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Week in Review: 3 Recalls, Custody Battle, Petsmart Death, Service Dog Laws & More

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Catch up on all the dog news, stories, training, and lifestyle tips, tricks and advice you might have missed in this dog news week in review!

Dog News

From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!


This week saw THREE dog food and treat recalls. They are:

RECALL ALERT: K9 Natural Frozen Chicken Feast Raw Pet Food

RECALL ALERT: Vital Essentials Beef Toppers and Food for Dogs

RECALL ALERT: TruDog Boost Me Mighty Meaty Beef Topper

Click the headlines above for specific details about each recall.

Remembering The Dogs of The Titanic


April 15th marked 106 years after the famed “unsinkable ship” struck an iceberg in the north Atlantic, sinking on its maiden voyage to America. But, did you know there were at least 12 dogs aboard the Titanic?…Continue reading

Florida Woman Forced to Share Custody of Her Dog with Former Neighbor

Four-year old Lab mix, Elario, currently splits his time between his registered owner and a former friend/neighbor.

A bitter canine custody battle between former neighbors led to an unusual ruling when a Florida judge granted joint custody over a rescued Labrador retriever.…Continue reading

Florida Family Dog Dies During Petsmart Grooming


A Florida family dropped their healthy, happy dog off for grooming at a Tampa Petsmart. An hour later, their furry family member was dead.…Continue reading

Back to Basics: Teaching Your Dog to ‘Stay’


Arguably the most important cue any pet parent can teach their dog, the ‘stay’ cue is not only useful in the home setting, but can literally save his life.…Continue reading

Preparing Your Dog for the Zombie Apocalypse (With His Very Own Bug-Out Bag)

Bugout 3 Min

Whether it’s a natural disaster, some unforeseen event that forces you and your best friend out of your home, or the impending zombie apocalypse, every dog owner should be prepared in the event that the proverbial dog poo hits the fan. Although emergency evacuations are (thankfully) rare, they do happen. And, most times, evacuees have mere minutes to gather basic survival supplies.…Continue reading

Blind Woman Denied Lyft Ride Because of Service Dog


A vision-impaired Lakeland, Florida woman says she was denied a ride by a Lyft driver because of her service dog.…Continue reading

Top 7 Tips for Adopting a Dog (And a New Way to Find Your Future Furry Family!)


Of the estimated 7.5 million pets entering animal shelters every year, more than 2.5 million are former family pets that were surrendered, most often by owners that either weren’t fully prepared for the responsibility of pet ownership or didn’t take the time and effort necessary to integrate a new pet into the home.…Continue reading

How Pet-Sitting this Earth Day Could Help Save the Planet

Earth Day

Reduce your carbon footprint, and scratch that spring travel itch all while cuddling a puppy in need of a babysitter. You’ll be looking into building your own eco-home in no time after checking out these unique eco-friendly house sits….Continue reading

Dog’s Spleen Cancer Diagnosis Turned Out to be Mass of Stuffed Toys

8-year old Maisy was given a possible cancer diagnosis and sent to surgery. Image: Paragon Veterinary Referrals

What began as a frightening ordeal and a possible cancer diagnosis for a St. Bernard turned from heartbreak to relief when it turned out the mass on the dog’s spleen was actually a big ol’ pile of swallowed dog toys.…Continue reading

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