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What Your Vet Won’t Tell You About Pet Cancer

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If you’re a pet parent or love someone who is, then here’s some news you need to hear… if you want your pets to live long and healthy lives.

Because the sad truth is…

The rate of cancer in pets is exploding.


Just 50 years ago, 1 in 100 dogs got cancer. Today it is a staggering 1 in 1.65 dogs.

Dogs have the highest rates of cancer of any mammal on the planet. Cats aren’t far behind. About 1 in 3 cats will receive a cancer diagnosis.

No pet is safe from cancer.

We can truthfully say that cancer in pets is at an epidemic stage right now. And just like most oncologists – the vast majority of vets don’t know about the countless natural therapies and protocols available to heal and prevent pet cancer.

What Most Vets Don’t Know About Pet Cancer

One thing I want to make very clear, we’re not anti-vet.

Vets love animals. It’s why they studied veterinary medicine. And conventional vets are just as worried about the skyrocketing increases in pet cancer rates as we are.

But, Dr. Gary Richter, a practicing holistic veterinarian – and best-selling author – reveals what’s taught at vet school.

He says, “Veterinary schools teach veterinarians within the scope of conventional Western medicine. And all of those treatments have their benefit. But what I came to learn over years of being a veterinarian is there are things that Western medicine can’t address and fix.”

In other words, vets are not taught about the lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to 95% of the cancers that pets get today. Instead, they’re taught that the vast majority of pet cancers are genetic.

Thanks to dozens of interviews with cancer and pet health experts, we know NOW that it’s not true.

A Vet’s Shocking Secret

And just like human doctors, when vets deliver a cancer diagnosis to you and your pet, they deliver the same course of treatment options a human will hear as well.

Cut it out with surgery, burn it out with radiation… or poison it with chemotherapy.
Sadly, just like in med school, vet schools teach only the cut, burn and poison method to curing cancer. And as your dog or cat’s suffering gets worse, the vet simply says, “The cancer’s getting worse.”

But that’s not what’s happening. The treatment is painfully killing your pet. Yet sadly, it’s all mainstream vets know how to do. It’s all they were taught in vet school.

So, if you want your pet to survive cancer, their healing and care is really in your hands.
We owe it to our pets to get educated about this. To get the facts.

Filmmaker, author, and health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger, the man who produced the record-setting documentary “The Truth About Cancer” (now seen by 10 million people), has an epic new series about to be released.

In this 7-part FREE docu-series event (called The Truth About PET Cancer), Ty and his team of over 30 pet cancer experts and holistic integrative veterinarians reveal the natural treatments and therapies that are saving animals from cancer.

You won’t hear about this from your conventional vet. It’s breaking information you’ll only hear about – right here.

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On Wednesday April 4th, 2018 The Truth About PET Cancer premieres, and the answers will be revealed. 7 episodes in 7 days. It’s the biggest, most comprehensive documentary series on the pet cancer epidemic ever released.

And they’re giving away the whole thing for FREE.

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This is a one-time event. And it’s your chance to join the mission to help us spread the word to eradicate pet cancer in a positive, meaningful and very powerful way. Don’t leave the health of your pets to chance.

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    I’m watching the video right now. Why can’t these people get to the point? I’m ready to x out of this video. This is just ridiculous. If you have something to say, SAY IT, for crying out loud. I don’t need to hear 20 minutes of blabber.

    • Avatar Of Almon Almon says:

      Agreed. If videos are involved most of the time I will bypass, because as you say, it drags on and on. I watched a YouTube video where a well know cardiologist changed one (1) thing regarding his diet, and it was great in terms of his own health. Instead of telling us what that ONE thing is, one had to click on another button within the vid to watch yet another video, FOR ONE CHANGE. I clicked of course. There are no fast forward buttons to speed up the video in order to get the the nuggets! Couldn’t take it and stopped the incessant talking. On to the next video. Smh.

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