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Another Dog Dead at the Hands of Police

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Austin resident, Michael Paxton, is mourning the tragic loss of his Australian Cattle Dog, Cisco, after a police officer mistakenly shot the dog while responding to a domestic violence call – at the wrong address.

Paxton was in the backyard playing Frisbee with his furry friend when police responded to a 911 call. But, the caller gave the wrong address. Instead of confirming the address or even questioning Paxton, officer Griffin shot and killed Cisco, who was merely barking at the stranger that walked onto his property.

Watch the video below for images and audio of the tragic event.

Sadly, these types of stories seem to be making headlines more and more frequently. Is it time for police to be trained in dog behavior and handling as standard procedure?

When did shoot first, ask questions later become standard protocol?

Share your thoughts with us below.

Cop kills dog while at wrong address: kxan.com

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  1. Avatar Of Troy



    this is sick i feel so sorry for the family ….i swear if any one would dear to even point there gun at my dog id kill’em …no 2 ways about it ,he’s part of my family and i would react in the same way as if he where pointing it at my son …

  2. Avatar Of Becky



    Look, being married to a cop, I can understand the need to protect himself from the dog IF the dog was clearly a threat. Barking does not a threat make. Now, growling or bearing its teeth–yeah, I could see the cop being upset and scared and maybe even un-holstering his sidearm. But simple barking? Not by a long shot.

    With that being said, he sounds like an underdeveloped sociopath with a gun who somehow made it through the academy. Which, I’m afraid, isn’t that hard to do. My husband is literally one of a handful of men on his force with any sort of knowledge of the constitution or civil rights. (To be fair, my hubby DID get a B.S in another field before joining the force.) It’s terrifying.

    I remember reading somewhere lately that a family received several hundred thousand dollars for the accidental shooting of their dog, a happy barking Lab, after the police broke into their home looking for someone who wasn’t there and then shot the dog who ran out to greet them. THIS is what we get when we hire the best and brightest of the bottom of the barrel (did you know in most places you can get bumped up in the hiring order for being ex-military EVEN if you got a dishonorable discharge? Yep!) and then hand them weapons. I, personally, want all cops to take logic and reasoning tests, have at least a Bachelor’s degree, take a basic IQ test, and have to pass the same test all new citizens of the US have to pass to be given full citizenship. Maybe THEN we would have some of our rights back.

    Best advice? TRAIN YOUR DOG!! Did that dog stay back when told? Did he shut up when the owner told him to? Obviously not, or else he wouldn’t be running toward cops barking. I’m not justifying the cop’s actions at all, but we obviously can’t trust the rest of the world to act like intelligent people. So, protect yourself and your loved ones.

  3. Avatar Of Michele Matthews

    michele matthews


    i think that really sucks. I feel bad for that family.

  4. Avatar Of Sue



    If its that easy for a cop to come on your property and shoot a dog, when its their nature to bark at strangers, then someone needs to take a look at the the cop him self. Any animal love is not able to kill that easy.. There must be something mental wrong with these cops, who to say they are not going home beating their wives and kids.

  5. Avatar Of David Norfleet

    david norfleet


    Very sad situation. However, it needs thorough investigating before just hanging the cop out to dry. It certainly appears he fired way too soon. But it doesn’t take a dog very long to get to you and do some damage. I’ve been dog attacked and it’s no fun, plus IF it had been a bad guy and dog, the badguy would have had a chance at the cop too. Domestic calls are always a series of unknowns for police. I wasn’t there, so don’t know, but it’s just possible that cop feels terrible and always will for that brave little dog.

  6. Avatar Of Bobby



    The Cops do not serve or protect they come to the scene after the fact to put on the toe tag they by nature cannot protect us we have to protect ourselves and our dogs help us in that as far as the dog knew this was an intruder and he was warning his pack and standing by to protect it. and as far as the service the preform they are an income stream for the town or city.

  7. Avatar Of Bobby



    This is an example of the kind of cops we don’t need he should be fired with total pension loss and then sued for everything he owns. I am glad he does not represent the majority of officers.

  8. You know this is ridiculous, no one should just be able to come on to your property and shoot your dog, what do dogs do when a stranger comes onto your property? THEY BARK!! They warn us that there is someone there they don’t know. They protect us!! The police officer should have made his presence known to the owner, by announcing his presence before going into his yard. So sorry for your loss!

  9. Avatar Of P. Posthauer

    P. Posthauer


    So sad! My heart goes out to the dog’s family!

  10. Avatar Of Joanne C

    Joanne C


    My heart goes out to this dog owner – so sorry to hear of this tragic and senseless loss caused by over zealous police. My husband and I were attacked in a local park while walking our German Shepherd and when the police arrived after our frantic 911 call, they threatened to shoot our dog when he barked in protection of us.
    This sort of stupidity has to stop – it escalates into a Travon Martin situation. Shoot first and then sort it out –

  11. Avatar Of Christine Niemiec

    christine niemiec


    cops need to remember just because they have a badge and a gun that they are not God, not above the law and that they are supposed to serve and protect. most of them need training in being human. heaven help the cop who shoots one of my dogs! my heart goes out to Michael..lets hope that cop gets what he deserves!!!

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