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WATCH: Louisiana UPS Driver Makes BFF’s With His Customer’s Dogs

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A Louisiana UPS driver is delivering smiles to dog lovers around the country after being caught on tape posing for selfies with a customer’s dogs!

Ups Driver

UPS driver Doniel Kidd is well-known in the Athens, Louisiana neighborhood where he regularly makes deliveries. Not only is the fun-loving driver caring and courteous, he’s a kind-hearted man with a big soft spot for dogs.

So, when resident Staci Burns spotted her friendly UPS driver sitting in her driveway, snapping selfies with her dogs, she took a quick video and posted it to Facebook with the caption, “When you have the best UPS man on the planet…” where it quickly went viral!

As it turns out, Burns’ dogs, Reba, Buster and Jade, love Kidd as much as he loves them!

Whenever they hear the familiar rumble of his UPS truck, the dogs excitedly dash around the corner to greet him with wagging tails.

One of Burns’ dogs, in particular, has a special bond with the dog-loving UPS driver. Her Australian shepherd, Reba, is especially attached to Kidd – and the feeling is mutual.

“We live in the country and she went through a phase of going off on adventures and also following me when I left without my knowledge,” Burns told CBS News. “Doniel saw her miles from home and pulled over to get her. Of course, she hopped right in and he delivered her home.”

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