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Chicken Jerky is Killing Our Dogs, Where is the FDA?!

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The warnings about chicken jerky treats imported from China continue to make headlines, yet these dog treats still sit on store shelves around the country – directly causing illness and even death in some 600 dogs since 2007.

The FDA has issued 3 separate warnings to the public, but have not halted this import or demanded answers from the largest suppliers of chicken jerky treats in our country.


Among the top offenders are 2 brands manufactured by Nestle Purina PetCare Co.- Waggin’ Train and Canyon Creek Ranch jerky tenders – and 1 manufactured by Del Monte, branded Milo’s Kitchen. Whether these treats stand above other brands as being worse for your dog, or more tainted, remains unknown. They just so happen to be the best selling of all chicken jerky treats imported from China.

Of the 22 top priority cases of illness and death being investigated by the FDA, 13 were Purina brands and 3 were Del Monte. A top priority case for the FDA involves an otherwise healthy dog, under 11 years of age, with medical documentation of the illness or death.

According to our reports, the FDA continues to actively investigate complaints about the treats, but is still unable to find anything wrong with them.

Still, many people are livid, and rightfully so, that nothing has been done to remove the dangerous products from store shelves.

JoNel Aleccia, from msnbc writes:

…FDA is under growing pressure from consumers and lawmakers to address rising numbers of illnesses blamed on the China-made treats. Before the warning was issued in November, the agency had logged 70 reports of illnesses tied to the treats last year. Since then, more than 530 additional complaints of illnesses and some deaths have been filed, officials said.

Consumers who say their dogs were sickened or killed have launched at least three petitions demanding recalls of jerky pet treats made in China, including one begun in December that has more than 3,400 signatures from the U.S. and around the world.

But, the anger isn’t only directed at the FDA. Manufacturers and distributors of the deadly treats are well aware of the issues surrounding them, and yet they continue to import and sell them.

Purina continues to assert that their chicken jerky treats are “safe to feed as directed, the safety of our products — and the pets who consume them — are our top priorities.”

We beg to differ.

It seems that Purina, and other importers of Chinese chicken jerky treats, are hiding behind a technicality – the FDA’s inability to pinpoint a direct cause of the illnesses and resulting deaths. If our pets were their top priority, these treats would be pulled from shelves before a single other dog is killed or becomes ill, regardless of whether an exact cause has been found.

Yet, Waggin’ Train chicken jerky packaging proudly states “Waggin’ Train is an American Owned Company,” further disguising their product as safe, leading consumers to believe their products are made in the U.S.

And further still, dog owners are angry with the retailers that continue to purchase and resell the treats. They, too, are aware of the reports and continue to let consumers purchase these treats for their dogs.

In his blog, chickenjerky.org, Bob Schumacher writes in an open letter to Costco top executives, James Sinegal and Craig Jelinek:

May I ask you, Mr. Sinegal and Mr. Jelinek, would Costco sell toys that the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns may occasionally shock children, and sometimes electrocute them? Would you sell food to children that the FDA warned occasionally made then sick and sometimes killed them? So, why do you devalue the lives of our precious pets and sell treats that the FDA repeatedly warns may cause illness and sometimes death?

00000Skylar Web13

Bob’s 5-year old Australian Shepherd, Skylar – his best friend and beloved companion – died an agonizing death following his ingesting Waggin’ Train chicken jerky treats sold by Costco.

He goes on to ask Costco execs,

Do you think that at the very least Costco should post a POS warning, just like on cigarettes, that the FDA warns that chicken jerky made in China may cause sickness and death in your dog? Then people might know what symptoms to look for and know when to stop administering the poison.

So, what can we do as consumers and dog lovers?

First and foremost, stop giving these treats to your dogs immediately unless you are absolutely certain that the treats you give are NOT imported from China. Don’t be fooled by clever packaging that implies otherwise.

Sign the petitions. This one, from Animal Parents Against Pet Treats Made in China, hopes to trigger an FDA recall.

Report any and all signs of illness from chicken jerky treats to the FDA’s pet food complaint site here.

Follow chickenjerky.org‘s lead and write to the buyers and executives at retailers where you still see these treats being sold.

Has your dog experienced any illness or death related to chicken jerky imported from China? Do you have any other ideas for getting the FDA, the manufacturers, and the retailers that continue to poison our dogs to actually take some action?

Tell us your experiences and your ideas!

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  1. Avatar Of Carmelle Kuehn

    carmelle Kuehn


    My Mother’s 8 year old Golden Retriever DIED from these treats. Before we knew something was wrong with them, he was given 2-3 a day. He started drinking a LOT of water and was up to several gallons a day before his kidneys shut down and no one could figure out why. A few months later, we read dozens of testimonials and complaints. Shameful company- the executives should be held down and force fed these “treats” until they drown in their own urine, like my friend/dog did.

  2. Avatar Of Lucky'S Mom

    Lucky's Mom


    Our year old Havanese loved the Happy Hips chicken jerky (the guy at the store said they were made in usa and people quality chicken but the back of the pkg in small print says Made in China.). He only had about 8 of them in total. We saw the undigested jerky in his poops but didn’t make the connection, then the red diarrhea; took him to the vet who says she’s seen a lot of this with the chicken jerkies from China. He’s on antibiotics and seems better but WHY ARE THESE SOLD? We second any action to have them banned.

  3. Avatar Of Debby



    My dogs have been eating the chicken jerky treats for years and the have never had one problem..

    • Avatar Of Janice



      We have been giving our dogs the Waggin Train chicken jerky treats for about a year and have no problem, Thank God. But was wondering why we could not find them in the stores that we shop. Well, now after hearing about all this, I am so thankful that we could not find them or else we would have bought them and put our little angels at risk. We will not be looking for them anymore and am very thankful that we were lucky and our poor babies had no troubles.

      I will warn everyone now when I hear them asking for Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Treats. And someone please tell me why can’t we find an American made Chicken Jerky Treat????

  4. Avatar Of Xeokym



    We had a mastiff who loved those chicken jerkies & we got them for her all the time. On more than several occasions she threw them all up, but we thought it was just because she didn’t chew them well enough. But she would also get very strange dark red diarrhea…we were not aware at the time what was causing it. I have only heard about the dangers of the chicken jerky now, and I am realizing that now our pitbull gets the same blood-red diarrhea immediately after we gave her a few chicken jerkies. Once we made the connection, we stopped buying them for her & she hasn’t been sick since, but now reading about the recall, I feel guilty for not having stopped getting them sooner.

  5. Avatar Of Craig Hansen

    Craig Hansen


    Our four pound Pomeranian died from wagon train chicken jerky treats. We took her off the treats about three years ago after hearing word that they were tainted. She had all the symptoms listed in the information we are receiving now. How many dogs have died and the owners still do not know this was the cause? Spread the word! While my wife shops, I hang out near the treats and warn people. Please copy articles from you PC and pass them out. Tell neighbors, friends, and relatives. I am very bitter towards the stores that still stock these products. I wonder how some people can sleep at night.

  6. When are we as americans going to take control of our country and stop the ceo led manufacturing taken to china for profits. CHINA is a devious country that doesn’t care about it’s own people let alone americans and our beloved pets. They eat cats and dogs don’t they?

    • Avatar Of Theresa



      Yes, China does eat cats and dogs, so why would they care. The people running the “USA” don’t give a crap…this is a money making nation. That is why we have no King or Queen.
      China is a country we better keep an eye on….this country will be the one that may be able to put the hammer on us.

  7. Avatar Of Jamie G

    Jamie G


    I am doing absolutely EVERYTHING i can to end this. I went to the FDAs website on the issue, and filed 3 claims ,1 for each of my dogs. I called the grocery store and met with the manager,I even went to Milos kitchen wesite and sent an email. They mailed me forms to complete ,and ones for my vet,and return. Im also spreading the word at work~! If your dog gets sick make sure you go to FDA webpage fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/SafetyHealth/ProductSafetyInformation/ucm295445.htm?source=govdelivery and contact the company to file a complaint!!!!!

  8. Avatar Of Salli Gallagher

    Salli Gallagher


    Why in the world are we still doing any business with China?

  9. Avatar Of Jamie G Jamie G says:

    My 2 large dogs got diarrhea,lack of appitite and lethargy after eating Milos chicken meatballs,as well as Milos chicken Jerky. My Jack Russell wasnt as lucky. She died from sudden kidney failure within 2 weeks of having the 1st bag. She had diarrhea and lack of appitite for about a week. She started sudden vomiting and lethargy and was taken to vet where she had to be put to sleep. HELP PUT AN END TO THIS!!

  10. Avatar Of Sheri Mvkay

    Sheri MvKay


    Wagon treats and Milo makes my 2 dogs deathly sick, they get the runs and vomiting. They are still on the shelves in the stores.

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