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Chinese Gov’t Says “We Will NOT Halt Production of Chicken Jerky Treats”

Since 2007, thousands of concerned pet owners, some grieving over the sudden, unexpected deaths of their dogs, have been petitioning the FDA, manufacturers, and retailers to recall certain brands of chicken jerky dog treats imported from China.

Despite official warnings to consumers by the FDA and the efforts to inform consumers of the dangers of feeding these treats, thousands more dogs continue to become sick, even die, from the treats. However, because an exact contaminant has yet to be identified, the FDA is unable to enforce a recall.

It seems that no one, including the Chinese government, is willing to accept responsibility for these dangerous dog treats, and they continue to fly off store shelves and into the mouths of unsuspecting family pets.

Recently, California Bay Area Congressman Jerry McNerney wrote to the Chinese government asking them to “consider halting production of these chicken jerky treats until the FDA can determine whether or not the products contain tainted material.”

ABC7 News reported that the Chinese government finally responded to the Congressman, claiming innocence and slamming the Food and Drug Administration for blaming China for the illnesses.

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