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Dog Who Waited 500 Days To Get Adopted Gets Returned One Week After Finding A Home

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A three-year-old American Pit Bull named Drogo stayed at a shelter for 500 days before getting adopted, only to be returned one week later, the Austin Animal Center shares.

In a Tiktok video, a volunteer for the Texas-based shelter (@goodboygonehome on TikTok) said “we are all crushed that Drogo was returned to the shelter so quickly.”

“He’s devastated. It’s not fair,” the volunteer added.

In the aforementioned video, the shelter volunteer also wrote, “Shelter dogs need time to adjust to a new home [but] Drogo didn’t even get the chance.”

“Now he’s back at the shelter again waiting for his real forever family,” they continued.


We are all crushed that Drogo was returned to the shelter so quickly. He was one of the longest stay dogs at the shelter and now he’s back again. He’s devastated. It’s not fair. #austinanimalcenter #austinanimalshelter #longstay #adoptme #pitbulllove #pitbullsoftiktok #returned #shelterdog

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One user asked why Drogo was returned, which the volunteer answered with, “they said they wanted a dog that was “more malleable” don’t even get me started :(“

In a separate video, the volunteer shared now that Drogo is back at the shelter, the pooch is stressed out by the non-stop barking.

Kelsey Cler from Austin Animal Center also told Newsweek, “He seems bummed to be back at the shelter. There hasn’t been any interest.”

The Austin Animal Shelter revealed that Drogo was one of their longest stray dogs, arriving at the shelter in March 2022.

Newsweek reported that the dog came in the shelter after his owner was evicted and never came to claim the pooch back.

Even before getting adopted in July, the Austin Animal Center has continued to advocate for Drogo. In a post back in January, the shelter shared, “This affectionate two-year-old boy has been waiting patiently for his forever home.” with a series of pictures.

A volunteer at the shelter also described Drogo as “super friendly with people” and that he “always seems to be so happy even though he’s been at the shelter for what seems like a while.”

On his adoption page, you’ll see everything you need to know about this pooch and what makes him the perfect four-legged friend.

Among other things, Drogo is a professional cuddler, is house-trained, leash-trained and enjoys car rides!

If you think Drogo makes for a perfect addition to your home, you can contact the Austin Animal Center to adopt or foster him with no adoption fee!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Judi V

    Judi V


    Such a sad story. People are inconsiderate idiots who don’t think things through. I hope they someday have as much hurt, sadness and emotional turmoil as this poor dog is going through due to their irresponsible actions.

    Six years ago I rescued a Pittie that had been previously placed in three different homes of self-centered morons and by the time I got her she was an emotional mess. It did not take a couple weeks for her to “adjust” like the rescue group told me – it was at least 6 months and then lots of training. She still has some issues but is much improved because she knows she will never be abandoned again.

    Hopefully some good person will adopt this poor little guy and give him the love and support he will need and deserves.

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