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Are We Being Lied To? Merrick, Purina, Fromm, Others Sued Over ‘Made in USA’ Claims

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A California man is suing popular pet food and treat manufacturers, Merrick Pet Care, Castor & Pollux, Nestle Purina, Fromm, and Wysong alleging the pet food makers knowingly mislabel certain dog and cat food and treats as “Made in the USA” when they include ingredients sourced outside the U.S.

In three separate $5 million class action lawsuits, Sean Randall of Ventura County, California, citing violations of California’s Unfair Competition Law and California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, alleges that these companies have been labeling dog and cat food and treats as made in the United States when they contain ingredients sourced from foreign countries, including tapioca as well as vitamin, mineral and amino acid packs.

Although the companies named above are specifically being called out in the lawsuit, a vast majority of pet food manufacturers use a vitamin premix – and most often, those premixes contain ingredients from outside the U.S., namely China and India.

So, how can manufacturers say “Made in the USA” if some ingredients come from other countries? CLICK NEXT

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Cw



    Why are we paying premium prices for these huge companies to poison our pets and line their pockets? I don’t mind paying for quality and I actually believed the big corporations when they said they cared about our pets, then to find out they only care about the almighty dollar! “Feed them like family” really would you feed lead to your family? I have lost 2 fur babies in the last year and now I know why they got sick and died, it was the Blue Buffalo premium dog food!

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