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Bodycam Footage Captures Dog-Loving Officers Rescue Dog Hanging from 2-Story Balcony

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Cleveland police rushed to the rescue of a dog reportedly hanging by a chain from a second-story balcony, struggling to breathe. Among the officers was dog-loving Patrol Officer Michael Phelps, whose bodycam captured the amazing rescue.

On Saturday evening, the woman living on the first floor of the east side Cleveland home made a frantic call to 911.

“The dog at the top of my house on the second floor, he is dying; he is choking. The dog is dying,” she told a 911 dispatcher. The woman had stepped outside and found her upstairs neighbor’s dog had been chained on the balcony, but had either jumped or fallen over the railing and was now hanging by his collar, struggling to breathe. Without help, the dog would be choked to death.

Patrol Officer Michael Phelps and his partner were nearby when they heard the call. Ad avid dog lover, Phelps quickly jumped onto the lower balcony railing and balanced on his toes to support the dog on his shoulders, lifting him up enough that he could breathe.

“I wanted to give him a chance to breathe,” Phelps said. “My main concern was making sure the dog would be OK. I am a huge dog lover,” Phelps told FOX8. When more officers arrived, they were able to unchain the dog and safely lower him to the ground.

Thanks to the 911 call and the officer’s quick action, the dog was a little shaken by the incident, but unharmed. The chained dog and another dog living at the home were taken to the city kennel to be cared for while an investigation is conducted.

The dogs’ owner plans to surrender both dogs, meaning they could soon both be up for adoption. News that Officer Phelps was very happy to hear.

“I would so love to adopt him,” Phelps said. “I mean, I can always add another member to my family.”

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