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Boston Landscaper Tries to Poison Dogs with Antifreeze Soaked Hot Dogs

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Kenneth M. Hyland, 53, of Boston, Massachusetts, was arraigned this morning on charges of trying to poison dogs by scattering antifreeze-soaked hot dogs around a lawn after cutting the grass.

Kenneth Hyland2
Kenneth Hyland of Boston, MA was arrested on charges of scattering antifreeze soaked hot dogs around a lawn in attempt to poison neighborhood dogs.

The Boston Globe reported that concerned neighbors saw Hyland carrying a 5-gallon bucket of what appeared to be hot dogs soaking in antifreeze. As he finished mowing the grass, he began spreading the hot dogs around the lawn. When approached by one of the witnesses to the event, Hyland allegedly admitted to trying to poison dogs.

After a brief argument, Hyland left the scene and neighbors collected the hot dogs and took them to a nearby police station. A witness says Hyland has been seen previously doing the same thing after landscaping.

Hyland’s attorney denies all charges and asserts that no dogs have been poisoned or injured as a result of his actions. The defendant’s attorney claims that the allegations are based on disputes between Hyland and his neighbors over dogs using his lawn as a bathroom.

Hyland was released on bail and is ordered to appear on October 19 for a pretrial hearing.

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  1. Avatar Of Trek820



    What a turd!

  2. Avatar Of Dwayne



    Antifreeze will kill a human too. Help he’s hungry. Bastard

  3. Avatar Of Claire



    too bad lynch mobs aren’t legal…

  4. Avatar Of Claudine Cundiff

    Claudine Cundiff


    If he didn’t put poison in the hot dogs then why was he putting them in the yard? Does he think people are stupid? Just look at him he is a sorry excuse for a human being!!! Eat your own hotdogs!!! 🙁

  5. Avatar Of Dan



    He admitted that to the neighbor?? I would hit him. Repeatedly. Try poisoning dogs with two broken arms, you son of a …..

  6. Avatar Of Sheree Trackwell

    Sheree Trackwell


    OK folks of Boston, spread the word on this jerk. Put him out of business, no one hire him. Post this story and his picture far and wide. Sewer scum!

  7. Avatar Of P. Posthauer

    P. Posthauer


    One reason I try to keep my dogs from eating ANYTHING off the ground, even in my own yard. People are crazy!

  8. he should have to have the same hot dogs for dinner well seasoned of course

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