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WATCH: Firefighters Rescue Dog Found Trapped Between Concrete Walls for 5 Days

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A Cincinnati dog named Gertie that was missing for five days is safely back with her family after firefighters rescued the pup from between two concrete walls.

“There have been missing posters up in Northside for five days in hopes of someone finding Gertie. Today a homeowner heard a dog crying behind the garage wall and called us to check it out,” Cincinnati Fire Department wrote in a Facebook post.

When firefighters from CFD’s Truck 20 arrived at the scene, they found the missing pup had somehow slipped through a crevice and wound up trapped between two concrete walls. Unable to lift the dog out, the crew used saws and sledgehammers to break through the thick concrete and free her.

In all, the rescue took firefighters about 10 minutes. “This run ended in a happy reunion and a job well done by Truck 20!” the Facebook post continued.

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