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Caught on Tape! Little Boy Sneaks Into Neighbor’s Garage to Love & Play with Dog

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Usually, when a homeowner finds that their surveillance camera has captured someone sneaking into their garage, the video footage doesn’t melt their hearts. But, for one Louisiana family, the young trespasser caught on tape was a warmly welcomed surprise!

While reviewing surveillance video last month, homeowner Hollie Mallet noticed she had an occassional visitor. An unidentified little boy was recorded riding his bike to the end of her driveway and bringing a ball over to her dog for a few rounds of fetch before taking off again.

The Mallet’s dog, Dutchess, safely kept within the family’s yard by an underground fence, enjoys hanging out in the garage watching the neighborhood when the weather is nice.

“One day, we were going through the footage and I told my husband, ‘You’ve got to see this,’ and he came in and gave her a quick hug, and we wanted to find out who he was,” Mallet explained to ABC News.

Hollie posted the surveillance video to Facebook in hopes of identifying her dog’s new friend. Naturally, the adorable video went viral, finally capturing the attention of Ginger Breaux, the boy’s mother, who finally solved the mystery.

“Josh talks about your dog all the time!” Breaux wrote on the post. “Every time we pass he looks to see if she was sitting where he could see her. Just didn’t know he was doing things like this. Last night when I first saw it, I was torn as a momma being happy and upset because he knows he shouldn’t be on someone’s property, but I wake up this morning more happy that he just absolutely adores dogs so much.”

The Breaux family’s own dog, Bella, passed away a year ago and the family have not yet added another dog to their home. So, the Mallet’s are thrilled that Dutchess is able to fill that void for Josh. In fact, after identifying and finally meeting Josh who she describes as “the sweetest little boy,” Hollie extended an invitation for him to stop by and play and love on Dutchess any time he wants.

Since then, Josh has stopped by every single day to play a game of fetch or give a hug to his newest four-legged best friend.

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  1. Avatar Of Wild Cat

    Wild Cat


    Now imagine if the poor dog “safely kept within the family’s yard by an underground fence” instead of accepting the cuddles bit the kid…… of course it would be the dog’s fault and it would be destroyed!!

    An invisible underground fence NEVER keeps the dog safe….. might stop it from going off your property but won’t stop kids or other dogs from coming in… how is that keeping it safe?

    So this kid was sweet and all he wanted to gently play with the dog… but could have been so much different!!

    Invisible fences should be illegal! They are not safe at all and hurt the dogs too if they go too close and get the shock.

    • I truly am, amazed by these adorable, pictures””and the way these owners come up with the helpful, tools to help their fuury friends is absolutely, amazing. I truly hope that as reflect on these positive events, that we will do better, to help man’s best friend.

  2. Avatar Of Joan Reynolds

    Joan Reynolds


    I truly adore this tape of boy and dog. It is so clear the young boy will grow up to be a fine man.
    It is also clear the dog is happy to find another friend in his life. Can’t have too many boy and dog
    relationships that are so special. I am delighted that the Mom allows her son to go to the home of the
    dog and play. I am also in complete understanding that when you lose a dog in your life you lose part of your
    heart that remains a hole, but in time when ready, the right dog comes along and fills another place in the
    heart that truly feels right. Then all is complete.

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