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Want a Successful Ad Campaign? Feature Dogs!

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It was a lot easier to get your commercial seen by millions of television viewers before the invention of the DVR. Nowadays, television viewers can easily fast-forward or skip through your ad, never giving it a second thought. So, for a successful ad campaign, you’ve got to grab your viewer’s attention. Make them pick up the remote and watch it, or even press rewind. A really effective way to do that? Dogs!

A big trend in commercial advertising this year, we’re seeing dogs selling everything from shoes to cars to insurance.

Here are a few of our favorite ad campaigns featuring dogs:

So, why are commercials with dogs so successful? Maybe it’s because the love of dogs is universal, or it’s just fun to see dogs acting out human behaviors, but either way – we’re happy with this trend! Do you have a favorite ad campaign that features dogs? Share it with us below!

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