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Week in Review: Dog Treat Recall, Dog Food Fraud, End Indonesia’s Dog Meat Trade & More

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Catch up on all the dog news, stories, training, and lifestyle tips, tricks and advice you might have missed in this dog news week in review!

Dog News

From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

RECALL ALERT: 5 Varieties of Merrick and Castor & Pollux Dog Treats


Merrick Pet Care, of Amarillo, Texas, is recalling five varieties of beef dog treats due to the potential that they contain elevated levels of a naturally-occurring beef thyroid hormone.…Continue reading

The Real Truth About Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are very strong, that’s true. But that’s not a crime. That doesn’t negate how sweet and lovable they are. We don’t hold it against people for being too strong, right? No, we don’t. Having said that, people shouldn’t just walk up to strange dogs without clearing it with their human family first. That’s not a Pit Bull issue, that’s just using common sense.…Continue reading

Dog Missing After Being Struck by Police Car Found Alive and Uninjured


Nearly a week after being run down and intentionally struck by a police car, a missing dog was found uninjured and safely captured by animal control officers.…Continue reading

Florida Police Rescue Distressed Dog from Hot Car

Hot Car

Deputies responded to a call about a distressed dog trapped inside a hot car parked at a Florida panhandle beach on Saturday.…Continue reading

Dog Becomes Foster Dad to Nine Orphaned Ducklings

A flock of ducklings are calling a Labrador retriever Dad after the lovable dog adopted nine brothers and sisters when their mom disappeared.…Continue reading

Natural & Safe Cleaning Hacks for Pet Parents


Most people know that the chemicals in household cleaners can be toxic to humans, but many people forget that they can be even more poisonous to our pets.…Continue reading

Join in the Fight to End Indonesia’s Horrific Dog Meat Trade

Image via

More than 90 celebrities are supporting the Dog Meat-Free Indonesia coalition after its investigation exposed horrific treatment of dogs and cats being bludgeoned and blow-torched to death in Indonesia’s gruesome dog and cat meat trade.…Continue reading

20 Volunteers Make 30 Stops Across 9 States to Reunite Missing Dog with Home


When a dog was found wandering the streets of Pennsylvania last month, an incredible group of volunteers banded together across 9 states and 2,000 miles to bring him back home.…Continue reading

Company Pleads Guilty to Mislabeling Feathers and Byproducts as Premium Pet Food Ingredient


A major pet food ingredient supplier admitted to knowingly mislabeling low-cost ground poultry feathers and byproducts as turkey meal and selling it to pet food manufacturers as a premium, high-quality ingredient.…Continue reading

5 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew about Your Dog’s Teeth


Aside from regular brushing, there are some other ways to ensure your dog’s dental health – and some pretty cool reasons why they’re important. Just check out these five fascinating facts about your dog’s teeth.…Continue reading

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