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WHOA! This Blueberry Muffin Looks Just Like a Chihuahua!

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It was just another day for teenager, Kaelin Bell and her 6-month old Chihuahua, Chico.

That is, until she reached for a blueberry muffin and was stopped dead in her tracks – the blueberry muffin looked exactly like Chico!

Naturally, she posted the picture to her Tumblr blog, with the caption, “”My blueberry muffin looks exactly like my dog. I’m gonna cry.”

Unable to eat the muffin, she’s keeping it safe in the freezer. As for Chico, he’s now an internet sensation!

Take a look at Chico and the infamous muffin… See the resemblance?


Image 100572046 13348155


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    kare n


    that also looks like my chihuahua he is 8months old called mojo xx

  3. Awesome..Now don’t eat that muffin..Shellac it and put it on the mantel..

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