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5 Interesting Facts About the Havanese Dog Breed

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Havanese Dog On White Background
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Havanese dogs are well-loved and are popular among many dog owners for good reason. These toy dogs, which come in a variety of colors, are not just great to have as companions, but have an interesting history as well. Learn more about the Havanese dog breed below!

Three Havanese Puppies In A Wooden Basket
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1. The Havanese dog breed has a variety of names

The Havananese dog is part of the Bichon family. And the breed goes by several other names such as Havanese Cuban Bichon, Bichón Havanése, Havaneser, Bichon Habanero, Havanezer, and Bichon Havanais. That’s a lot of different names for such  a small dog!

Playful Spotted Havanese Puppy Dog Is Running With A Red Ball In His Mouth In A Spring Garden
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2. They’re the national dog of Cuba

The Havanese dog breed originated in Tenerife, an island in Spain, just like the Bichon Frise. They traveled to Cuba by boat and because of their friendly personality, became popular in Cuba. And not only are they the national dog of Cuba, they are also the country’s only native breed of dog.

Havanese Dog Puppy Studio Portrait
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3. The breed almost came close to extinction

During the Cuban Revolution, the breed became close to extinction. Just a few Cubans who fled to the US were able to bring their Havanese dogs with them.

In the 70s, the total population of this dog breed was just 11. However, those who migrated to the US were slowly able to build the breed back up. Now, the Havanese dog breed is considered to be one of the top 25 most popular dogs in a list of 200 dog breeds

Havanese Puppy Sitting On Grass
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4. They have a great personality

The Havenese dog’s great personality is what made it popular in Cuba in the first place. Because of the breed’s social personalities, they make great companions and are extremely loyal.

Additionally, they’re also very trainable, which is why they are used to sniff out mold, termites and herd ducks, and often used as service dogs.

Havenese Dog Doing Agility Training
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5. They need constant human interaction

Because of their very social and affectionate personality, the Havanese dog breed crave being with their owners constantly. Havanese are sometimes referred to as “velcro dogs” as they literally try to stick beside their owner as much as they can.

The downside of this is that they easily get separation anxiety, so it’s best not to leave your dog on their own for a long time. So if you don’t have time to always be with them, best to think twice about getting a Havanese. 

Young Woman Sitting On A Bench Holding Her Havanese Dog With Affection, To Protect It From Cold
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And there you have it! Do you have any plans of owning one of these friendly balls of fluff? Which fact did you enjoy learning about the most?

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1 Comment

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    I have a Havenese myself called deja. I’m not even sure which kind it is lol. They have gotten so expensive lately. I paid 3k for mine. It gets along well with my bulldog cash and our husky mishka. They are so cute and really like to cuddle alot

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