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17-Year Old Dog Dumped at Shelter Because Family Was Moving

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After almost two decades with her family, 17-year old Duchess was dumped at a rural Kentucky shelter when her family decided to move to another home without her.

Dog Dumped
17-year old Duchess was dumped at the shelter when her family decided to move without her. Image via Kentucky Humane Society.

Duchess, a Miniature Dachshund, came to the Kentucky Humane Society from a rural Kentucky shelter after she was surrendered by her family because they were moving.

“It’s hard to imagine why they didn’t choose to take a dog who had been a member of their family for almost two decades,” the Humane Society posted to Facebook. “Duchess has spent the last few weeks in foster care with a KHS volunteer, after our veterinary team removed the last of her two teeth because of severe dental disease.

“Duchess also had two fistulas in her mouth that were caused by rotted teeth, which our team has repaired. No doubt her dental issues caused Duchess severe pain for years. But after her dental, Duchess is now feeling great and is proving to be quite spry! Her foster family reports that Duchess loves going for short walks and exploring in the back yard. She enjoys sleeping on the couch next to her foster family and taking “cat naps” in her little dog bed. Duchess is great about pottying outside, and she enjoys canned food. Because she has no teeth, her tongue sticks out adorably. Duchess is a quiet dog, except when she’s hungry: then she whines a bit to let you know it’s dinner time!”

Hoping to find Duchess a family that would love her for the rest of her long life, the shelter added, “Duchess gets along great with other animals and loves everyone she meets. If you are looking for a sweet, easygoing little dog who needs a retirement home for the remainder of her days, we recommend you meet Duchess. She may be up there in years, but this little dog has lots of love left to give, and we think she deserves a second chance.”

That second chance came a day after posting her photo, when Lou Ann Young saw the post and sprung into action to give Duchess the home she deserves.

Dog Dumped
Lou Ann Young saw Duchess’ photo on Facebook and immediately adopted the sweet senior pup. Image via Kentucky Humane Society.

“This is the first time in my life that I actually adopted a pet from a shelter. All of my previous pets have found me by one means or another,” Young, who posed for the adoption photo above before bringing Duchess home, told PEOPLE. “I’ve always told people if I do adopt, it will be an older dog. Little did I think she would be 17 years old.”

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  1. Avatar Of Michele Hammond

    michele hammond


    I would have love to adopt that adorable little dog. She reminds me so much of my Chloe that
    I had to have put to sleep a few month ago. I miss her so much she was around 15 yrs old.
    I am not sure because she came from a rescue after being abandoned by a breeder but Duchess looks a lot like her in her later years except that Chloe had all her teeth.

  2. Avatar Of Pam



    I think that is such a shame! That poor dog! I had two dogs that were 17 and 1 dog that was 18 I never would've done that!

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