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Dog Leads Team to the Stanley Cup

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It’s gonna happen. Maybe this year.

My team is going to the Stanley Cup.

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Dog Leads Team to Stanley Cup

It’s that time of year in the NHL when everyone is thinking of winning the Cup.

The best team in Hockey wins Lord Stanley’s cup.

And guess what the winning team does with the cup?

Each player gets to take it home for a few days.

Most players show it to their friends and let everyone have their picture taken with it.

Not me.

When MY team wins the Stanley Cup yours truly is eating dinner right out of Lord Stanley’s cup.

Never has canned dog food tasted so good.

Wait a minute.

If I win the Stanley Cup, they better send a chef with the cup.

‘Cause I’m having ribs.

Can I leave the leftover bones in the cup when I return it?

Hey since it’s Tax Season – you’ve got to read this!

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