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Pup Plane Flies Dogs To Their New Homes

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Pups Find New Homes
Image from CBC News

This isn’t the first time that the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Facility SPCA facility flies dogs to their new homes. But for the first time, other provincial chapters have helped charter flights for these dogs. 

The 35 dogs and puppies were sent to Gander and St. John’s due to the overwhelm in the Labrador facility. 15 dogs were sent to Gander while 20 to St. John’s.

Bonnie Learning, the Vice-President of Happy Valley-Goose Bay SPCA, informed CBC News that, “As we usually are, we’re way over capacity and we’re having a hard time moving them lately with regular flights because of reduced flights for the winter schedule.”

Not only are they able to give these dogs a second chance, they’re also able to clear space in the facility. 

The pups’ chaotic, but successful arrival at the facilities marked the new lives of these dogs. For the Gander SPCA facility, they haven’t experienced being so busy in a long time and the inquiries flooded in.

Some of these dogs lived difficult lives, so the facilities were more than grateful that they were able to help Happy Valley-Goose Bay SPCA and bring these dogs to their new homes. 

The sad news is that there are plenty of shelters that are overcrowded with dogs and cats. If you have plans of getting a new fur-ever companion, then adopting a dog could be for you. Who knows? Perhaps a shelter dog could be your next best friend.

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