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An Unlikely Friendship: Rescue Dog and Black Rhino are BFF’s!

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Mshindi The Black Rhino And Bodie The Wonder Dog Have Become Fast Friends! (Image Via Denver Zoo)
Mshindi the Black Rhino and Bodie the Wonder Dog have become fast friends! (Image via Denver Zoo)

When Mshindi, a Black Rhinoceros and resident of the Denver Zoo injured his foot, it meant spending a lot more time indoors and away from the excitement of his enclosure and the other animals living in it.

So, as an effort to provide 21-year old Mshindi with some socialization and novel enrichment, zookeepers introduced him to 12-year old Bodie the Wonder Dog (safely, of course).

Bodie is a Labrador/Collie mix that was adopted from the Colorado Humane Society and is the star of the Denver Zoo’s Wildlife Show.

It turns out the pair have something in common – their love for carrots and yams!

“Having Bodie come in to him is like bringing a brand new form of enrichment right to Mshindi and it’s really helping Bodie as well. He has a tendency to get excited with other animals, especially large animals. As you can see, he’s really, really calm around such a large rhino,” assistant curator of zoo’s Toyota Elephant Passage, Becca McCloskey explained to KUSA 9News. “It took a couple of tries and now he’s settled down.”

Trainers say that both Mshindi and Bodie seem to really enjoy each other’s company, but they are keeping a very watchful eye on both, particularly watching the animals’ eyes and ear positions, to make sure things continue to go well.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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