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10 Careers For Dog Lovers

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It’s not surprising that many dog lovers imagine themselves in a career working with dogs. If you cherish the fun and exciting company of canines, then you’re lucky to have several dog-related job options that will not only help you make a living, but give you the chance to work with the pet you adore the most.

Top Dog-Related Jobs

  1. Animal Behaviorists. These are people who work with both the pets and owners in implementing programs in order to solve undesirable pet behaviors. While Applied Animal Behaviorists are the ones that have finished postgraduate programs in behavioral science, Veterinary Behaviorists, on the other hand are licensed vets who have become board-certified animal specialists.
  2. Boarding Kennel Attendants or Doggie Day Care Workers. While Kennel Attendants are the ones who care for and clean up after the dogs admitted to board for several days or weeks, Day Care Workers, on the other hand, are the ones who supervise the dogs’ playtime. Both are sometimes operated under the same facility.
  3. Dog Breeders. Dog breeding is not just about producing purebred puppies and then selling them, but more importantly, dedicating oneself in maintaining the specific dog breed standards while keeping the pooches happy and healthy. Although this demanding line of business requires serious time and monetary investment in order to become a responsible dog breeder, the job, however, can be extremely fulfilling in the end.
  4. Dog Groomers. If you love to coif Cocker Spaniels, primp Poodles, and make any dog look and smell even prettier, then this must be just the career for you. Professional dog groomers are the cosmetologists of dogs. They style them not just for everyday comfort by for conformation and photographs as well.
  5. Dog Sitters and Dog Walkers. Dog sitters generally go to homes to care for dogs by feeding, playing, walking, and cleaning up after them while their owners are away. Dog walkers, on the other hand, are particularly common in larger cities where apartment dogs require more physical exercise than their masters have time for.
  6. Dog Show Handlers or Judges. Dog show handlers handle dogs during dog shows with the aim of earning champion titles. They are expected to have lots of working experience with dogs, have a strong understanding of dog breed standards, and have the willingness to frequently travel. Dog show judges, on the other hand, shall have superior knowledge of breed standards down to the line’s finest details.
  7. Dog Trainers. Dog training is basically about teaching dogs both the basic and advanced commands, and then helping dog owners teach the directives to their own pets. While some work with working breeds, and future service dogs, others teach dog actors for TV and film performance.
  8. Pet Supply Attendants. Working in pet supply stores is generally about marketing all kinds of dog products, particularly dog foods or toys. With sufficient training and ample experience, you can become the store manager, or start your own pet supply business.
  9. Public Service Workers. These are people who work with public service canines. You can team with military or police dogs, work with search and rescue dogs that are specifically trained to look for lost persons, or pair with dog therapists who visit hospitals, nursing homes, and schools to make sick or discouraged people happy again.
  10. Veterinary Medicine Personnel. This job is mainly about promoting wellness in pets while helping sick animals recover. Working in the complex field of vet medicine is not only limited to becoming a veterinarian who has completed college and veterinary school, you can also consider other options such as becoming a vet tech or a vet assistant.

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  1. Avatar Of Doglover7321 Doglover7321 says:

    Dogs rule!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar Of Nannette Marsh

    Nannette Marsh


    Let’s not blame reputable dog breeders. Remember its the worthless people that dump their dogs in shelters to begin with. They don’t spay or neuter, and when they do drop them off at the shelter it’s the lamest excuse, such as we just don’t have time, or the dog jumps up on me. Let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs!!!

  3. Avatar Of Kris Z

    kris z


    puppy breeder? are they freaked nuts???? if you do it right and breed for health and breed standard you do not MAKE money.. you spend it and hope maybe you might break even but that is not likely.

    • >if you do it right and breed for health and breed standard you do not MAKE money

      I don’t believe this is really true. Do you know how much some breeds sell for? And why would people breed dogs if there was no money in it?

  4. Avatar Of Amanda Marie

    Amanda Marie


    Dog Breeder should NOT be on this list. Shelter worker/volunteer should be

    • Avatar Of T. Briggs

      T. Briggs


      I totally agree with Amanda Marie! I wouldn’t have even published a list for dog lovers with Dog Breeder on it. In my opinion, dog breeders make money at the expense of the dogs waiting in rescues and shelters for homes – waiting sometimes for years.

      • Avatar Of Stephanie



        Yes!!! Take dog breeder off the list!! Every list I’ve seen has this as one of the tops and its disgusting!

        • Avatar Of Doglover7321 Doglover7321 says:

          If dog breeders never made& domesticated the dog, and made different dog breeds, there wouldn’t be dogs, cause even mitts are domesticated dogs, which were domesticated by dog breeders by them continuously picking the nicest dogs to breed, and after their years of hard work, made the dog we know today. So without them, you wouldn’t know what a dog is.

      • Avatar Of Kirsten



        Sometimes a breeder is necessary. For certain jobs like police dogs, search & rescue and seizure dogs, a purebred dog is necessary because then the dog’s temperament can be predicted based on the parents’. Certain breeds are preferred for jobs like these because of the abilities of those breeds. Example: Retrievers are preferred for search & rescue because they are dedicated, almost universally well-tempered and their faces are less intimidating to a frightened, lost child or Alzheimer’s patient (the most common missing persons reports are in one of these categories).

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