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Dog Treadmills – Is This Dumb Or What?

Remember when being a dog was being a dog?

Remember the excitement of going for a walk?

All those new smells and fire hydrants to pee on?

Wait a minute.

You aren’t a dog.

What do you know?

So my dog parent just came back from the World’s Largest Pet Show – The Global Pet Expo.

He took pictures and videos and today I have to share with you what could be the dumbest product in the history of dogdom.

It’s a dog treadmill.

Your dog gets on the treadmill and starts walking.

The dog parent stands (or most likely sits his lard filled butt down) while the dog walks and then runs.

Here’s what it looks like:

Now there’s a huge problem today with dogs getting diabetes.

It comes from dog parents feeding the wrong things to their dogs and not giving them exercise.

But we’d rather be outside taking a walk – not jogging while you sit and watch TV.

Besides, dogs are usually in better shape than their owners.

How about I sit and watch TV and you get yourself on the treadmill and lose a few pounds?

Ask your dog: would you rather get your exercise in the great outdoors or jog indoors on a treadmill?

The answer is obvious if you’re a dog.

Get up and take your dog for a walk – right after you click the LIKE button.

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Just click right here.




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