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Rookie Cop Rescues Pit Bull From Drowning in Lake Michigan

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A Chicago police officer, fresh out of the police academy, jumped into action to rescue a pit bull from drowning in Lake Michigan Tuesday morning.

Cop Rescues Pit Bull From Drowning

Probationary police officer, Juan Farris had just graduated from the police academy 6 weeks earlier when he and fellow Officer Guzman were called to the scene of a 4-car traffic accident along Lake Shore Drive.

Nearby, Officer Farris spotted a dog running alongside Lake Michigan. Thinking the dog had escaped one of the vehicles involved in the accident, they tried to catch him.

“He was pretty friendly at the beginning, just running back and forth and letting us pet him, but he wouldn’t let us secure him,” Farris said.

The thirsty dog then leaned over to get a drink from the lake, but leaned a little too far and fell in, unable to get back out.

“He was really thirsty and kept leaning forward and forward,” said officer Juan Farris.  “And then I heard the splash and was like ‘Uh oh.’”

Within a matter of seconds, Farris rushed to pull the struggling pup to safety.

“It feels great,” Farris said. “I never thought I’d be coming to work today and saving a dog’s life.”

Police originally thought the dog, who wasn’t wearing a collar and was not microchipped, had jumped from one of the vehicles involved in the nearby accident. But, after ruling that out, they’re not sure where he came from.

But, the male pit bull was lucky to have fallen into the lake with a kind-hearted, dog-loving young officer nearby.

Now, Animal Control are taking excellent care of the mystery pup while looking for his owner.

After a mandatory 7-day hold, if no owner is located, Officer Farris plans to adopt the friendly dog.

“I’ve always wanted a dog, so we’ll see how it goes,” he said.

Cop Rescues Pit Bull From Drowning
Officers Farris and Guzman along with the happy dog they rescued from Lake Michigan. Image Chicago Police.

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