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Determined Dog Busts Out of His Backyard and Checks Himself Into Doggy Daycare

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Apparently nothing can stop one very smart, very determined North Carolina dog from playing with his best canine friends!

Five year old Riley, a Golden Retriever, has been going to doggy daycare for most of his life. One thing is clear – he really loves it! So much so, that when his family opted to keep him at home last Friday instead of dropping him off to play with his buddies, Riley decided to take himself.

Riley was in the car with him human mom, Tonia, when they drove past Happy Dogs dog daycare in downtown Belmont. Thinking he was about to go play with his best friends, Riley whimpered as they drove past and, instead, headed for home.

“I gave him a treat when he was sitting on the deck and I said ‘ok buddy I’ll be back after a while,’” owner Tonia told FOX8.

Apparently, Riley had other plans.

Shortly after Tonia left home, so did Riley. The smart Golden unlocked the fence and marched straight to daycare, more than a mile away, right through downtown Belmont, and sat down outside the door waiting to be let in.

Of course, Riley’s friends at Happy Dogs recognized him right away and called his family to let him know. Riley’s human dad said he’d be right over to pick him but, but the daycare insisted that, after he worked to hard to get there, they ought to let him stay and play – free of charge.

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