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Wag! Dog Walker Caught Opening Cabinets, Drinking From Milk Carton

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An Ohio family using the on-demand dog walker app, Wag! got an unpleasant surprise when they reviewed home surveillance footage following his scheduled visit.

A week ago, Brent Overholt and his wife added Pluto, a 9-week old Golden retriever puppy, to the family. As responsible pet parents, they turned to the popular on-demand dog walking app Wag! to schedule a mid-day walk for the young pup while they were both away at work.

“They went through background checks, they went through training, they went through interviews to become a dog walker, so we thought we were pretty safe,” Overholt told Cleveland’s Fox8.

While Pluto was, thankfully, well cared for during the scheduled visit, it was what the Overholt’s surveillance cameras captured after the walk that disturbed them.

Unaware of the camera capturing his every move, the dog walker brought Pluto back inside, then proceeded to rummage through the refrigerator, open and explore kitchen cabinets, take a drink straight from the family’s milk carton, and help himself to a few shots of expensive bourbon – but not before handling an itch without washing his hands.

“If we didn’t have the cameras in the house, we’d have no idea that he had his hands down his pants, his front, his back, touching all over the house, drinking out of our milk,” Overholt said.

As he opened the fridge one last time, perhaps to help himself to another chug of milk straight from the carton, the dog walker knocked over the camera and realized he’d been caught.

The family contacted Wag!, both to file a complaint against the walker and to request reimbursement for the busted security camera and expensive bourbon. Wag! responded with the following statement:

“In this case, we’ve removed the walker from our platform, so that they can no longer provide services through Wag!, and our dedicated Trust and Safety team is in contact with the pet parent to address his concerns.”

Overholt also plans to file a report with Streetsboro Police, who may consider criminal charges. From now on, Brent says, only friends and family will be taking care of Pluto.

Whether you simply want to check-in on pets at home or verify that hired help are properly caring for your home and pets, there are many reasons that all pet parents should have home surveillance cameras installed.

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