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Caught on Tape: California Dog Sitter Caught Abusing Dog in her Care

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A shocking case of animal abuse has been uncovered in the California Peninsula after a neighbor witnessed, and filmed, a dogsitter brutally abusing a dog in her care.

In the video below (warning: this video may be – and should be – disturbing to some viewers), a Burlingame dogsitter is seen grabbing a small dog by the neck, carrying the dog several feet before forcefully throwing him to the ground, and sitting and punching the dog several times before taking him inside her home.

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In the video, the dog can be seen crouching and attempting to get away. He knew it was coming, indicating that this wasn’t the first time.

In fact, investigators have been to the home on suspicions of animal abuse several times over the last 10 years. But, because none of the dogs in the home were suffering any injuries, investigators could not act on complaints.

That is, until a neighbor captured the abuse on film.

Now, the dogsitter’s business is closed and all dogs in her care have been removed and returned to their owners.

The woman’s name and the name of her business are not being released until the district attorney reviews possible cruelty charges. Investigators are hoping to find the dog in the video to examine him or her for possible injuries.

Anyone with information should contact the Peninsula Humane Society investigators at 650/340-8200 or by email at [email protected].

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  1. Avatar Of Irish Hanson Irish Hanson says:

    Horrible , disgusting, cruel. She shouldn’t allow to open that place anymore.

  2. Avatar Of Kenneth Dotsey

    kenneth dotsey


    hang this bitch in the public square

  3. Avatar Of Merry



    Glad this sadistic petsitter was finally caught on video. My pet sitter in Santa Barbara is the best! She sleeps w my dogs and sends daily updates and photos. I’d be glad to share her name/contact info if you know someone visiting my area.

  4. If that was my dog, this woman would disappear for good. Disgusting human.

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