vote for 1 organization.

  217. Avatar Of Veronique



    NMDR is a small organization with a big heart. The work they do sometimes seems insurmountable and never ending. Yet each and every day the volunteers care for these dogs with great love and compassion. The rescue crew travel for hundreds upon hundreds of miles to get these dogs and witness things that would deprive most of us from sleep for a long, long time. Slowly, these dogs learn to like and trust humans and they start transforming into the dogs they were always meant to be. Lilly’s Haven is just that…a haven for these poor unfortunate creatures, so they may heal in body and spirit. Please, please consider National Mill Dog Rescue for your vote.

  218. Avatar Of Jody



    National Mill Dog Rescue is our vote from me and my rescue Chia. This group has a great story on what inspired the group to start and the strength to keep it going. I do not see anything but pure desire to make a difference one dog at a time. I am on the other side of the country but due to the internet I am able to support this group by social networking. This is a well deserving group for any award in honor of Dog Rescue.

  219. Avatar Of Sarah Sarah says:

    Our little Lizzie was rescued by Theresa and the NMDR, after 3 years in an awful cage. The NMDR deserve sainthood for the kind and honorable work they do.

  220. Avatar Of Eileen Hopkins

    Eileen Hopkins


    National Mill Dog Rescue has my vote paws down!!! I have never volunteered for a finer organization – they have an amazing group of dedicated, hardworking people who are “all about the dogs” – and I am VERY proud to be a part of it!!!

  221. Avatar Of Jody



    National Mill Dog Rescue is our vote from me and my rescue Chia. This group has a great story on what inspired the group to start and the strength to keep it going. I do not see anything but pure desire to make a difference one fur baby at a time. I am on the other side of the country but due to the internet I am able to support this group by social networking. This is a well deserving group for any award in honor of Dog Rescue.

  222. Avatar Of Brad Gaylor

    Brad Gaylor


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. They do great work in making sure the rescued dogs are back in good health and that they get adopted by loving, responsible people as there forever homes.

  223. Avatar Of Kathy



    At the proud owner of a puppy mill rescue dog I give my full and devoted vote to the National Mill Dog Rescue.

  224. Avatar Of Rebecca Alexander

    Rebecca Alexander


    National Mill Dog Rescue!!!

  225. It’s very simple: for NMDR it is EVERYTHING AND ALL about saving and loving the dogs and putting puppy mills out of business.

  226. Avatar Of Madora Waters

    MaDora Waters


    I think they are all great organizations. But I oils like to vote for the National Mill Dog Rescue. They save an amazing amount of dogs and show these animals live for the first time in their lives. Many have never even touched the ground outside. Puppy mills need to be put out of business, or at the very least, watched over properly. The condition some of these dogs are in when she gets them is heartbreaking. Please select NDMR.

  227. Avatar Of Dana Hall

    Dana Hall


    The National Mill Dog Rescue has a special place in my heart because they rescued my love Rocko. Rocko’s mother was in a puppy mill that was shut down, all the dogs were sent to a kill shelter. His mom was moments away from being put down when the volunteers (heros) rescued her and several other dogs. She was brought back to Colorado and nobody realized she was pregnant until the vet examined her. She gave birth the next day to (3) tiny and healthy puppies ~ one of which I have been blessed to love. I love that National Mill Dog rescues dogs that others deemed unworthy. They love them from the first moment they have them, they find loving homes for them and provide education and support to the new “human” parents. They go above and beyond just rescuing.

  228. Avatar Of Charlene Hrynuik

    Charlene Hrynuik


    My vote goes to the National Mill Dog Rescue … It is an amazing group that truly cares enough to ensure that puppy mills are hopefully soon a thing of the past … they rescue these poor babies and get them the best of healthcare and find them loving forever homes with people whom do not see animals as a source of income but as parts of a happy home and family.

  229. Avatar Of Lisa Toth

    Lisa Toth


    Thank you for making this award possible. Anyone who works for any of the organizations listed, does so tirelessly and with extreme love and dedication. We should applaud them all! I am voting today for National Mill Dog Rescue because, through their heroic efforts, their workers and volunteers have saved the lives of countless dogs enduring horrific conditions, doomed to live out their hopeless existences unseen by the outside world. Now, because of the efforts of NMDR, not only have many of these dogs been plucked from appalling captivity and rehabilitated and adopted out to loving homes, but, NMDR has created national, if not worldwide awareness of the TRUE profit-driven nature of the puppy mill/pet shop industry that treats dogs like commodities under slave-like conditions.

  230. Avatar Of Hazel Hoggan

    Hazel Hoggan


    National Mill dog rescue, they give hope when there was none, love when it is needed most & most importantly, forever homes instead of the wire cages they spend most of their lives in.

  231. Avatar Of Laura



    National Mill Dog Rescue! They are amazing for they’re tireless hard work and dedication.

  232. Avatar Of Jene Nelson Jene Nelson says:

    National Mill Dog Rescue is true to its mission. I spent significant time with the group during the production of the documentary, I Breathe, and continue to be impressed with the passion and accomplishments of this rescue. “It’s about the dogs” is its motto and NMDR practices that every single day with every single dog it rescues. More than 7,000 discarded dogs have been saved thanks to the tireless effort of its volunteers. A vote for National Mill Dog Rescue is a vote for the dogs!

  233. Avatar Of Donna Moyer

    Donna Moyer


    National Mill Dog Rescue is my choice. This amazing organization works non stop to help save dogs from the horror of the puppy mills. Their efforts have saved hundreds of dogs and helped them find forever homes. Their before and after pictures show the amazing work they do and how much it means to these animals.

  234. Avatar Of Jennifer Melendy

    Jennifer Melendy


    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote! All are terrific organizations and I commend them all, but my heart goes to National Mill Dog Rescue. I have seen all of the wonderful and amazing things they do to help rescue and rehabilitate the poor dogs from deplorable conditions and I have adopted 2 dogs from them myself. Thank you NMDR!

  235. Avatar Of Carol Gilliatt

    Carol Gilliatt


    NATIONAL MILL DOG RESCUE gets my vote! The volunteers work tirelessly to rescue dogs, give them the medical care they need, help them to adjust to life on the outside of the mills, find them ‘furever’ homes, take them to adoption fairs and do everything they can to educate the public about puppy mills. I adopted a 5 year old poodle from them a couple of years ago and since then she has come a long way; smart, loving, sweet and my baby!! I’ll never SHOP for a dog again, I have learned the joy of having a rescue dog thanks to NMDR!

  236. Avatar Of B Swindley



    National Mill Dog Rescue all the way. So many dogs who’s lives were a living hell, have been rescued and shown love for the first time in their lives.Homes have been found for them. No rescue is too big for National Mill Dog Rescue.
    Without them, where would these sweet little dogs be?

  237. Avatar Of Jolie Hendricks

    Jolie Hendricks


    The puppy mill breeding industry has powerful lobbying groups that advocate on behalf of the breeders that cause misery to countless dogs. National Mill Dog Rescue has a limited budget, but works tirelessly to advocate for the dogs, by educating people about the cruel conditions these mill dogs endure as they rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for these traumatized dogs. Through the efforts of dedicated volunteers, these dogs experience loving hands, nutritious food, medical care, and grooming that they likely have never experienced before. This organization is so worthy of any and all recognition and funding they receive, and they have my vote!

  238. Avatar Of Pam Bauer

    Pam Bauer


    The angels at National Mill Dog Rescue get my vote. To rescue these blind, matted dogs living in the atrocious conditions of puppy mills and show them love for the first time……..priceless. Puppy mills must be abolished and National Mill Dog Rescue is educating the public toward this goal.

  239. Avatar Of Tammy Hermanson

    Tammy Hermanson


    National Mill Dog Rescue has touched my heart. Their mission to rescue dogs from puppy mills and to try and eliminate puppy mills all together is incredible. Every day I log into Facebook and they have another moving story that brings me to happy tears. I believe in their mission and wish I could help more.

  240. Avatar Of Gina



    National Mill Dog Rescue

  241. Avatar Of Rudi Taylor Rudi Taylor says:

    My vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue! No organization works harder to save dogs from puppy mills. They rescue all the dogs their funding will allow, no matter if the dog is old, blind, crippled – NMDR will do everything possible to save that dog.

  242. Avatar Of Dalva Dalva says:

    Best group ever to advocate for dogs in puppy mills! You have my vote!

  243. Avatar Of Caroline Sunshine

    Caroline Sunshine


    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue! They are constantly going into puppy mills, rescuing dogs, and finding them homes. They show the scruffiest, mange-iest, most miserable-looking dogs going to homes where they are cared for, loved, and later – just months, sometimes, depending on how ill/mistreated/etc. the dog was – look like dog show contestants. You can see in their eyes how happy and content they are.

    I love National Mill Dog Rescue, and can’t wait to rescue a dog of my own from them!

  244. Avatar Of Amber Peterson

    Amber Peterson


    National Mill Dog Rescue. It is such an amazing orgainzation that does wonderful things. It brings tears to my eyes when you see the transformation these dogs go through just from receiving some TLC and finally getting to know what it is like to be loved. All dogs deserve to know the good life!

  245. NMDR (National Mill Dog Rescue) is the obvious choice for me! (I train retired showdogs for work as registered pet therapy canines) The backstory of NMDR’s creation, purpose and evolution into one of the most formidable advocates of puppy mill victims in the world is a source of pride for all who administer to the needs of animals on this little planet of ours. I cannot emphasize enough the level of compassion and professionalism exhibited by the NMDR volunteers. VOTE NMDR and earn your angel wings this holiday season.

  246. Avatar Of Nina Garland Nina Garland says:

    I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. The work they do is amazing, and the volunteers work so hard at making sure these mill dog survivors get all the wonderful care they deserve. They don’t focus on just ONE breed, they take everything and they keep them until them find their forever homes. These poor dogs that they rescue are dogs like none other because they are not socialized, they have never lived out of a cage, they dont know what a leaf is…NMDR, gets them to a place where they can retire and live the rest of their lives being spoiled rotten as all dogs should have the chance to be. They educate the public regarding the horrible puppy mills and continue to strive to make our world better for our four legged friends. They tore at my heart strings so much, last week I adopted two of their beautiful angel dogs and have not regretted a moment of it. Please give to this organization so they can continue thier amazing work until all the puppy mills are treating dogs the way dogs should be treated!

  247. Avatar Of Renee Weitzner

    Renee Weitzner


    My vote is for National Mill Dog Rescue. This group of amazing volunteers rescues dogs who were housed in puppy mills and provides loving homes for the dogs. I know the other groups are fine. But this one captures my heart……

  248. Avatar Of Bobbi Holzworth

    Bobbi holzworth


    All of these organizations are fantastic, and I am a strong supporter of them all. If I have to choose only one, I vote for National Mill Dog Rescue.

  249. Avatar Of Pam Richter

    pam richter


    my vote is for the national puppy mill what Teresa Strayder has done is incredible. thosr dogs are living in torture. she not only rescues dogs from there but educates everyone about the horrors. i have two heros: Bobby Kennedy and Teresa Strsyder.

  250. Avatar Of Wanda Colangelo

    Wanda Colangelo


    National Mill Dog Rescue…..these folks just never stop….and they do everything they possibly can to heal their rescues and find them great homes…..I love this organization…..I vote for them

  251. Avatar Of Dan Curl

    Dan Curl


    While each of these rescues is doing great work, I would choose National Mill Dog Rescue. Their work to save dogs from the horrors of puppy mill life is worthy of the award by itself. But add to that the mission to educate the buying public about the dog sales industry and efforts to promote legislation to protect dogs, and NMDR stands above the rest. Transforming the rescued adult dogs into animals ready to be adopted, both by repairing health issues and socialization, is amazing work. Thank you for considering NMDR.

  252. Avatar Of Connie Poole

    Connie Poole


    National Mill Dog Rescue is my vote. For the countless innocent lives they’ve saved… including my sweet angel, Leila. Thank you, NMDR!

  253. Avatar Of Patricia Warner

    Patricia Warner


    I live in Florida. I have National Mill Dog Rescue on my FB page. What this organization does to give these animals a better life and fur-ever homes needs to truly be recognized. It is all breeds that they rescue. The happy endings that they give to them, the freedom,the love… I just can’t say enough. Sadly one of the rescues they recently went on was for nothing, the breeder or puppy mill owner had their son kill the 25 animals that they were going to release to the NDMR rescue. They spent time, money, gas to travel to this particular place. I am sure their hearts were broken as was mine. If someone could have contacted them first before they left then maybe they could have saved another 25 somewhere else. PLEASE VOTE!!! All of the organizations do wonderful jobs but MY VOTE IS FOR THE NMDR!!!

  254. Avatar Of Holly L Walthers

    Holly L Walthers


    Wow all great organizations and so glad they are getting recognized. My heart goes to National Mill Dog Rescue. I have seen what they have done with little money and big hearts. I know that when a dog gets into their care it will be treated like royality. I know their mission is to get this horrible puppy mill lifestyle discontinued. They do a great job not preaching, but educating the public. Most people do not know what goes on in a puppy mill so they not only save dogs, but educate people. Hopefully puppy mills will soon be a history lesson for people.

  255. They are all wonderful causes. It’s hard to select only one but I put my vote towards rescuing the poor, neglected and abused dogs kept in puppy mills. Education and awareness are needed to end this abuse and until that day comes thank goodness for organizations like National Mill Dog Rescue to free them from a lifetime of abuse.

  256. Avatar Of Debbie Evert

    Debbie Evert


    National Mill Dog Rescue, paws down!

  257. Avatar Of Jasmine Paula

    Jasmine Paula


    National Mill Dog Rescue. What an outstanding non profit organization. We adopted our 10 month old Boston Terrier Oliver this past April. At first I was surprised at how in depth the adoption process was, home visit/sending pictures of your yard, application etc. because I didn’t realize at the time that all of these dogs were rescued from harmful environments and they want them to go to loving/caring homes. These volunteers are doing all they can to save dogs from harm, abuse, neglect, mills…you name it. They work with these dogs around the clock to rehabilitate and show them what love is. They have saved over 7,000 dogs in only a few short years. The numbers speak for themselves! God Bless NMDR

  258. Avatar Of Cheryl Brown

    Cheryl Brown


    The National Mill Dog Rescue is great organization. They have rescued over 7,000 mill dogs. I have worked with them as a volunteer for two years, and the help they give these dogs is absolutely amazing!

  259. Avatar Of Dee Ruppert Dee Ruppert says:

    It’s an honor being in the company of these rescues that help animals in need. National Mill Dog has rescued over 7,000 breeding dogs in 5 years. These dogs linger in suffering silence for years. They are neglected, never feeling the love and compassion of a loving home, living with terrible physical neglect, in small confined cages for the sole purpose of producing puppies for profit. This is not a life for “Man’s Best Friend”. We see the damage it does and their rehabilitation is nothing short of miraculous. Nothing warms a heart more than seeing a mill dog recover and learn to be a dog again. NMDR Thanks You for your vote!

  260. What a great organization !! I have visited the site in Peyton, CO I was welcomed with open arms after a phone call only an hour before. The kind and knowledgeable volunteers are amazing. I was overwhelmed with the amount of volunteers, their jobs and the love they show these dogs. They are SO well cared for…and have LOVE LOVE LOVE they have never known before. I hope to visit many more time and become a rescuer with their team. Giving them your vote will help ensure their continued rescue of those in need.

  261. Avatar Of P Brukner P Brukner says:

    The work these volunteers do is remarkable. I was lucky to be able to adopt a super sweet Pom that was abused. Now she is healthy, happy and the love of my life.
    National Mill is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!

  262. Avatar Of Jb Maberry

    JB Maberry


    National Mill Dog Rescue, though they’re all great organizations

  263. Avatar Of Carrie Jones carrie jones says:

    the national miil dog rescue has my vote. the dedicated people who give of themselves to rescue these unfortunate and suffering animals have my praise. they go into all situations confront all types of persons with diplomacy. they have much love and compassion and give quality care to these hurting animals.

  264. Avatar Of Sharon Wilson

    sharon wilson


    I have to vote for National Mill Dog Rescue. The thousands of dogs that they have saved from a life time of pain and misery, their work to educate the public of the puppy mills and the horrible conditions that these dogs endure for years is spectacular. I really admire this organization and their volunteers!

  265. Avatar Of Jodi Clark

    jodi clark


    National Mill Dog Rescue!!!! Such a caring and dedicated group of people. They actually care and love each and every dog they help. I know they would save all the mistreated dogs in the world if it were possible,but, the fact that they do as much as they can still makes a huge difference. God Bless them<3 All the effort comes from their heart!!! We need more caring souls such as them. Please consider them for all their effort and love. Thank-you

  266. Avatar Of Gabriele Radtke

    Gabriele Radtke


    I love National Milldog Rescue. I have one of their rescues myself and she is now a happy healthy baby girl. She was horribly afraid of anyone with 2 legs to a point where she either hid or froze. She would have surely been killed if left in the horrible puppy mill NMDR rescued her from. For Paloma and all the thousand of dog rescues by this awesome organisation


  267. Avatar Of Pam Oxman

    Pam Oxman


    As we have all seen on TV, dog mills are horrendous. The abuse those dogs go through is sickening. How any human being can be so cruel to a helpless animal. Vote for the NMDR!!!

  268. National mill rescue get my heartfelt vote.I first heard about them after watching the heart wrenching video about Lily and have followed them since. They work tireleasly with great love and compassion to give these pitiful dogs a second chance for love. I am passionate about this rescue nd they deserve to win. It is Lily’s legacy.

  269. Avatar Of Elana Hanson

    Elana Hanson


    We adopted from National Mill Dog Rescue and support them with a monthly gift as well. They travel the country saving dogs that have never known anything but a cage and constant breeding. They have found homes for over 7000 dogs in their brief existence and are working with hundreds of dedicated volunteers to wipe out puppy mills. I vote for this incredible organization with a heart for all dogs!

  270. Avatar Of Lejla



    National Mill Dog Rescue, They are angels,

  271. Avatar Of Christie Shreve

    Christie Shreve


    National Mill Dog Rescue get my vote. They work everyday of the year 24 hours a day taking care of dogs that have come from mills. These mill dogs have never know love or a tender human touch and they work to make these dogs they pets/family member they were always meant to be. They are very careful about adoptions, do home studies and will fit you with the perfect dogs for your family. The have saved SO many dogs in the few years they have been in operation and are a no kill shelter. I think everyone there is amazing and to see the actual difference they make in a dogs life is nothing short of a miracle. They are true angels!

  272. Avatar Of Christi Pate Christi Pate says:

    The National Mill Dog Rescue is a great organization. They are a small, Colorado based organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes discarded mill dogs. They will treat the blind, those affected with heart worms, dental disease, those missing an eye, (or two)even those who’s paws are missing, it does not matter. National Mill Dog Rescue believes that all dogs deserve a loving home. Their mission is to save dogs from puppy mills, dogs that have lived in rabbit cages their whole lives with little, and usually no, human contact, vet care, food and water. Please consider them, and their dogs, for your vote!!

  273. Avatar Of Jamye Harris

    Jamye Harris


    National Mill Dog Rescue has my vote! They do AWESOME work, just awesome. We adopted our Pom, Bugsy, from there in September and he has become such a blessing to our family. Theresa and her volunteers give voices to those mill dogs who do not have any and somebody needs to! If you get a chance to visit Lily’s Haven in Peyton, Co – GO! You will not be disappointed! <3

  274. Avatar Of Christine Hamilton

    Christine Hamilton


    Love love love National Mill Dog Rescue. They help the most victimized of all pets, the ones trapped and mistreated in puppy mills.

  275. Avatar Of Susan



    National Mill Dog Rescue gets my vote! I have adopted two NMDR mill dogs that were horribly negelcted and abused. Without NMDR I know they would have died a slow and painful death at the hands of the puppy mill owners. NMDR does incredible work on a small budget with hundreds of volunteers. Please vote for the National Mill Dog Rescue!!

  276. Avatar Of Ginger Mayfield

    Ginger Mayfield


    National Mill Dog Rescue works every day to rescue the unwanted breeding dogs in puppy mills who have spent their entire lives in small cages with little or no vet care, dental care, poor nutrition, no vaccines, and worst of all, no contact with people. We work with these dogs to address all their needs and the goal for all of them is to live the rest of their lives in a loving home. We have saved over 7000 dogs since 2007 and this is due to our leader, Theresa Strader and our band of volunteers who always come through for our dogs. We also do a lot of educational outreach to the community with the clear message to adopt from a rescue or shelter rather than buying from a pet store or online breeder. NMDR is a wonderful organization with a big heart. They rescued my little mill dog and I now volunteer for them.

  277. Avatar Of Sheila Mullis

    Sheila Mullis


    The National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) has been dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and find homes for thousands of puppy mill breeding dogs. No matter their condition or disposition, NMDR will rescue the dog and provide the necessary medical care, socialization and training to ensure their recovery and placement in forever homes. This includes spinal surgery so a paralized dog can walk again, eye surgery to relieve the pain of glaucoma, removing tumors and correcting horrible conditions cause by bad prior surgery, e.g. c-sections stitched with kitchen string. Each and every dog is important to them. Please consider them for your vote!!

  278. National Mill Dog Rescue is a wonderful organization with loads of caring volunteers also with a huge following. They take the good and bad when it comes to the dogs and treat each individual dog as if it were the only one. Please share their mission and dogs.
    I have personally met 3 mill dogs now and it’s so sad the trauma these little guys go through.

  279. Avatar Of Lisa Martzke Lisa Martzke says:

    National Mill Dog Rescue saves thousands of dogs that otherwise would continue a life of misery or worse. They are full of heart and help these former “livestock” animals to become treasured family members. Mill dogs receive minimal, if any, medical care, so NMDR takes that on and makes sure each animal is healthy and capable of living a comfortable life. Vote for them!

  280. Avatar Of Michele Burchfield

    Michele Burchfield


    While all are deserving of recognition, NSALA and Best Friends are extremely large organizations with extensive funding and support. National Mill Dog Rescue is a small rescue with a huge heart and has accomplished tremendous things in a short period of time, always staying true to its mission of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming discarded breeding dogs while operating on a tight budget funded by donations. Please strongly consider NMDR for your vote.

  281. Avatar Of Alison Yoakam

    Alison Yoakam


    Beagle Freedom Project!!!

  282. Avatar Of Sandy Brooks

    Sandy Brooks


    All of these nominees are worthy of much recognition for their selfless dedication to rescuing dogs from dire situations but my vote goes to the Beagle Freedom Project for the wonderful work they are doing in saving animals from being used in laboratory testing. Good luck to all of these fantastic organizations.

  283. Avatar Of Amy Getts

    Amy Getts


    Beagle Freedom Project!

  284. Avatar Of Monique Hanson

    Monique Hanson


    Beagle Freedom Project hands down!

  285. Avatar Of Sue



    BFP!! They are all worthy, quite true. But, the Beagle Freedom Project has managed to push animal testing to the forefront; showing everyone the results of how these dogs are treated. It’s an eye opener. And then the dogs themselves, their stories, pictures seal the deal. You can’t NOT fall in love with these rescues.

  286. Avatar Of Amber



    Beagle Freedom Project!

  287. Avatar Of Donna Bohanon

    Donna Bohanon


    Beagle Freedom Project!!!! They do great work saving for lab Beagles.

  288. Avatar Of Michele Kerner

    Michele Kerner


    Beagle Freedom Project all the way..they are amazing!! I thank them again and again for what they do

  289. Avatar Of Betty



    The Beagle Freedom Project! The are absolutely amazing! <3

  290. Avatar Of Barbara



    Beagle Freedom Project! They do wonderful work and are real heroes.

  291. Avatar Of Julie Vock

    julie vock


    Beagle Freedom Project saves these wonderful dogs from lives of pure torture. BFP is a BFD

  292. Avatar Of Deborah Truscott

    Deborah Truscott


    All of the organizations listed are wonderful groups to whom I have contributed, but as the devoted caregiver to two wonderful Beagle girls, one of them an SPCA rescue, my heart and my vote belong to the Beagle Freedom Project.

  293. help stop testing on beagles they are beautifull loving dogs

  294. Avatar Of Frances Smith

    Frances Smith


    Beagle Freedom Project.

  295. Avatar Of David Aebischer

    David Aebischer


    Beagle Freedom Project!!!

    Help end defenseless animal testing. Especially on BEAGLES!!!

  296. Avatar Of Michele Edge Michele Edge says:

    Beagle Freedom Project!!!!!!

  297. Avatar Of Jane Davis

    Jane Davis


    Beagle Freedom Project gets my vote!!

  298. Avatar Of Wendy Hester

    Wendy Hester


    Beagle Freedom Project!!

  299. Avatar Of Yolanda Nardone

    Yolanda Nardone


    The Beagle Freedom Project. They’re doing amazing work, rescuing these beautiful Beagles from a life of horrendous suffering and pain that they should not have to endure.

  300. Avatar Of Hazel Prosseer

    Hazel Prosseer


    Beagle Freedom Project gets my vote.

  301. Avatar Of Ralu Rorrer

    Ralu Rorrer


    I’m torn between Beagle Freedom project and Best Friends Animal Society. How do you vote for 2 organizations that can and will change the world?
    I vote for Beagle Freedom Project 🙂

  302. Avatar Of Antonette Holub

    Antonette Holub


    Beagle Freedom Project! Save the beagles from a life of horrific testing!

  303. Avatar Of Jenny Larus

    Jenny Larus


    Love them All, but The Beagle Freedom project has captured my heart and soul.

  304. Avatar Of Suzanne



    The Beagle Freedom Project

  305. Avatar Of John Z

    John Z


    The Beagle Freedom Project gets my vote!

  306. Avatar Of Clare Strohman

    Clare Strohman


    I am voting for BEAGLE FREEDOM PROJECT. Without this group, the beagles that are used as “lab dogs” have no other hope of getting out of this awful practice. We need to have the public become more aware of how everyday products are tested on these animals.Please help the fight to convince companies they do not need to use beagles to test their products for the consumer. This has been going on for 30 years. It is time to stop this practice.

    I follow all the groups you have listed. They all do wonderful work for animals and without them our world would be in a very sad state. I just feel we have to fight for the beagles.

  307. Avatar Of Dana (Proud Beagle Mama!)

    Dana (proud Beagle Mama!)


    Beagle Freedom Project — they are committed to rescuing beagles from labs AND educating the World about the horrendous practice of using these loyal and loving creatures in research experiments. Beagles Rule….and so does Beagle Freedom Project!

  308. Avatar Of Naomi



    Beagle freedom project does amazing work!

  309. Avatar Of Kelly Christy

    Kelly Christy


    Beagle Freedom Project!!!!!

  310. Avatar Of Dana




  311. Avatar Of Nina Benton

    Nina Benton


    Beagle Freedom Project!!! A rescue group that is continuously helping free Beagles from heinous experiments and death. We must stop buying products tested on animals.

  312. Avatar Of Jules



    Beagle Freedom Project!!!

  313. Avatar Of Lynn Goldberg

    Lynn Goldberg


    Beagle Freedom Project

  314. Avatar Of Marcie Marcie says:

    Beagle Freedom Project all the way!

  315. Avatar Of Amy



    Beagle Freedom Project!

  316. Avatar Of Lori



    They do amazing rescues nationwide and have a wonderful facility where every animal they take in can find love and healing and a furever home.

  317. Avatar Of Margo D

    Margo D


    Beagle Freedom Project!

  318. Avatar Of Sandy



    Beagle Freedom Project. I am so thankful for all they do

  319. Avatar Of Curt L

    Curt L


    Beagle Freedom Project. Amazing what they do!

  320. Avatar Of Marcia



    Beagle Freedom Project!

  321. Avatar Of Kay Tisdell

    Kay Tisdell


    Beagle Freedom Project! they rescue these beautiful loving dogs that are tortured in medical tests

  322. Avatar Of Sharon M

    Sharon M


    So hard to decide, but Beagle Freedom tugs my heartstrings.

  323. Avatar Of Jenny



    Beagle Freedom Project!

  324. Avatar Of Galemarie M

    Galemarie M


    Beagle Freedom Project! They are not only rescuing Beagles, but bringing awareness to archaic practices and promoting change. I have learned so much from Shannon Keith and her friends! They are truly amazing! These dogs are sweet, trusting, beautiful animals and they don’t deserve being tested on and confined in tiny cages for their entire lives.

    • Avatar Of Jesslyn



      All rescues are great. I love what National Mill is doing. Puppy mills are such a disgusting practice. I hope it ends someday soon

  325. Avatar Of Jeri



    Beagle Freedom Project, of course!!!

  326. Avatar Of Pamela Fellows

    Pamela Fellows


    Beagle Freedom Project!

  327. Avatar Of Kelle S Kelle S says:

    Any organization working to save lives is a winner, of course! But our vote is for The Beagle Freedom Project. Saving Beagles from the senseless and inhumane life as research lab subjects, BFP is an organization dedicated to change!

  328. Avatar Of Kirsten Krauer

    Kirsten Krauer


    Beagle Freedom Project!!! We have a 7-month old beagle puppy and can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt these sweet, loving, adorable dogs.

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