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Vote in the Dogington Post Awards: Favorite Dog Rescue

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As part of a larger initiative to educate dog owners on proper nutrition, effective training, and other ways to raise a happy and healthy dog, the Dogington Post is reviewing products, toys, foods, treats, and rescue organizations for our second annual Dogington Post Awards!

We’ll present the nominees in several categories. And, YOU, our readers, will have an opportunity to vote on your favorites, to help us choose a winner!

Nominees from each category for the Dogington Post Award have been selected based on strict criteria including dedication to animal health and welfare, providing the very best quality ingredients, and dedication to improving the lives of our dogs.

And now, presenting the nominees for Favorite Dog Rescue:


Bill Foundation:
Bill was a 10-month-old Golden Retriever and Lab mix Jo and Peter Forman found starving and filthy, foraging in a trash can in August 1988. For ten years Bill was a part of the Forman’s family. He brought  laughter, joy and the kind of wonderful companionship that only a dog can provide. When Bill lost his battle to cancer in 1998, the Forman’s resolved to honor his memory by working to save other dogs like Bill who deserve a second chance at life. It was shortly after that the Bill Foundation was born.

Bill Foundation is a Los Angeles based 501c3 non-profit Animal Rescue that rescues as many dogs as possible to alleviate the suffering of those abandoned in shelters or on the street.

The Dogington Post first heard of Bill Foundation with the touching story of Tessa, a dog that the rescue saved from euthanasia at a local shelter. Tessa was blind and unable to stand or walk. With compassion, persistence and medical treatment Tessa quickly improved and touched the hearts of everyone who saw her! Tessa was cared for until the perfect forever home was found and now lives with a loving family.

Bill Foundation is dedicated to saving dogs, like Tessa, from dire situations and giving them a second chance at life.

Visit: www.billfoundation.org


Puppy Rescue Mission:
“It’s so funny how something as simple as a puppy can make even the hardest, toughened soldier melt upon a few kisses to the face.” Puppy Rescue Mission is dedicated to helping military men and women bring their battle buddies home.

The Puppy Rescue Mission is the brainchild of Anna Cannan. Anna’s idea for TPRM began when her fiancé, Chris, was deployed to and stationed in Afghanistan. A few weeks prior to Chris’s arrival at his combat outpost, a suicide bomber entered the post in the middle of the night. The dogs on the post immediately started barking and took off in pursuit of the bomber. One of the dogs, Rufus, grabbed the bomber’s leg while two other dogs, Target and Sasha, alerted the troops. These dogs, known as “The Lucky Seven” saved the lives of over 50 troops and Anna set out to raise funds to help rescue them out of Afghanistan. Due to Anna’s amazing fundraising success, several of The Lucky Seven are now living stateside along with their respective soldiers. Anna believes that “no soldier should ever be faced with the decision of leaving a beloved animal in Afghanistan if there is a way to get the animal back to the soldier’s home so the mission of TPRM simply has to continue on.”

Puppy Rescue Mission is a 501©(3) non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs (and cats!) from war zones for military men and women who deserve to have their furry friends brought back from war.

Visit: www.puppyrescuemission.com


Noah’s Arks Rescue:
Noah’s Arks Rescue is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization that supplies emergency medical, surgical and rehabilitation to abused animals.

This rescue is all about giving an abused animal a second chance at life and giving them an opportunity to experience true love.  They take animals that have been tortured, abused and neglected and supply the emergency medical care that is required to get them well. They provide rehab, physically and mentally, to prepare these dogs for their new home and new life.

Noah’s Arks Rescue’s wish and lifelong hope is that society becomes educated in the ethical treatment of all animals and to stop the senseless killing of animals that have been tortured and abused. It is their mission to bring awareness to all the abused animals in this country that are being euthanized instead of being helped.

Just take a look at Noah’s Arks website to see the pages and pages of abused and neglected dogs they’ve rehabilitated and found loving homes for and you’ll see why Noah’s Arks has one of our nominations for Favorite Dog Rescue.

Visit: www.noahs-arks.net

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  1. Avatar Of Nicole



    I don’t think this contest is counting votes accurately.

    • Avatar Of Lynn



      I agree, because I’ve heard people that support Puppy Rescue Mission tried to vote and the numbers never changed. At one time I noticed that Puppy Rescue Mission passed Bill Foundation. Well lo and behold, within less than an hour after I looked at the votes, Bill Foundation’s votes doubled. So something very strange is going on here. There have been rumblings of the contest being fixed.

      • Avatar Of Jamie



        There was absolutely something odd with the way votes were calculated. Many of us who support the Puppy Rescue Mission voted on a regular basis never to see the total change. At one point PRM was ahead of the Bill Foundation and that same day they jumped ahead by over 1000 votes and since then it seemed votes never were added regularly or accurately. While each time I tried to vote I received the “You’re In” message the total never increased. This is very disappointing and I strongly request this be looked into. I know the totals between these organizations should be a lot closer.

  2. Avatar Of Bonnie



    Although all 3 of these awesome rescue organizations deserve MAJOR shout outs and accolades, I can’t say enough positive comments about the BF team and their dedication to dogs FIRST and to going the distance for their rescues and adopters. Annie, Ja-Shin and the entire BF team work 24/7 with compassion, enthusiasm and always a can-do attitude. Every BF rescue has won the doggy lottery!!!!!!!!!

  3. Avatar Of Akira



    puppy rescue mission through and through.
    they get the poor pups and dogs across the border saving them from the most barbaric acts of cruelty. they in a way provide life to those animals as well as the long lost and battered troops. they provide them with a new life line and I am sure that getting the lovely bundles of joy across the nations is much more tedious and a task which requires greater formalities and economical help.
    puppy rescue mission for the troops’ happiness and joy! <3

  4. Avatar Of Susan



    I voted for Puppy Rescue Mission. It is a two for one, rescuing dogs and giving back to the servicemen and women that keep us save.

  5. Avatar Of Sue



    I voted for Puppy Rescue Mission. It a win win helping dogs which I truly love and helping our service men and women, who give of themselves to protect us.

  6. Avatar Of Steven Neill

    Steven Neill


    All three sound like winners to me. Thank you all for doing what you are doing, I can’t help but to believe God blesses those who bless these critters!

  7. Avatar Of Jean Polixa

    Jean Polixa


    Bill Foundation!

  8. i have read alot of their rescueds & all the rooten abuse animals these poor things have t go through i think you do a woundeful job

  9. Avatar Of Dolores



    I was going to vote for the Bill Foundation and would still like to but you can only vote once. So I decided to read through all of them. Since the government passed a law that animals severing with the troops will not be classified as equipment and will not be left behind, so that should not be a problem anymore. So I scrolled down and I was really glad I did. I found Noah’s Ark read about them and checked out their web site. Found they really do a wonderful work, so worth while. As hard as this is to decide I choose Noah’s Ark. Saving animals that someone has abused is such a worth while cause please consider this organization.

  10. Avatar Of Peggy



    I would like to vote for all three, but I am most familiar with the Bill Foundation (and Hope for Paws). From now on, I will follow the Puppy Rescue Mission and Noah’s Ark on Facebook, and though I have very little money to give in support, I give my moral support to all four of these organizations and to the wonderful work they do for our fellow creatures.

    • Avatar Of Bev Peterson

      Bev Peterson


      I agree Peggy. I follow Bill Foundation and am always touched by the dedication and selflessness shown in their rescue work, especially the kindness and patience as shown by Eldad! Too bad all 3 can’t win something!

      • Avatar Of Barbara Mintz

        Barbara Mintz


        I agree with Peggy and Bev. Eldad is amazing! I have been following the work of Bill Foundation and Hope for Paws (Eldad Hager and Annie Hart). Their dedication to helping the animals who are most in need is absolutely extraordinary!

  11. Avatar Of Patricia



    They all need all they can get to help their animals. However, the Bill Foundation has my vote!

  12. Avatar Of Cathy Provost

    Cathy Provost


    Noah’s Ark may be in 3rd, but they’re first in my book. Small, but mighty in the work they do.

  13. Avatar Of Emily Gough

    Emily Gough


    Bill Foundation has my vote from now until the end of time. Saving Bethany forever is in my heart.

  14. Avatar Of Rita Aguirre

    Rita Aguirre


    I voted for Bill Foundation simply because they bring a tear to my every single damn day. They try so hard and are so determined and hard working. They do work plenty wouldnt even be willing to do. Watch their videos on YouTube! Big foundation is the shit!<3

  15. Avatar Of Ivy



    Of course I have to vote for Puppy Rescue, they helped my Soldier son bring a beautiful puppy Chloe. She would have never survived if he left her. I think with everything he went through he would have left part of him with her! Now she has the best life with her fur brother and sisters!

  16. Avatar Of Laurie



    Vote for the Puppy Rescue Mission! Their service is so important to our men and women serving in the military overseas who fight for us. When they befriend a dog or cat, it is like a little bit of home in an otherwise difficult situation. When it is time to leave, they do not want to abandon their ‘battle buddies.’ There are not a lot of things we can do to help individual service members, but the one thing we CAN do is to help them bring this special animal to the USA. Paw Salute 🙂

  17. Avatar Of Sarah Terkla

    Sarah Terkla


    I vote for Puppy Rescue Mission.

    They saved a beautiful gentle giant, my dog Musa 🙂

  18. Avatar Of Susan susan says:

    anyone else having problems loading this article? i am unable to vote for favorite rescue…. i have reloaded, refreshed, closed, retried over and over!!! this has been going on for days.

    I wish to vote for Puppy Rescue Mission…

  19. Avatar Of Darlene



    I loved reading all of the stories, but I voted for Puppy Rescue Mission because the love between these dogs and these people made life POSSIBLE for one, and so much better for the other. People clear across the globe work together to get them to the USA and the pictures after they get here speak volumes.

  20. Avatar Of Betsy Betsy says:

    I am sure all the organizations are very worthy. I voted for Puppy Rescue Mission because it serves not only the wonderful animals but also supports the valiant efforts of our men and women in uniform in Afghanistan who are rescuing these puppies and kitties. Please cast your vote for PRM. They are a wonderful organization

  21. Avatar Of Penny



    I wish you would split the money between these three organizations based on % of votes. All three are deserving of award for the wonderful work they do.

  22. Avatar Of Kathay Palmer

    Kathay Palmer


    How do you choose between these wonderful organizations. I contribute $$$ weekly to Puppy Rescue Mission. I had to go with Bill’s Foundation and that was not an easy choice. I have 4 rescue dogs – 2 GSDs, 1 Husky/Lab and 1 Lab/Husky. They are my angels and they love their life. Thank God for all 3 of these wonderful groups that they care enough to give animals a chance for a real life. God Bless all of them…and keep up the good work.

  23. Avatar Of Sandy



    How does one select from such wonderful compassionate rescue groups? Each deserves an award! And there are so many others – Justice Rescue in Philadelphia (tough biker-type dudes with the softest hearts and the toughness to go into dangerous situations), Gentle Barn, Chance and Rescue Group, Hope for Paws, Fix Long Beach, as well as local shelters/rescue groups. I’m from CT but follow these groups – now I have found 2 more to follow – Puppy Rescue Mission and Noah’s Ark! Wish I were a millionaire – I know where I’d donate my money! Thanks to all these rescue missions for what you do!

  24. Avatar Of Janet



    Voted for Puppy Rescue Mission. Animal rescues in Afghanistan are almost non existent, due to the culture’s disregard of animals. Dogs are especially abused with ears and tails cut off all the time and forced into dog fighting. The abuse of the animals is horrific. These animals don’t have a voice. Yet, they willingly follow our soldiers into battlefield and warn them of immediate danger and help soldiers decompress after being in battle. When the dogs are shipped to the soldier’s home, they help out with the soldier’s PTSD. The money really needs to go to Puppy Rescue Mission.

  25. Avatar Of Sandie



    Just voted for Annie’s Bill Foundation … a rescue that does an excellent job of telling the story of what it is really like to be on the front lines of helping abandon dogs who desperately need an opportunity to become healthy, happy members of a family. Annie and her village are experts at making this happen. The more support we give them the more lives saved … one dog at a time.

  26. Avatar Of Sandy J.

    Sandy J.


    Puppy Rescue Mission a way to say thank you to our military. The sacrifice so much for us to be free. Vote for PRM! Help our young boys and girls bring home their battles buddies who if left there will meet certain death.

  27. Avatar Of Fran Zynis Fran zynis says:

    The Bill Foundation is Amazing!

  28. Avatar Of Karen



    I voted for the Bill Foundation! Love the rescues of Annie Hart and the collaboration with Eldad Hagar from Hope For Paws. God bless them for all the lives they have saved.

  29. Avatar Of Jilian Giles

    Jilian Giles


    The Bill Foundation. They are amazing!

  30. Avatar Of Patti Walker

    Patti Walker


    The Bill Foundation :0) Thanks Annie Hart

  31. Avatar Of Cheryl



    All three are worthy. I wish all three could win. I wish ALL animal rescue charities could win.

  32. Avatar Of Anne Hessing

    Anne Hessing


    Voted for Puppy Rescue Mission, to support our troops as well as help bring their battle buddies home.

  33. Avatar Of Maryann



    Vote for the Puppy Rescue Mission. You not only vote for a wonderful organization that saves dogs born in a hostile environment but you also get to help our military who sacrifice so much for us. The military men and woman are far from home in a very horrible place. These animals help them get through the horrors they see and live every day. So help a wonderful rescue and say thanks to our soldiers vote for PRM (Puppy Rescue Mission) they also save kitties too!

  34. Avatar Of Kathay Palmer

    Kathay Palmer


    Voted for Puppy Rescue Mission. The men and women serving in war zones are giving their lives for our safety. These precious dogs and cats are their “link” to a normal life. They give so much to caring for these animals who live in a part of the world where they have NO value. Thanking the soldiers for their service is what we “do” to show our respect and gratitude…giving so that these furry soldiers can come home as well is what makes God smile. We are all God’s creatures…some of us just don’t have fur.

  35. Avatar Of Cathy Tetreault

    Cathy Tetreault


    Each one of these organizations are so deserving. Since I am a Veteran, The Puppy Rescue Mission has a special place in my heart. May the good Lord bless the PRM and all those that are entered in this contest.

  36. Avatar Of Bj



    Tried to vote twice. It won’t go through.

  37. Avatar Of Krista Shaner

    Krista Shaner


    I vote for the Bill Foundation. They are networking with other rescue groups and do a wonderful job of getting the vet care these fur-babies need.

  38. Avatar Of Linda Harling

    linda harling


    i will never forget the rescue of fiona so i voted for BILL FOUNDATION.

  39. Avatar Of Bonnie Nevins

    Bonnie Nevins


    I vote for Puppy Rescue Mission.

  40. Avatar Of Cheri Senart

    Cheri Senart


    Bill foundation for me they have blessed so many

  41. Avatar Of Robyn Robyn says:

    Do I have to log in with Facebook to cast my vote????

    • Hi Robyn, you can use your facebook or your email address. We don’t collect or keep that information, it’s because the system will only allow you to vote once and that’s how it keeps track. Thanks!

      • Avatar Of Andy Mathis Andy Mathis says:

        I tried to vote with me email address, but it then wants all my Facebook information and contacts. No thank you. If I were to vote it would be Noah’s Ark for the medical care they provide. . Bill Foundation already gets a tremendous amount of publicity through Hope for Paws.

  42. Avatar Of Marrianne marrianne says:

    I have been following this group for a long time. even though i volunteer in my home town in south florida, i feel that this group is soo amazing and caring. I cant say enough about them i just hope they win. I also want to say that every rescue group out there are winner because it take a very special group of people to do what they do. God bless them all.

  43. Avatar Of N. Norman

    N. Norman


    I hate to single out any one rescue but out of the 3, I voted for Bill Foundation. If I could have voted for all 3, I would have. If I could vote for ALL, in and throughout these great states, I would.

  44. Avatar Of Linda Norwood

    Linda Norwood


    Voted for Puppy Rescue Mission. What a great way to say thank you to those who serve and help them bring their beloved battle buddies home! These animals are so great for morale and give our troops in Afghanistan and other war zones a sense of normalcy and unconditional love when they need it most. No one left behind!

  45. Avatar Of Lindi Turnipseed

    Lindi Turnipseed


    Bill Foundation for all the wonderful rescue work they do!

  46. Avatar Of Karen Ulmer

    karen ulmer


    All the Rescues deserve to win, but I voted for Noah’s Ark Rescue, because they save the dogs that have been discarded like garbage! These dogs deserve the chance to know the love and comfort that every dog should have. Let’s help turn the lives of these abused and neglected dogs around. Please vote for Noah’s Ark Rescue.

    • Avatar Of Marcie



      Voted for Puppy Rescue Mission. Supporting this organization is helping our US Soldiers bring their battle buddies home. Can’t think of anything better than supporting the men and women who fight for our freedom.

  47. Love and donate to the Bill Foundation because of all they do for the senior dogs. Really heartbreaking videos that they turn into happy dogs for adoption. And we get updated on our favorites like Cute Luke!

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