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Dog Dies When Veterinarian Leaves Him in Hot Car Overnight

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A Michigan veterinarian is under investigation for animal cruelty after the animal doctor left his own dog to die in a hot car overnight.

Dog Dies When Veterinarian Leaves Him In Hot Car Overnight The Dogington Post

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Dr. Martin McLaughlin, owner and veterinarian at McLaughlin Veterinary Hospital told WXYZ it was “embarrassing” that he left his 2-year old Labrador, Trigger, in the parked vehicle overnight last week, but didn’t think being in the hot car for an extended time caused the dog’s death.

Instead, he said, Trigger probably died as a result of some “stomach issues” he was having the day before. The licensed veterinarian, entrusted with the health and life of hundreds of clients’ pets since 1990, chose to simply bury his dog without performing a necropsy to determine the cause of death.

A veterinary technician who worked at the McLaughlin Veterinary Hospital resigned on Friday after hearing about Trigger’s death, according to the station.

“He was more than Marty’s dog. He came to work with him every day,” the former employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told WXYZ. “It was really hard for me. I lost it.”

Huron Township Police Chief Everette Robbins said the department launched an investigation into the dog’s death after someone filed a complaint on Wednesday.

McLaughlin Veterinary Hospital proudly boasts their mission is “to provide the highest quality care to our patients by caring for each pet as if it were our own.” If this is how Dr. McLaughlin cares for his own pets, should he be entrusted with others’?

At this time, charges have not yet been filed against the veterinarian.

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  1. Avatar Of Sherri



    Revoke his veterinary license permanently. No excuses for him. He knew better. Pure self centeredness.

  2. Avatar Of Jbaratta



    pull this creep’s license. He knew better! couldn’t care less about how much he loved his dog and brought it to work with him. so what! murderer!!

  3. Avatar Of Sue I

    Sue I


    Give me a damn break!! This guy was “embarrassed” that this poor dog died? So it is about this idiot’s embarrassment now? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? Not in a million years, Idiot! I am just thankful my dog never set foot into his office. I hope charges are filed and that a judge has the decency AND the BALLS to throw the friggin book at him!!

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