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Dog Rescues Hiker Trapped Between Rocks for 4 Days

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Less than 100 feet from a nearby trail, a hiker was stuck in a crack between two large rocks on a Los Angeles mountainside for 4 days, his cries for help unheard by passersby.

Thanks to this dog and his owner, a man that was trapped between two large rocks on an L.A. mountain trail for 4 days was found alive and will make a full recovery.

Rescue workers say the hiker came up to the trail at night, didn’t see where he was stepping, and lost his footing, thereby sliding down and becoming trapped between two large rocks, out of sight of other hikers.

Luckily, the hiker found a hero in a four-legged trail regular after 4 days of hoping to be found. A dog and his owner, who regularly hike the mountain trail, discovered the trapped man when the dog was able to hear his cries for help.

The hiker was severely dehydrated and very hungry, but is expected to make a full recovery – all with thanks to the furry hero that saved his life!

Learn more about this amazing story from ABC News in the video below:

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