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WATCH! Fort Worth Police Close Down Highway to Rescue Dog

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In late January, Fort Worth Police Officers Allen Speed and Paul Garcia were driving on Interstate 30 near Beach Street when they noticed a little dog, loose and running scared down the middle of the highway. They stopped their cruiser, set up a temporary road block, and, using treats kept in their car, rescued the frightened little girl.

Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed, either! Listen closely at the end of the dashcam video below where you’ll hear applause and honking from onlookers and worried citizens!

The Officers are calling the little dog “Beach” in honor of the street close to wear she was rescued.

Beach was taken to the Lancaster Avenue branch of the Fort Worth Humane Society where, if she is not claimed by an owner, will be placed for adoption.

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  1. Avatar Of Vianney



    Great Job Officers!!!! True humanitarians at work….Thank you and God Bless you both!! Hope Beach finds a great home.

  2. Avatar Of Terri



    I love those men, bless you for saving Beach.

  3. Avatar Of Annette Brockman

    annette brockman


    I would to know why all police can’t be like these 2 officers? Why do some just seem hell bent on destroying them all?
    Thank you Officers Allen Speed and Paul Garcia. God bless u both.

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