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Dog Grieving Over The Death Of His Friend Sea Lion

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Image from Lindsay Greenberg via NBC News

Dogs are highly social animals that create bonds with other dogs, humans, and other living things. It’s well-documented that they are capable of grief and loss, and the death of a close friend can affect them. 

In a video circulating on Tiktok, a chocolate Labrador named Slim Shady or Slim was mourning the death of his sea lion companion. The dog’s owner, Lindsay Greenberg, from Malibu, California, said that the sea lion had “bite marks all over” and was told by some construction workers nearby that they had seen “a whale attacking it.”

According to Greenberg, Slim wasn’t the most sociable until he met the sea lion. “He’s actually usually very shy, has a couple close doggy friends since he was a pup but for the most part very independent and uninterested in others,” she said.

“The sea lion visited pretty much every day since their first meet and greet!! It would come alone and pop its head up from the sea looking for my dog. If we were outside they’d make eyes at each other for a while, sometimes the sea lion would do flips and tricks for us! On one occasion it brought a friend and it seemed like it was introducing them! They were popping up one at a time like whack a mole and not taking their focus off Slim for a second,” Greenberg added. 

Many people on TikTok were moved by Greenberg’s video. “One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen,” amanrobinson_ wrote. “Hurt my heart. to see him just rolling in the water,” Jennifer Petersen commented.

After the sea lion died, Slim was just feeling disoriented. “He still goes out and just sits at the shore looking all around. I don’t think he remembers or understands it won’t come back,” Greenberg said.

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