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Rescue Dog With Terrible Injuries Finally Found Happiness In Foster Care

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0 Eoin The Dog
Image from My Lovely Horse Rescue via Dublin Live

A dog whose horrible head injuries left his skull exposed has finally found happiness in foster care.

Eoin, who was named after his rescuer, was found in December of last year with wounds so terrible that those who reported him believed he only had one eye. The horrifying nature of his injuries was soon discovered as he was promptly brought to My Lovely Horse Rescue’s veterinarian, John, at Blackwater Vets.

Eoin was having trouble breathing because of his swelling face. He had fresh and old puncture wounds, open wounds on his legs, and severe head wounds that were so deep that it was possible to see his skull.

According to dog team volunteer Aoife Cunningham, “As a rescue charity, our volunteers have witnessed the aftermath of cruelty to animals inflicted by humans. But nothing could have prepared anyone for this level of cruelty laid bare on such a small body.”

Despite his terrible experience, Eoin spent a few hours at the veterinarian without becoming aggressive toward anyone. He let the veterinary staff treat his wounds and replace his bandages. Cunningham said that he took his medication without any problems.

The dog’s spirit inspired the members of the rescue team. 

“We all cried over the level of cruelty this boy had experienced and we were determined to give him a bright future, knowing he had a long road of treatment and rehabilitation ahead,” Cunningham added. 

Eoin is gradually settling into his new home, surrounded by toys, cuddly blankets, a heat lamp, and endless love. He was also gradually gaining the confidence to go on little walks with the volunteers.

Cunningham added, “As Eoin slowly leaves his past behind, his scars will still tell the story of our little Christmas miracle, so determined to defeat the odds stacked against him, a little boy that has continuously chosen love above all else.”
You can check the My Lovely Horse Rescue website for more information on pet donations for Eoin and other animals, as well as details about pet fostering.

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