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Belly Bands for Male Dogs

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Often, a male dog will mark its territory in the house. Or worse, when you go visit someone else’s house. This can be quite embarrassing to say the least. And this is why belly bands for male dogs are often used.

Belly bands wrap around a male dog’s body to cover his penis. It acts as physical barrier between his urine and your furniture. And essentially functions as a dog diaper.

Male Dog With A Belly Band Strapped Around His Waist
Maximilian100 / Shutterstock.com

However, dogs should not wear belly bands all the time. They should only have the bands on to help keep them in check.

This is so you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on your dog to make sure he doesn’t pee on your furniture. But outdoors, you should remove the belly band so your dog can relieve himself.

Older dogs often become incontinent. And a belly band is a great method to prevent urine dribbles on your floor and carpet.

Do belly bands for male dogs work?

A belly band will not stop your dog from urine-marking it’s territory, especially a small one.

But it serves as a physical barrier between dog urine and any surface. Therefore, it will save your furniture, carpets and floors from the damage of dog urine.

Senior Male Dog Lying On His Bed And Wearing A Belly Band
baldoespmeg / Shutterstock.com

Furthermore, belly bands can also save you a lot of frustration from getting rid of urine odors.

What are belly bands for male dogs made of?

Belly Bands are made of a thick absorbent type of fabric, such as flannelette. They wrap around the dog and fastened through a velcro strip sewn at each end of the wrap. Usually, a good fitting belly wrap requires no elastic and will stay in place quite well.

Furthermore, you can use a self adhesive feminine pad or an incontinence pad inside the belly band. These will hold more urine. And you won’t have to wash the belly bands as often.

Cute Dog Wearing A Belly Band
Reshetnikov_art / Shutterstock.com

Also, keep in mind that belly bands can be reused and are machine-washable.

Where do I get belly bands for male dogs?

If you are handy at sewing, you can make your own belly band. All you need are your dog’s measurements around his tummy area, some flannel fabric and some wide velcro strips.

Here are some ready-made belly bands:

Image 100572046 13348155
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