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Dog in Chile Goes Viral For Stealing The Show AND The Ball At A Soccer Game

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A large brown dog steals the show AND the ball at a soccer game at the Estadio Municipal de La Cisterna in Santiago, Chille and goes viral for it.

The mischievous pup unexpectedly invaded the field during the home team, Curicó Unido, and the visiting Chilean team, Palestino’s match.

In a video uploaded by TNT Sports Chile on May 14, Sunday, the dog is seen running on the field with one goal in mind: to take the soccer ball home.


The referee had to briefly stop the game as some of the soccer players approached the dog to try and get the ball back, which they were unsuccessful at.

However, according to Chilean sports news outlet Deportes 13, the naughty pup was no match for one of the Palestino players, Maximiliano Salas, who picked the dog up and carried it off the field until it let go of the ball.

The moment was also caught by user JeshuCaroca on Tiktok. The video gives us a closer look as the mischievous pup tries to cling onto the ball until it got escorted off the field and handed to a staff.

People can be heard cheering and clapping for the playful pup while looking unfazed by the whole situation in the hilarious video.


Infaltable el perrito en la cancha de la granja, fecha 14 Curicó Unido vs Palestino #ligachilena #curico #lagranja #futbol #football

♬ sonido original – JeshuCaroca

The video has now garnered over 10 million views on TikTok and is now also making its rounds on Reddit.

Reddit users can’t help but be amused by the dog. One Reddit user commented, “I love that he’s facing the crowd too, as he’s getting carried. It’s like he won a bet and he’s maintaining eye contact.”

“Honestly this dog looks just as happy being carried as it does biting the ball. Wins all around,” another user wrote.

Hopefully, the good boy/girl gets its very own ball after the incident!

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