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Copy Cat Animal Abuse? Louisiana Puppy Found with Muzzle Taped Shut

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Copy Cat Animal Abuse Louisiana Puppy Found With Muzzle Taped Shut The Dogington Post

Otis is a lovable, playful 10-week old Pit Bull puppy that somehow still enjoys people, despite the pain and abuse he’s suffered in his short life.

Last week, just days after an arrest was made in the case of Caitlyn, a South Carolina dog found in critical condition with her muzzle taped shut, an animal lover found Otis wandering around the streets of Laplace, Louisiana with his muzzle tightly taped shut.

The person that found him immediately unwound the tape and brought him to the St. John the Baptist Parish Animal Shelter for help.

The veterinarian who treated Otis fears this type of abuse is becoming a trend.

“Does anyone living near Manchester Dr. In Laplace recognize this puppy? Please know this is not acceptable. It’s not a fad or something cool to do. It is cruel, and this puppy is lucky someone found him/her and rushed him/her to us as quickly as they did,” the shelter posted on Facebook.

The following day, Otis was transferred to Animal Helper where he underwent surgery to remove dead tissue and repair deep cuts to his muzzle. He was also treated for broken bones.

The St. John the Baptist Sheriff’s Office are asking for help in finding the person(s) responsible for abusing Otis. The shelter is offering a reward for information.

Otis is currently in foster care while he recovers from his injuries. Once healed and neutered, he will be available for adoption from Animal Helper.

For more information about adopting or helping Otis, email the Animal Shelter at [email protected] or visit their Facebook page.

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  1. Avatar Of Efesgirl



    I am sooo glad this baby is doing well! I hope that the POS who did this is hunted down and is never heard from again.

  2. Avatar Of Pauline Padley

    Pauline Padley


    Terrible terribly

  3. Avatar Of Kai



    First Catylin, then Bullet, and now this poor guy 🙁

  4. Sometimes words fail me, animals ruled this world long before we did, but ‘we’ the dominant have in part become a cruel, greedy and unfeeling race, taking what we want when we want it, and thinking were not accountable because we are the ‘civilized’ culture. Many are fighting to put the scales back in a more equal balance, having to witness cruelty beyond belief. Until mankind realize we are lucky to share this planet with animals, it is not our right to mistreat those not able to speak up or defend ourselves.

  5. Avatar Of Michelle Daubon

    Michelle daubon


    People are so messed up that hurt animals. Totally sucks!!!!

  6. Avatar Of Pam



    It is said it is a Felony offense in all 50 States for animal abuse. I hope all that commit this act will get their due justice. I will never understand how anyone can abuse an animal that shows nothing but love for you.

  7. Avatar Of Jolanda Bruse

    jolanda bruse


    Stop this !!

  8. Avatar Of V Hammond V Hammond says:

    Need tougher LAWS ON THIS TYPE OF ABUSE. This abused is too SICK to read or to see pictures. ALL PET ( I DON’T call them animals, JUST THE HUMAN ) abusers should get the rope and tree in my book. Anyone that would copy this abuse IS A REAL SICKO. Please let’s get TOUGHER LAWS ON this EVILNESS and start using your VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS !!

  9. Avatar Of Terry terry says:

    Lets see if justice will be done. Since he likes being a copycat person, he should receive a harsher penalty than the unhuman that hurt Caitlyn

  10. Avatar Of Terry



    Lets see if justice will be served. Since this person has to copy cat. He needs a harsher penalty than the person who abused Caitlyn.

  11. Avatar Of Shirley Fair

    Shirley fair


    these piece of s**** need to be euthanized not put in jail because they get free room and board

  12. Avatar Of Shirley Fair

    Shirley fair


    Euthanize this POS THAT DOES THIS TO OUR FUR BABIES. DON’T put their asses in jail because they get a free room and board and free food they need to be euthanized

  13. I am so very sorry that human beings can be so cruel, he will get his justice, either in this world or the next. You can bet on it.

    I wish the little Otis the very best in life from now on.

  14. Avatar Of Lilly Tilly

    Lilly Tilly


    Undoubtedly this is being done by males. The gender situation HAS to be addressed!!!

    • Avatar Of Jb



      The vast majority of serial killers and serial rapists come from homes with abusive and or overly domineering mothers. The gender situation HAS to be addressed!!!

    • Avatar Of Jb JB says:

      The vast majority of serial killers and rapists come from homes with abusive and or overly domineering mothers. The gender situation HAS to be addressed!!!

  15. Avatar Of Sam



    This is the news media fault for constantly bashin the breed…its their fault…this is goin on cause of the media…i think the people that abuse any dog should have the same treatment they did to the dog then shot in head since they have no brains…

  16. Avatar Of Kathryn Dean kathryn dean says:

    I have to say as a mother of the pittie bread. I believe that each person who abuses an animal no matter if it dog, cat, cow, horse or which ever the animal, they should be done the same way they abused the aniaml. like the duct tape on the muzzle, duct tape their mouth shut, if they throw them against a wall, throw them against the wall. uif they leave them in a hot vechile then do them the same way. then maybe, just maybe they will get the hint that they are the monster, not the animal. Thank God for my beloved pitties. I would not know what to do with out them. they are my world and I love them to death. I bath them, feed them, give them their flea drops on their backs, fresh water all the time, kool-ade icecubes for the hottest part of teh day, powdered goat milk on their food, cooby snacks, their shots are given to them by their daddy. I give them worming medicine about evry six months so I know they will not have worms. they are healthy and happy pitties. I Pray that those who mistreat God’s creatures gets forgiven by God. they will have a special place in hell for them because God told us we are the stewarts of his land and his creatures. we are do care for it not torture it.

    • Avatar Of Rita



      Thank you for being a great ” animal lover” we love our dogs just as we lov others..It’s in; the Good book..

  17. I know i’m harsh with my words but get a double barrel shotgun and blow this mother fuckers head off in a million peices

  18. I know i’m harsh with my words but get a double barrel shot gun and blow this asshole away in a million pieces

  19. Avatar Of Jay Dwyer

    Jay Dwyer


    Why is this breed continually getting abused? MY GAWD! Really? These dogs are so vicious???

    They are the sweetest, most lovable, caring dogs I have ever owned…and smart as a whip! You can teach them anything. All they want to do is please their pack master!

    Yet, PEOPLE…INCREDIBLY EVIL HUMANS…abuse these poor souls every day in every possible way imaginable. When I heard about Caitlyn I thought…OMG, how could ANYBODY possibly have thought that up and thought it was okay to do to any living creature, let alone a dog that gives unconditional love? But with the perpetual hope of a simpleton, I just thanked everything I knew that Caitlyn was a one-time thing. And now this!

    I was never an advocate for breed specific legislation (BSL)…but I have to say I think I am now leaning towards it: Not to restrict pitties in any way…but to restriction ownership in meaningful ways to ensure lives are not abused. It sounds terrible, but even in a world where you have to chose between putting an unclaimed animal to sleep and giving an animal to someone who is going to abuse it…my vote is for the somewhat more ethical and much less painful path for the dog!

    Just makes my heart break for this boy!

  20. Avatar Of Mj



    Believe Animal Abuse has become a little easier to procecute as a felony or did I hear it wrong?

  21. Avatar Of Sharnell



    It’s time to shame them and to have them experience the pain they caused these animals and children etc.. How about we tape their mouths shut and how about taping their legs and hands so they can’t remove the tape. Then let them be like that for a good 24 hours. I would bet that these sickos would think twice before doing any further abuse, knowing what the punishment would be. I’m sorry to say, but due to parents being the lazy POS they are, we are now dealing with their horrible offspring. Society is sick and we must deal with it the terms they understand. I hate violence of any kind, but we need to bring back hard labor for those who do this type of thing.

  22. Avatar Of Jayce



    Investigate the canine hate group dogsbitedotorg and the person(s) responsible for this will be found. This hate group concocts heinous methods of animal abuse and torture and promote these methods on their many facebook pages

  23. Avatar Of Shawn Galleran

    Shawn Galleran


    People blame pit bulls because the are “mean” it’s some of the idiots who are attracted to the breed and do crap like this that gives them all a bad name. It’s people not the breed.

    Who ever did this needs to go to prison.

  24. Avatar Of Barbara



    What a depraved and despicable thing to do to any animal. Jail time and/or fines are not enough for these sick pieces of s–t. They should be publicly shamed, flogged, and even stoned. I’m sure there are dog lovers out there who would not hesitate to cast he first stone. How long before these thugs graduate to child abuse and elder abuse?

  25. Avatar Of Barbara



    What the heck is wrong with people today. Such sick, depraved pieces of s–t. Jail time and fines aren’t enough in my opinion. They should have done to them what they do to animals. They should be publicly shamed, flogged and even stoned. I’m sure there are a lot of dog lovers who would be willing to cast the first stone. These are deplorable actions and unacceptable in our society today. When will they graduate to child abuse or elder abuse?

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