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HELP! Do You Know Who Dumped this Dog?

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Rescuers are asking for the public’s help in identifying the person that dumped this dog on the side of the road outside their shelter on Friday.


Detroit Dog Rescue posted a desperate plea for help to Facebook:


This dog, who we are calling, Mickey, was cruelly dumped at our shelter today. They didn’t even bother to knock on our door. Instead they simply pushed the dog out of the car and sped off leaving Mickey alone, confused, and almost wandering into the busy traffic on Harper Avenue.

We have it all on camera and are working hard with our security company to obtain a license plate number. This is pure heartless abandonment.”

Animal abandonment is a crime and punishable by a $1,000 fine and 93 days in jail. We are asking anyone with information to call our office at 313-458-8014.

Detroit Dog Rescue further explained,

“While we all agree Mickey is better off at DDR, we have to realize that dumping animals at shelter door steps is not acceptable.

This time, they didn’t even have the decency to tie Mickey up to the building like people usually do. Instead, they look in the window of the shop next door to DDR to make sure no one is looking and then toss Mickey out of the car without even a look back.

The traffic on Harper gets pretty busy with drivers regularly breaking the speed limit and going 60mph. Mickey could have been hit and killed, attacked by another feral dog in the area, or picked up by a human with ill intentions.

Detroit Animal Control is open regularly and willing to take in surrenders. Detroit Dog Rescue takes in surrenders as well when we can. Our staff were at the building -they never even knocked on the door.

This was heartless. Animal abandonment is a crime. It’s a crime for the sake of the dog and public safety.

We are always willing to help and provide additional resources to people in need. The city’s municipal building, Detroit Animal Care and Control helps with surrendering pets daily.”

Someone knows something. Keep sharing until the person responsible is found and justice is served.

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  1. Avatar Of Maureen Allen

    Maureen Allen


    Jerks. I hate people who treat animals badly. I hope that you find them. No one should ever do that to a dog. Heartless jerks.
    I have two dogs and they are part of our family. If for some reason (I can't think of any) I couldn't keep my babies I would find them a good home not just leave them somewhere. I couldn't live with myself if I ever left an animal like that.

  2. Avatar Of Jan Anthonisz

    Jan Anthonisz


    So sad, Dogs save lives. Put these self centred evil bastards down as Government around the world will save billions by closing down prisons, rehabs, mental institutions and much more as it appears Jesus Christ, Hitler and others didn't do a very good job did they? Dog Bless.

  3. Avatar Of Denise



    Heartless fools.

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