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Army Veteran Risks His Life to Save Beagle Hit by Car

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Iraq War Veteran Aaron Schneider Waited By This Beagle'S Side For Nearly 3 Hours Until Help Arrived.
Iraq War veteran Aaron Schneider waited by this Beagle’s side for nearly 3 hours until help arrived.

Aaron Schneider, an Iraq war veteran, risked his own life (again!) to save a Beagle hit by a car on a Missouri interstate.

Schneider witnessed the dog being struck on Interstate 470 East in Lee’s Summit. The driver that struck the dog kept driving, leaving the severely injured Beagle to die in the street.

A true hero, Schneider crossed three lanes of busy traffic on to get to the injured dog. He attempted to pick up the Beagle and move him off of the road, but the poor dog was in a lot of pain and defensive. So Schneider put himself between the injured dog and oncoming traffic, ensuring he wouldn’t be hit again.

“Having served in Iraq, you see a lot of loss, which is one of the reasons I was determined to see him make it,” he explained to Fox4KC.

Schneider called 911 who referred him to Animal Control. He sat by the Beagle’s side for nearly three hours in the rain, waiting for help to arrive. Finally, he was able to coax the dog onto a makeshift stretcher and into the back of a friend’s pick-up truck.

Schneider and his friend drove the injured dog to the nearby Chipman Road Animal Clinic, where he was stabilized and veterinary staff named him Buster. Buster was then transferred to the BluePearl emergency hospital in Lee’s Summit where he’ll be treated for five broken ribs, a torn windpipe, and internal bleeding.

Buster is currently in intensive care at BluePearl, but is expected to make a full recovery, thanks to the heroic actions of Aaron Schneider.

Unable to find Buster’s owner, Schneider plans to adopt the dog whose life he saved as soon as he’s recovered.

Friends of KC Animals, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity organization dedicated to helping animals, has undertaken the financial costs related to Buster’s care.

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  1. Avatar Of Dawn Elson

    dawn elson


    This man is a
    True hero and animal control should b ashamed of themselves – Buster is one lucky dog in all ways

  2. Avatar Of Erin



    Email sent to Lee’s Summit Animal Control:
    “I just read about the young man, Aaron Schneider, an Iraq war veteran who called 911 for help when he saw a dog hit by a car on I-470 East in Lee’s Summit. Aaron risked his own life to save the dog and then Animal Control did not respond… at all. After 3 hours of waiting, Aaron and his friend were finally able to take the dog and get help.

    This is truly a shameful representation of your agency and people’s tax dollars not at work.

    The end result of your agency’s inaction? It gave a humble hero another opportunity to be recognized for the KIND man he is.

    I hope this is an anomaly in your agency and I would expect it has been addressed.”

    Positive change begins with our own actions. That is exactly what Aaron Schneider knew. I hope he and Buster have a long friendship full of love, fun, and lots of wags.

  3. Avatar Of Sylvia M

    sylvia m


    Aaron Schneider you are amazing! Thank you so much for helping this poor little boy and glad to know that he is going to be in the best hands with so much love and care.

  4. What a moving story, I once stopped to save a hit dog once, took it to a 24 hour Vet. it was late at night sad to say the poor boy didn’t make it, but heres to the ones that do. You did a great thing God bless you and may Buster give you many years of love because you deserve it.

  5. Avatar Of Nancy Crawford

    Nancy Crawford


    What a good man and lucky for Buster his new owner saved his life! May you both have many happy years!

  6. Avatar Of Lilian



    I cried my heart out reading to this because it makes me happy to know that there are people who have loving hearts, I am so grateful to Aron for saving busters life and not only that too Also adopt him. It takes a lot of love to do that kind of action. God bless you Aron!

  7. Avatar Of Paula A Pesono

    Paula A Pesono


    My hat goes off to you Aaron Schneider for your acts of selflessness in our Armed Forces and for caring enough to stay when one of our four legged friends needed you. Your kind heart and and acts of heroism are amazing. Buster was one lucky dog to now have you his comrade. Take care and God Bless you Sir!

  8. Avatar Of Mike



    God Bless you Aaron

  9. Avatar Of Janie Marshall

    Janie Marshall


    Sir, you are a true hero! Few would put their lives at risk for an animal. You will love and enjoy this beagle, as I did mine, because the breed is funny, loving and intelligent. Warning – they love to follow a scent!

  10. Avatar Of Janie Marshall

    Janie Marshall


    Sir, you are a true hero in my opinion. Few folks would put their lives at risk to save a dog. You will love your beagle, as I did my 2, because they are funny, loving and intelligent. Beware – they love to follow a scent!

  11. Avatar Of Ann L Wilson Ann L Wilson says:

    there ARE still angels on earth!

  12. Avatar Of Margit Wacha

    Margit Wacha


    Thank you,Aaron Schneider, for your commitment
    And staying with this poor creature !
    Bless you

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