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Waggin’ Train & Walmart Being Sued Over Chicken Jerky Treats

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Purina Waggin Train

Dennis Adkins’ 9-year old Pomeranian, Cleo, became sick and died of liver failure just 13 days after eating her first Waggin’ Train brand chicken jerky wrapped yam treat, purchased from Walmart last March. According to the lawsuit, Adkins fed his dog her first treat (as directed on the package) on March 13. Cleo died on March 26.

Law firm, Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLC of Chicago, IL, has filed the first class action lawsuit against Waggin’ Train and Walmart  on behalf of Dennis Adkins and “all consumers who purchased certain dog treats manufactured, marketed, distributed or sold by defendants.”

Despite FDA investigations into chicken jerky treats imported from China dating as far back as 2007 and an official FDA warning to consumers regarding the treats issued last November, Nestle Purina continues to assert that their treats are “safe to feed as directed.” Likewise, big-box retail giant, Walmart, continues to sell the treats to consumers, under the implied guarantee that they are safe for pets.

In the lawsuit, Adkins claims that Nestle Purina and Walmart Stores are fully aware that the treats pose a serious health risk to dogs, and yet they still manufacture, market, and sell the products as safe and healthy – with complete disregard or warning to potential purchasers.

Adkins is seeking $5 million in compensatory and punitive damages in the class-action suit under seven counts including breach of warranty, unjust enrichment, negligence, product liability, and failure to warn.

The Purina Waggin’ Train Chicken Dog Treat Class Action Lawsuit case is Adkins v. Nestle Purina Petcare Co., Case No. 12-cv-2871, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, Chicago.

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  1. My dog suffered with seizures for years and we lost her in 2010. I think we should do something to stop these products from coming into our country.

  2. this goes back as far as 2010 and back for years our dog Missy was stricken with seizures and suffered . I don’t understand why China is allowed to bring these items into our country to do harm to our beloved pets who are members of our family. But then they have no use for our children whom they tried to poison before our pets.

  3. I purchased grilled chicken strips on Oct 15,2013 . I noticed that they had been taken off the shelf at walmart earlier. then I noticed they were put back on the shelf for sale. When the owner of walmart was alive the store was very reputable and everything was to be made in America. Now that this new generation has taken over the business , they don’t care. My dogs got sick 2 weeks after taking the strip. We stopped immediately after hearing the report. I am willing to support any group that either sue’s or files complaints against G R E E D Y Walmart.

  4. Avatar Of Amanda



    WAGGIN TRAIN treats made my dogs sick. One was diagnosed with cushings disease with heart failure and liver problems. He was sick for 6 months and past away. My other dog was diagnosed with cushings disease this week. Before this happend to my dogs I gave them these treats daily for years and shortly after the recall is when they became sick.

    Waggin Train says their treats are safe…they need to eat a few bags for themselves!!!
    I bet they don’t give their dogs these treats!!!

  5. Avatar Of Arturo Arturo says:

    Wow…remind myself do not to invite you over for dessert.

  6. Avatar Of Al



    I too fed my dashound these chicken tender treats I bought at Sam’s Club marketed by Waggin Train..I really think this product cause the death of my dog..I didnt know if it was from the treat itself or the radiation they use..Sam’s Club also carried the Ham pieces from Waggin Train, but have now stopped selling them..All these products are from China.. I miss my Dashie everyday..I’ll never buy a product made in China for myself or for my new dashie..

  7. Avatar Of Brandy Arnold

    Brandy Arnold


    Christine & David – This story was actually reporting the class action lawsuit that is taking place against Waggin Train & Walmart. (We’ve written several articles on the treats themselves… to get the full story and all the details, you’ll need to scroll down or search “Chicken Jerky” in the search bar.)

    There have been over 1000 reported illness and deaths as a direct result of these treats. The FDA has issued an official warning to consumers to be cautious when feeding their dogs these treats (link to the FDA warning is in the article above). However, they are not officially recalled.

    The reason that nothing has been done about these treats either by the FDA, the manufacturers, or the retail stores selling them is that a “difinitive cause” for the dogs’ illnesses cannot be found. There is a VERY CLEAR link between the chicken jerky from China and liver failure in dogs. (Liver failure is most commonly a result of heavy metal poisoning, for which the FDA has only just begun testing in these treats).

    When questioned, chicken jerky manufacturers claim they are safe when fed as directed. But, ask yourself – if these are 100% chicken, how can giving a few to your dog kill him??

    I, for one, am not comfortable feeding these to my dog while they are under FDA investigation or when thousands have dogs have become ill or died from eating them. If your dog is doing just fine with these treats, consider yourself lucky – thousands of others aren’t.

    • Avatar Of David Sanchez

      David Sanchez


      Oddly, I checked out the FDA warning and this is what I found, “It is important to understand that unless a contaminant is detected and we have evidence that a product is adulterated, we are limited in what regulatory actions we can take. The regulations don’t allow for products to be removed based on complaints alone. This is an ongoing investigation and FDA will notify the public if a recall is initiated. Currently, FDA continues to urge pet owners to use caution with regard to chicken jerky products.” And you say “thousands” have fallen ill. Really? Proof? MILLIONS of dogs around the world eat these and you tell me that thousands are sticken ill because of them? No other extenuating circumstances? Yeah…I have my doubts. Again, I have five dogs, all medium size (45-55 pounds) that receive one in the morning and one in the evening – and have plenty of water also. I’ve been feeding them for almost a decade and no problems. I am grateful for your warning but I am not so eager to jump on this bandwagon.

      • Avatar Of Tom




        Just because they have not gotten sick yet does not mean they will not.
        They have taken all chicken jerky made in china off the shelf now. Does it not make you wonder. Look, when 1000’s of people are having young dogs die of kidney failure (an old dogs illness) you might think that there is something to this. Err on the side of caution. Really, you can not come up with an alternative treat until this plays out?? Stubborn Fool

  8. Avatar Of David Sanchez

    David Sanchez


    The story wasn’t very clear and neither have any of the postings that I’ve read. Exactly WHAT is wrong with the Chicken treats as directed on the label? I’ve been giving my five dogs Waggin’ Train Chicken Treats for YEARS and none of them have had any problems with them. One treat in the morning when we wake up and one when I get home from work. Not more than one at a time. I also make sure they have plenty of water after having their treats. I was told by a woman that she was giving her dog chicken treats “whenever” the dog wanted them. I told her that’s not the way they are directed on the package. I pointed out that they do contain salt (not natural sea salt either) and that she was probably overdoing it for the size of her dog. I’m not saying that I disagree with the court actions. I just want more information than what is provided in this tiny article. Thank you.

    • Avatar Of Dennis



      you will run in to that one bag that will take your dog.be safe avoid all products made in china.fb:deadly dog treats

      • Avatar Of David Sanchez

        David Sanchez


        Oh, the politics of fear. Bacon is bad for you (Not). Eggs are bad for you (not). Coffee is bad for you (not). Etc, Etc. Don’t forget your foil hat.

  9. Avatar Of Christine Robinson

    Christine Robinson


    I don’t know if you can respond to it from here but as I clicked on “more” to read the rest of this article, Walmart (would you believe?) superimposed a pop-up add! Is it possible to put the whole article on one page?

  10. Avatar Of Christine Robinson

    Christine Robinson


    Need more information! How did the treats cause the dogs liver failure? Have other dogs died of liver failure after eating the treats? I am assuming there have been more deaths or you would not be alerting us but assertions need to be backed up with facts.

  11. Avatar Of Brandy Arnold

    Brandy Arnold


    Canyon Creek is another brand name made by Nestle Purina… same company as Waggin’ Train – AVOID.

    Dentley’s is another product imported from China and included in FDA investigations – AVOID.

    Can’t find the info on Pur Luv, so please please please check your bag carefully (then double check, they like to print it really tiny) for the country of origin. If it says China, Avoid it!

  12. Avatar Of Cindy



    Thanks for the heads up. We have bought these treats on occasion. Not any more. Does anyone know if Canyon Creek, Dentley’s and Pur Luv are safe for dogs? We feed these on a regular basis. Our dogs are family. We don’t want anything to happen.

  13. Avatar Of Marcus



    Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China!
    Hundreds of us have lost our pets to Waggin Train.

  14. Avatar Of Akkio



    doesnt surprise me. if people actually read about their pet like they are suppose to, they would know 99.9% of food sold for animals that are “safe” is not. for example yellow 5. Another guinea pig treats or food with seeds.. they choke in that.

  15. Avatar Of Pooh



    I said, years ago, that China was trying to mass weapons destroy us through our children and pets! Sadly, this proves my point.

  16. Avatar Of Linda Rogers

    Linda Rogers


    I fed my previous dog Waggin’ Train Dog treats and she died of gall bladder disease. I do not know if it was connected, but I bet it was. My poor baby died a horrible death and I get so mad when I see them on the shelves. Also, do not feed your dog Milo Chicken Jerky treats. They are from China and I fed my current dog these treats and he stopped eating. Luckily, I stopped feeding the treats before any major damage was done, but I do not feed any Milo’s Treats at all!!!!! Thanks for listening

    • Avatar Of Judy Blum

      Judy Blum


      My little pug loved the Milo’s Kitchen chicken jerky and unfortunately had quite a few before I started reading about this China made problem. I looked on a bag of Milo’s Kitchen treat and it said USA so I continued to give her the treats. Then I read some place that all chix jerky is made in China and I specifically looked on the jerky bag and I was shocked to see it is made in China. Now I’m really careful what I buy….really study the bag and have even emailed some of the companies.
      The only ones I’m really sure of and fell good about is Milk Bone/Del Monte brands. I spend more time with her food/treats than I do my own food!

  17. Avatar Of Bobby



    Why don’t they STOP bringing anything in from China they don’t like us and we don’t like them I remember a few years ago they tried poisoning our children with lead based plastic and paint on toys now they are going after our dogs.

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