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Young Neighbor Rushes Into Burning Home to Save Vacationing Family’s Dog

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Christian Garland was walking through his Campbell County, Virginia neighborhood when he noticed a flames and smoke rising from a friend’s home.

He immediately phoned his friend who was away on vacation along with the entire family. Only their four-legged family member was home at the time of the fire.

Garland called emergency responders, then sprung into action, entering the blazing home to save his neighbor’s dog.

“I told her, the best thing I can ever do is get the dog out for you because you can never replace a dog and I would hate to see that dog go, exactly when you just got it this year,” said Garland. “I went down there and got the dog and everything. I told her the dog was okay and everything,” Garland explained to ABC13.

While the Campbell County fire marshal is investigating what started the blaze that completely destroyed the home, the dog that was trapped inside is safe and doing well staying with another neighbor until the family returns to where their home once stood, all thanks to a brave young neighbor with a heart of gold.

“I’m happy the dog is alive still. Because if the dog wasn’t there, it would be shameful and I don’t know how I would have felt,” said Garland. “I wish the best for them.”

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  1. Avatar Of Frances



    What a brave young man. Good for him. Glad he was not hurt during the rescue.

  2. Avatar Of Sandy Pizzi Sandy Pizzi says:

    Why was the dog left in the house alone, while family was away on vacation? Who was coming in daily to take care of the dog & let him out? Anyone?

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