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Do You Have Time To Rub My Belly?

Everyone is so busy all the time.

They have appointments to make and appointments to keep.

And everyone is running late all the time.

So what happens if you are late?

Do they not feed you or something?

“Oh no. I’m going to be late.”

Late Shmate. You need to slow down and rub my belly.

Look, let’s talk about life.  Can I give it to you straight?

If your boss is a jerk, he’s always going to be a jerk.

If he’s not mad at you for being late, he’ll be mad at you for something else.

Stop, even though you’re in a hurry, and rub my belly.

It will make your day more pleasant.

As a matter of fact, I’m betting if when your boss gets really mad, if you could get him to roll over on his back so you could rub his belly, everything would be much better.

Go ahead and rub the boss’s belly.

Let me know what happens.

And in the meanwhile, could you move your hand over to the left a bit?





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