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Shocking Report: Dog Pees on Furniture!

Super Model Kate Moss is frustrated.

Life is out of control for the supermodel.

Her dog Archie pees on the furniture.

And everywhere else.

Now I KNOW this is shocking news to you.

After all, who ever heard of a dog peeing on the furniture.

It’s unheard of.

It’s criminal.

I demand an investigation.

Sky News reports:

‘But things have taken a very sour turn as Archie is wreaking havoc with Kate’s new carpets and furniture. He’s even ruined one of her favourite fluffy cream rugs doing what puppies do.’

The source added: ‘Poor Kate is pulling her hair out. She loves Archie but she’s had to have everything cleaned since he arrived. She is desperate for the trainer to get him under control.’

So I have some hints for Kate.

1. Stop looking in the mirror and take your dog for a walk. Frequently.
2. Fire the trainer and train your puppy yourself. You will bond with your puppy for life.
3. Accidents happen. I’m sure supermodels never had an accident when they were growing up.
4. The article went on to say you’re possibly pregnant. What happens if your baby has an accident? Will you call in a child psychologist?

Life is tough when you’re a supermodel.

Life is even tougher when your dog pees.

How horrible is that.

Someone hand that woman a Zanax.

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