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Vote in the Dogington Post Awards: Best Wet Dog Food

As part of a larger initiative to educate dog owners on proper nutrition, effective training, and other ways to raise a happy and healthy dog, the Dogington Post is reviewing products, toys, foods, treats, and rescue organizations in our first annual Dogington Post Awards Program!

Each week, we’ll present the nominees in a particular category. And, YOU, our readers, will have an opportunity to weigh-in on your favorites, to help us choose a winner!

Nominees from each category for the Dogington Post Award have been selected based on strict criteria including dedication to animal health and welfare, providing the very best quality ingredients, and dedication to improving the lives of our dogs.

This week, we’re presenting the nominees for Best Wet Dog Food!

Each of our Best Wet Dog Food nominees are manufactured in US-based facilities, with thoughtful sourcing, handling, and processing of the foods we feed our dogs every day. These brands are dedicated to improving the health and vitality of our pets through carefully selecting ingredients, providing nutritionally complete foods, and utilizing manufacturing facilities and procedures with the very best interest of dogs in mind.

Dogington Post’s Best Wet Dog Food nominees are:

1. Lotus Natural Food for Pets

Lotus Natural Food for Pets began with a group of pet lovers with their own retail pet stores in Los Angeles, California, carrying the healthiest foods on the market. Disheartened time and time again when manufacturers sold out to bigger companies, changed their recipes, cheapened their formulas or increased their prices, they decided to create their own dream food – and Lotus dry food was born. In 2011, Lotus expanded and opened their own micro-cannery to make their own grain-free canned stews for dogs. They’re all made in small batches with the freshest, most natural ingredients like USDA inspected lean meats, tender fruits and crisp veggies, flaxseed, and Norweigan kelp, and without processing aids like carrageenan, guar gum or xanthan gum. Tempt your pup’s palate with Turkey Stew, Chicken and Asparagus Stew or Beef and Asparagus Stew. Mmm!

For more information about Lotus Natural Food for Pets, visit

2. Halo Pets

Known as “Ellen DeGeneres’ dog food company,” since 1986 Halo has been dedicated to providing wholesome, nutritious, and delicious food for dogs and cats. With a philosophy that nutrition is the single most important factor in your pet’s quality of life, Halo created their signature food, Spot’s Stew in a variety of scrumptious, interchangeable flavors to keep your dog healthy and well fed. Choose from Wholesome Chicken, Succulent Salmon, Wholesome Beef, and Lamb stew recipes. Each can of Spot’s Stew is packed in a US-based, human-grade cannery using premium quality meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, and added vitamins and minerals. The result is real whole food that you know and recognize.

What’s more, as part of their dedication to improving the lives of pets, Halo is the official sponsor of, a mission dedicated to providing wholesome, nutritious foods to dogs in animal shelters around the country. Through donations and “kibble drops,” Halo is responsible for putting high quality food in the mouths of shelter dogs, making them healthier, happier, and more adoptable!

For More information about Halo Pet Food or their many charitable programs, visit

3. PeopleFud: Fresh Frozen Food for Dogs

PeopleFüd began when creator, Davyd, lost his second dog at a relatively young age to cancer and started to wonder if diet might have contributed to their deaths. So he began researching dog nutrition, learning from and becoming an expert in the field. When his friend Jon’s 14-year-old dog Wylie stopped eating, Davyd was able to help him. Together, Jon and Davyd started cooking for Wylie and PeopleFüd was born. After just three months on her new diet, after her 15th birthday, Wylie summated a 14,000 foot mountain peak and Jon and Davyd decided to share PeopleFüd with dog lovers everywhere. PeopleFüd is not typical canned wet food. So fresh, they have to freeze it, the food is made preservative free and comes to you frozen. Gently cooked prime cuts of Colorado ranched, hormone free human grade meat, fresh vegetables, and whole grains. That’s it. Just thaw and serve!

Additionally, PeopleFüd began their RescueOneDog Fund in December of 2011. Every treat sold by PeopleFüd adds 50 cents to the fund, which helps shelter dogs. Rescues and shelters can participate by selling these treats directly and keep a full half of the purchase price! Check out for more details.

For more information about PeopleFud or RescueOneDog, visit

4. Merrick Pet Care’s Classic Recipe Canned Meals

With grain-free recipes like Brauts-N-Tots, Cowboy Cookout, and Grammy’s Pot Pie, Merrick’s classic recipes are “food worthy of a fork!” Made in their own US-based facilities, Merrick uses only real meats, fresh veggies and fruits, and wholesome ingredients sourced locally, never from China. Plus, their food looks, smells, and tastes (yes, we’ve tasted it!) just like the home-cooked food you’re confident feeding your family. With their exceptional dedication to providing our pets with the best nutrition, using locally sourced ingredients and whole, satisfying foods without unnecessary fillers, Merrick truly has your dog’s best interest at heart.

Merrick’s classic recipes include 12 wholesome and hearty recipes year-round, with seasonal recipes like Thanksgiving Day Feast and Love Potion No. 9 to provide your dog with special, healthy holiday meals, too!

To learn more about Merrick, or to try their homestyle canned food recipes, visit


To vote for YOUR favorite wet dog food, leave a comment with your choice below!






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