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Caught on Tape! UPS Driver Kicks Service Dog, Pushes Owner

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Shocking surveillance video released by Cal Coast News shows a UPS driver kicking a service dog and then pushing the animal’s owner while making a delivery to an assisted-living facility in Atascadero, California.

A resident of the ALF witnessed the UPS driver kicking 10-year old “Patch,” a service dog who visits the assisted-living facility to comfort Alzheimer’s patients, and alerted the dog’s owner, Timothy Paulsen, who rushed over to confront the driver.

“Honestly, I thought he’d killed the dog. When I saw him spin around like that, I thought, ‘Oh man, that’s it,’” Paulsen explained to KSBY News.

The driver then pushed Paulsen, who reportedly suffered a fractured rib in the scuffle.

“He didn’t say a word. I wasn’t prepared for it. He just clobbered me twice, not once,” Paulsen said.

“This assault was completely unprovoked. I nor my dogs did anything to deserve this attack. The driver threatened to kick me as I tried to calm the situation down,” Paulsen explained to ABC7.

Paulsen further explained that the UPS driver said he had been attacked in the past and “hates dogs.” He also allegedly threatened to kick Paulsen, too.

“UPS does not condone this driver’s behavior and took disciplinary action.  We have contacted the customer and apologized,” UPS representative Dan Cardillo wrote in an email to KSBY.

Meanwhile, Paulsen has filed battery charges against the driver. Police are investigating the incident and will forward their findings to the District Attorney’s office when an investigation is complete.

Despite the attack, Patch recovered quickly and is doing fine.

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  1. Avatar Of Tracy Schalk

    Tracy Schalk


    UPS had better fire that worker piece of crap.

  2. Avatar Of Dan Simpson

    Dan Simpson


    I would have stomped that UPS driver’s ass!! There is NO REASON AT ALL to kick a service dog, then shove his owner like that. UPS should fire that sonofabitch, and I hope he is sued for his actions and has to pay for any injuries to the dog, & the owner. He’s just a low life sonofabitch!!!

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