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Dog Rescues Baby Possum from Crow Attack, The Duo Become Fast Friends

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Trevor Weeks was walking his Springer Spaniel, Chilli, at the Colmslie Recreational Reserve in Brisbane, Australia on a December morning when something caught Chilli’s attention.

“Chilli took off towards a large gum tree and I then spotted two crows, one attacked a very small object from the front and one from the rear,” Weeks told 9news. “Chilli, being a Springer Spaniel, sprung in, the crows flew off. The object was a very young baby possum.”

The tiny possum took an instant liking to his rescuer, quickly climbing and latching onto Chilli’s ear. And, Chilli didn’t mind it one bit!

“Chilli sat very quietly in the car with the baby possum still asleep in his ear,” Weeks said. They quickly rode to a veterinarian where the tiny marsupial was gently pried from where he’d taken up residence beneath Chilli’s warm, furry ear.

Photos of Chilli and the possum were shared on Facebook by veterinarian Dr. Chris Brown.

The possum was given a clean bill of health and will be cared for by wildlife experts until he’s old enough to safely be released back into the wild.

As for Chilli, Weeks says he’ll likely help other animals in need just as he did for the baby possum and for several baby birds that have fallen from their nests over the years.

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