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World’s Oldest Dog, Maggie the Kelpie, Dies at Age 30

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Maggie The Kelpie, Believed To Be The Oldest Dog In The World, Has Died At Age 30. Image Via Facebook.
Maggie the Kelpie, believed to be the oldest dog in the world, has died at age 30. Image via Facebook.

Australia lost a very beloved, very old soul yesterday. Maggie, who is believed to have been the oldest dog in the world, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at a remarkable 30 years of age.

While most dogs live between 11-15 years of age (and for some lucky ones, a few years more), this amazing Kelpie more than doubled the average life expectancy.

Owner Brian McLaren, a dairy farmer in Woolsthorp, Victoria, confirmed the news to The Weekly Times.

“She was 30 years old, she was still going along nicely last week, she was walking from the dairy to the office and growling at the cats and all that sort of thing,” he told the newspaper.

Maggie Was Well Loved By Her Dad, Brian Mclaren. The Pair Spent Their Days Together On Mclaren'S Dairy Farm. Image Via Facebook.
Maggie was well loved by her dad, Brian McLaren. The pair spent their days together on McLaren’s dairy farm. Image via Facebook.

Two days prior to passing, McLaren said her health began to deteriorate.

“She just went downhill in two days and I said yesterday morning when I went home for lunch … ‘She hasn’t got long now’.

Maggie passed peacefully in her sleep, curled up in her bed.

“I’m sad, but I’m pleased she went the way she went.”

Rest in peace, old girl.

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  1. Avatar Of Kawter kawter says:

    so sorry to hear about maggie

  2. Sorry to hear you lost your beloved Maggie she will be sadly missed R.I. P. Angel

  3. Avatar Of Cindi Oflynn

    cindi oflynn


    so very sorry to hear about maggies passing. I know you will miss her dearly but she will one day see her daddy again ,then the two of you will be together forever.

  4. Avatar Of Judith Troughear

    Judith Troughear


    Maggie it seems your time on this earth simply suited you totally. What an an absolute star , you must have brought such happiness & love to your family & enjoyed their company just as much. RIP lovely lady, you have earned your rest. Thoughts are with the family you leave behind as this is a mighty loss in their lives!!

  5. Avatar Of Ginny Ginny says:

    Obviously she lived for so long because her life suited het so well. Maggie got to spend her time with her favorite person, doing just what any dog would love to do,

  6. What a wonderful life Maggie must have had to reach the grand old age of 30,have another wonderful time in doggie heaven RIP condolences to the family who have had the pleasure of your friendship for so long,

  7. Avatar Of Cynthia Bassani Bttns521@Sbcglobal.net

    Cynthia Bassani [email protected]


    God bless your wonderful dog her life was great. she is in doggie heaven

  8. Avatar Of Jay



    I wish all dogs could have that sort of life xxxxx

  9. Avatar Of Kelly Walker

    Kelly Walker


    Maggie was one of the lucky ones, her life must have been perfect to live this long. Thank you human dad for giving her such a great life. She will forever be apart of your life as you will hers. RIP beautiful soul.

  10. Avatar Of Nancy Hudak

    Nancy Hudak


    It sounds like she had a perfect life and a death that many of us would hope for. Maggie, rest in peace girl. You had a good run. My condolences to the people who had the privilege to share her life. It must be an enormous hole now that she is gone. Thank you for sharing her story. ❤️

  11. oh how lovely to have been loved for 30 yrs..how devestating for your dad.God bless xx

  12. Avatar Of Sandy



    very sorry for the loss of your faithful companion. RIP Maggie

  13. Avatar Of Sandi



    OH my gosh…your friend for 30 years….I can’t imagine the huge hole left in your heart and your life. My heart aches for you and your sweet Maggie. She was blessed to have someone who loved her as much as you loved her. RIP sweet baby.

  14. Avatar Of Anna



    I am so sorry for ur loss….could u please share what u fed ur,sweet angel?

  15. Avatar Of Susan Blanchard



    Rest in Peace Maggie. Run and play over that Rainbow Bridge now and be young and vibrant once again.

  16. Avatar Of Joanne Coote

    Joanne Coote


    Incredible – how lovely that she had a great family. RIP.

  17. Avatar Of Kathleen Dunn

    Kathleen Dunn


    So sorry for your loss of your beloved Maggie.

  18. Avatar Of Kathleen Dunn

    Kathleen Dunn


    So sorry for your loss!

  19. Avatar Of Linda



    RIP sweet girl. You are running wild at the Rainbow Bridge. You were 210 yrs old in human age. RIP….

  20. Avatar Of Sandy Ely

    Sandy Ely


    RIP precious lady. How wonderful to pass so easily.

  21. Avatar Of Carole



    Sorry for your loss. RIP dear soul…

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